Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Out of Tragedy Comes Understanding

Earlier this year, a dear friend had me do her numbers and explain them to her as they related to her life. My friend’s numbers were all Two (2). I couldn’t come up with another number for her. In fact, her subordinate Conscious Name Direction numbers were also Two (2). Wow! Lessons can’t get any easier than that, or any more definite.

My friend had me do her son’s numbers as well. His Life Path is also Two (2).

Shortly afterwards, my friend fell and twisted herself very badly, damaging her ankle besides other areas. The injuries laid her up for a month or two. After she healed a few months later, her daughter-in-law died in her sleep of pneumonia. She must have been walking around with it as she, nor anyone else knew she was ill with walking pneumonia. For months my friend looked after her son as she confirmed with his Life Path of Two (2) that he is very clinging and needy. A negative side of Two (2) is (Be Too Constant), warning against neediness. He was a very loyal husband and loved his wife dearly. The positive side of Two (2) is (To Be Constant), but not (Be Too Constant). He definitely lived up to the positive aspect of fidelity, but needed help with the negative side of neediness.

My friend began doing everything for her son, cooking, cleaning, etc. Remember that her numbers are also Two (2). She lives up to the positive aspects of the number in (To Be Constant) and (To Back), which simply stated are supporting—faithfully. The challenge with that is not to (Be Too Constant) or dependent and clinging.

A few weeks ago, my friend fell while getting her mail and broke her kneecap. Her leg is bound from hip to ankle and she can’t get around.

When I brought her bread that she let me get for her, she told me that she was so glad to have information from No Nonsense Numerology—The Code. My friend, who is a religious woman, told me she asked, "God why are you doing this? I don’t think I can take any more." Then she said that she understood through reflecting on her numbers that she had to let her son go and become independent. She was to help him, but not let him become needy. She now had to stop helping him. Her injury is so severe that until she gets her kneecap replaced and recovers from surgery she simply can’t help him anymore. Nor can she help others as her numbers designed her to do. The kindness she’s showed others, she must now hope they will show to her.

Incidentally, someone for whom she does good deeds came by while I was visiting to bring her soup: after first telling my friend that she is too old and can’t help her. The neighbor reconsidered and changed her attitude.

Sometimes our illnesses and injuries have a purpose that isn’t bad karma playing out in one’s life. Our misfortunes help others to learn lessons.

I cannot prove my friend’s life lessons are specifically of Number Two (2), or for that matter, any genuineness to the codes I’ve discovered in the alphabetical letters-to-numbers. The truth is, we will only know their validity through anecdotal evidence or once on the other side. I suppose that if we believe, the numbers can help us understand our particular life lessons and how to achieve them to become better people. I realize these definitions are not sexy and glamorous. They don’t predict our wealth or love life. They simply confirm our character or lack of it, but also show how to achieve good character.

Nevertheless, I’ve found my own numbers to be helpful in understanding my "lot in life." If understanding our numbers gives us peace of mind, that’s a lot. My friend’s numbers, however, played out like perfectly aligned dominos to her life experiences.

I’ve noted that this blog gets hits from other countries. Other nationalities surely would have different lessons than those for English-speaking individuals simply because they have different alphabets. It has been my hope that people from other countries will pick up my lead and find the hidden codes in their alphabets-to-numbers.

After all, this alphabet seems to give lessons for Christian believers. The letters (fox) fall directly beneath Number Six (6). What is a (fox)? It is an animal. What is an animal? An animal is a euphemism for beast. Those in countries with different alphabets may have no 666-beast to fear. Still, what lessons do they have that are separate from English-speaking ones?

I would be very interested to see what other codes and word patterns, people from different countries come up with for their alphabets. If anyone takes up the challenge, please contact me at

Put something appropriate in the subject line like "Number Codes from, (Country)." My spam filter will throw it into a special folder that I don’t open for safety reasons, so will never receive the email.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newt GinGRINCH on the Numbers Couch

Newton Leroy McPherson = Seven (7)
Newton Leroy Gingrich = Seven (7)
Newt Gingrich = Two (2)
06/17/1943 = Attraction = Eight (8) and Life Path = Four (4)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them as they come up in analysis.]

Up front, I’ve got to be honest. I thought for sure that because of Newt’s gigantic ego, reflected in the size of his head, he’d have a negative Nine (9) somewhere. I was wrong. However, if you’ve been following these numbers, his numbers still make sense.

The following comes from, explaining how he went from being McPherson to Gingrich.

"Gingrich was born in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, in Pennsylvania on June 17, 1943. His mother, 16-year-old Kathleen Daugherty and his father, 19-year-old mechanic, Newton Searles McPherson, divorced three days after the arrival of baby Newt. . . . Daugherty remarried the following year to Robert Bruce Gingrich, a soon-to-be highly decorated Lieutenant-Colonel with the U.S. Army, who officially adopted Newt and changed his last name to Gingrich after McPherson relinquished his custodial rights to the toddler."

The website, details Newt’s flagrant abuse of the system for personal gain, and the abuse of his wives. It exposes his hypocrisies. Some include:

Draft Dodging: "Though he relentlessly pushes military spending and talks like a big time hawk, Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War through a combination of student and family deferments. (He married one of his teachers at age 19.)"

House Banking Scandal: ". . .Where so many congressmen wrote rubber checks on government money, Newt . . . bounced 22 himself, which almost cost him reelection in 1992. His vote for the secret House pay raise, . . . didn’t help."

Gingrich made shady and lucrative book deals with Rupert Murdoch. He used his influence to legislatively benefit Murdoch. (For details, see website at Real Change.)

For Gingrich to call another a flip-flopper, is the pot calling the kettle black. He is on record for having three wives, one with whom he cheated on while leading the impeachment charge against President Bill Clinton. Marital cheating comes under the category of lying. His personal style shows callousness toward women. He brought his wife divorce papers to examine while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. After their divorce, Jackie Battley had to take her former husband to court to come through with support payments according to

Political ads now proliferate about how he takes money from special interests, how he flip-flops on issues that profit himself and those paying him for beneficial legislation. The scandals are endless. The scandals mentioned here only skim the top of the iceberg.

With Newt’s original and subordinate Conscious Name Directions of Seven (7), his well-documented exploits show that he is definitely not on the positive side of numbers. His grasping for wealth however he can, using the political system to do so, lands him squarely onto the (Pig), (Piggy), and (Gyp) tiers. In fairness, he does gain through honest labor. His prolific authorship and Congressional tenure show he works hard. He works hard using his intelligence and accomplishments to exploit the system for personal gain. Vast achievements, however, do not make someone a good person, merely ambitious.

His other subordinate Conscious Name Direction of Newt Gingrich equals Two (2). His marital cheating suggests that he did not learn (To Be Constant), i.e., he often chooses to (Take Back) commitments regarding relationships or ideals. (Constant, Be Two) in relationships is not his strength, showing he is on the negative side of Number Two (2). Does he consciously flip-flop on ideals based on what they will get him when combined with his other negative Sevens (7) in tiers of (Gyp), (Pig), and (Piggy)?

The Grinch’s hard demeanor and smug smirks give away that he has no compassion or heart. His record also speaks for him. Gingrich’s original Conscious Direction of negative Seven (7) is the result of not learning positive lessons of the previous Number Six (6) that are telling the truth and working hard. He does, however, work hard at accumulating wealth, e.g., his lobbying fees.

MaggieF reports at, "Disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff hit Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich for his claims that he did no lobbying on behalf of the mortgage and health care companies that paid him millions in consulting fees, calling the system of providing ‘strategic advice’ corrupt. . . . ‘I don’t want to say he’s lying, he may believe what he’s saying, but people have to understand that lobbying isn’t just going to meet with members,’ Abramoff said."

Gingrich’s $500,000 Tiffany credit line is another example of hedonistic lust. This is not someone who embraces personal austerity though he legislated for others to do so. For example, reports, "During Gingrich’s term as Speaker, Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed the 1996 reform of welfare, [and] a capital gains tax cut . . . "

According to Wikipedia, "A central pledge of President Clinton’s campaign was to reform the welfare system, adding changes such as work requirements for recipients. However, by 1994, the Clinton Administration appeared to be more concerned with universal health care and no details or a plan had emerged on welfare reform. Gingrich accused the President of stalling on welfare, and proclaimed that Congress could pass a welfare reform bill in as little as ninety days. Gingrich insisted that the Republican Party would continue to apply political pressure to the President to approve welfare legislation. . . . In 1996, after constructing two welfare reform bills that were vetoed by President Clinton, Gingrich and his supporters pushed for passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, which was intended to reconstruct the welfare system. The act gave state governments more autonomy over welfare delivery, while also reducing the federal government’s responsibilities. It instituted the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, which placed time limits on welfare assistance and replaced the longstanding Aid to Families with Dependent Children program. Other changes to the welfare system included stricter conditions for food stamp eligibility, reductions in immigrant welfare assistance, and recipient work requirements."

Nothing is wrong with working hard. However, when jobs are limited, fitness and age are factors, cutting or eliminating social safety nets is callous. Real Legislators roll up their sleeves and work out how to bring jobs home to America rather than, out sourcing them to payoff contributors while eliminating social safety nets.

I’d like legislators such as Gingrich who espouse personal responsibility doing the grunt work of building bridges, fighting in fox holes, delivering mail, and personally taking care of children. Then maybe they have the right to tell others how to live. Most Congresspersons work three days a week and spend most of their time working hard at fund-raising. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities, eating caviar, and sipping champagne is a real drag. It is the height of hypocrisy to complain as they do about it. What, they say only finger-sandwiches? I suppose that when the bottom half is scrambling for crumbs, cucumbers seem like caviar.

Even Gingrich’s former Republican Senate colleagues are coming out against him, i.e., they didn’t approve of his hypocritical leadership style. According to former colleagues, he [Gingrich] would promise one thing and do another. They seem aware of his tendency to (Take Back) commitments. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is vocally and unabashedly dishing Gingrich.

$300,000 of ethics fines follow the former Speaker from his days in Congress. Wikipedia reports about the fine, "Eighty-four ethics charges were filed against Speaker Gingrich during his term, including claiming tax-exempt status for a college course run for political purposes. Following an investigation by the House Ethics Committee Gingrich was sanctioned US$300,000 on a 395-28 House vote. Gingrich acknowledged in January 1997 that ‘In my name and over my signature, inaccurate, incomplete and unreliable statements were given to the committee’. The House Ethics Committee concluded that inaccurate information supplied to investigators represented ‘intentional or . . . reckless’ disregard of House rules. Special Counsel James M. Cole concluded that Gingrich violated federal tax law and had lied to the ethics panel in an effort to force the committee to dismiss the complaint against him."

Gingrich's disdainful haughtiness belies that he is not a paragon of virtue making him come across as someone who lacks personal perspective. His bloated gravitas makes him seem foolish to anyone who knows his record and sees beyond his posturing.

Newt’s Life Path is Four (4). He seems (Moved) toward positive personal change to get his way and be (Made Victorious) in material matters rather than overcoming personal angst. He works to be (Made Victorious) in personal exploits. Altruism doesn’t seem his motivation.

William Douglas of McClatchy Newspapers, writing in Newt Gingrich - Portrait of a Complicated Politician, asks probing questions. For example, "Is he [Gingrich] the undisciplined, self-absorbed House speaker who admitted that a 1995 shutdown of the federal government was prompted in part by what he perceived as a cold shoulder and shabby treatment by President Bill Clinton during a long Air Force One flight?"

If Gingrich led impeachment against Clinton for sexual misconduct for giving him a cold shoulder, then he rightfully belongs on the (Do Venom) tier of Four (4). He did this all while embroiled in his own sexual scandal. This hypocrisy and his record of vicious tactics show he has a propensity to (Do Venom) of being vindictive.

Gingrich gets caught doing exactly that for which he complains and penalizes others for doing. Wikipedia reports, "May 1988, Gingrich (along with 77 other House members and Common Cause) brought ethics charges against Democratic Speaker Jim Wright, who was alleged to have used a book deal to circumvent campaign-finance laws and House ethics rules. During the investigation, it was noted Gingrich had his own unusual book deal, for Window of Opportunity, in which publicity expenses were covered by a limited partnership, which raised $105,000 from Republican political supporters to promote sales of Gingrich’s book. Gingrich’s success in forcing Wright’s resignation was in part responsible for his rising influence in the Republican caucus."

When anyone stands in his way, Grinch seems willing to push them aside for his place at the feeding trough, even poor children. Gingrich’s own words prove what a grinch he is. Retweeted from LeftsideAnne is a YouTube video worth watching. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get there with the URL address. Searching YouTube’s site under "You’re a Mean One, New Gingrich" will bring up the video. Gingrich’s own words say, "Young children who are poor ought to learn how to go to work . . ." Apparently, young children who are rich don’t need to learn to work. They can just inherit wealth. If, however, they are his children of his former wife they must take him to court for child support payments as reported Jackie Battley Gingrich had to do.

Gingrich’s Attraction number is Eight (8) that is about being tested. Is he eager for being tested or reluctant? The first three tiers are material testing and the second three are on spiritual testing. We give up material to gain spiritually. Mr. Gingrich does not exude spirituality of someone who can forego any material luxury. He comes across like a pampered aristocrat.

He is intelligent and well spoken. At times, he shows glimmers of self-scrutiny, but only in passing without emotionally substantial introspection. Looking closely, he seems more fluff and puff than stuff, i.e., he seems rooted in materiality rather than spiritual grounding, no matter what religion he adopts. He talks a good game, but he seems steadfast in materialism, showing him grudgingly tested from his Subconscious Attraction. Meaning, only great goading will drag him from his material world.

Water seeking its own level makes those who support him more of a worry than is he. If the GOP base really wants him as President, they need to look deeper into their souls, since they profess greater spirituality than others. It seems what they really want is to hurt the current President, using someone who will deal forceful bar brawl blows. Mr. Gingrich’s negative Four (4) gives him a fighter’s disposition.

When then Speaker Pelosi and DNC Chairman Howard Dean stated that "Impeachment is off the table," for President Bush they opened the door for worse despots taking the White House.

Personally, I want the best persons as candidates, not the meanest because if he or she wins, we citizens are the losers. The problem with letting Gingrich off the hook, i.e., he’s learning his lessons as are we all, is that he wants to be the leader of the free world. Have we learned nothing? Or, is it all just a circus that the media is exploiting for ratings? For surely, grounded voters are looking for the best possible candidates too.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Too Much Information or Not Enough?

We are getting "Future Shock" (ed) from an information overload. The book by futurist Alvin Toffler published in 1970 described maladies of today long before home computers drove us onto Al Gore’s Internet highway.

We ignore hundreds of millions of blogs, tweets, websites, etc., simply because too many exist. Amazon has, at my last counting, 837 separate books on numerology. Probably, all of them are different definitions too. Do you think I’m in an uphill battle?

I’ve gotten wise to what must be porno sites that use pretty females to lure tweeters into them with clever witticisms that all sound alike. Then comes the bait of the really filthy "pick-up line" phrase. I suspect that if recipients don’t know what it means, and I don’t, it won’t matter. Also, if one doesn’t follow or get it, which I didn’t, they get "unfollowed" very quickly. I felt quite insulted until I figured out what must be the gig. Another cue is clicking the sites to check them out, "User does not exist" comes up. Hum?

Initially, I thought young actresses wanted a mentor of a former actress, so followed my Twitter feed. When they didn’t find me on the IMDb website, became discouraged, thinking I was some phoney. I was a 99-seat waiver darling [my term] of critics. It’s a long story. 99-seat waiver work involves stage plays. See! I know the lingo. Of which several reviews a year for many years in trades and newspapers brought me notice. Not having kept clippings, I have no record that is even true. Old reviews don’t even exist in Cyberspace since it was so long ago. My only paid work other than print ads and bit/extra parts (depending on the medium) was one Super Bowl "Hey Charger" commercial in 1975. I think it was 1975. My Nun who was hot for the Dodge Charger doesn’t show up on searches. Jamie Farr and Paul Link don’t come up either for their work on that ad campaign. They must have been in an alternate reality too. So, essentially, we don’t exist, but I know they do. Removing "a former actress" from my Twitter bio might restore credibility and discourage "fishers." Or, is it phishing?

I actually do read Twitter tweeters whom I follow. It isn’t a number game of how many I have to validate my existence, of which I have few, so I’m kept humble. I also drop Twitters I’ve followed, but who tweet, nothing other than where they are going and what they are doing. Except my real friends—though I’m beginning to consider some virtual friends as real. Am I headed for a padded room yet? So, how can I complain when I stop following too?

See how easy it is? I’ve already overloaded you with too much information or TMI?

This got me to thinking about the overload of information. Short-story—long, I worked as an actress when only three networks existed. Yes, I am that old. Let’s leave it there, shall we? With so many news organizations spewing their particular dogmas, our heads are spinning. What and who do we believe when validating every piece of information is impossible?

We rely on online news organizations of people we don’t know. We’ve never seen most of their faces until they show up on cable "news" programs. At least we knew what the big three news anchors looked like.

. . . Me, too! . . . I also suspect people who don’t put pictures in their bios of being really ugly, hiding their real identity, or really Internet inept. However, when someone uses Tipper Gore’s picture for a phoney Twitter site, ANYTHING is possible! We can see how easily con artists dupe people into sending strangers from places they’ve never lived bank account numbers for inheritances of people they’ve never met. Do they and the Viagra spam ever end?! You’d think Viagra would have a built-in audience. Honestly, life was simpler with only three channels.

Again, what and who do we believe? We rely on major television and radio networks, cable, and known on-line sites to give truthful information. When those entities have agendas, can we believe them?!

We must sometimes rely on gut instincts. When gut instincts are lacking from lack of an experiential life, we might as well give up and go fishing. No, not phishing—fishing, fishing.

Number One (1) has (Adjust) as its initial tier and word pattern. This lesson must be so important, so, not to become a (Jackass) who will (Just Ask) for answers that it is the very first tier. Although, "I’d rather ask questions and look stupid than not ask and be stupid." Since, "Dust cannot cling to thin air," we might not comprehend answers to our questions anyway, if having no frame-of-reference. Therefore, adjusting to a myriad of life circumstances and getting life’s questions answered by others must be a balancing act between the two.

Programing citizens to believe propaganda, was much easier with only three networks to spew it. Imagine when we had fewer sources of information. For example, with only "The Ten Commandments" and one sacred Book, programing people was a cinch. We just accepted that those documents confirmed reality. Yet, with information coming from infinite sources blanketing the planet, we still do.

Not to mention the other Commandments that we don’t seem to scrutinize thoroughly either, but forgiving our fathers and mothers is easy when we must honor them, unconditionally.

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you. [This text is from an updated version that didn’t use Thee, Thou, and Thy.]

Besides parents getting free farmhands to work long hours, did this mean, honoring them no matter what? Did brutality, drug addiction, or incest matter to the person who fashioned that Commandment? Or, did he just lack insight and foresight of the pitfalls of that commanded edict? Honoring parents under all circumstances may just be enabling them to continue bad behavior as well passing it onto offspring. Gee, how is it that this planet is becoming so screwy?

When giving adults a behavior pass, it becomes easier to comprehend why people overlooked and ignored Sandusky’s actions. When we are to honor parents/adults unquestionably, this is a prescription for the Sandusky scandal and coverup. Abuse of women, children, and those who weren’t like "us," has occurred for aeons. Modern times now question past precepts and now we disparage such actions. Whoever wrote "The Ten Commandments" was unaware of human nature and how it would evolve from such decrees.

We must ask what kind of person really wrote The Ten Commandments, and just how naive was Charlton Heston? I mean Moses. Are the ones who fashioned that document the same kinds as those in the United States Congress who fashion laws to benefit themselves and hurt citizens?

Many, who were young adults during the era of three networks, protested to end the Vietnam War. Those in the Occupy movements are now doing so to end political thievery. It seems the time has come to wake up to injustices.

Does this, 2011 Four (4) year, allow for being (Moved) to make changes and be (Made Victorious) over wrongheaded thinking? So, though we are "Future Shock" (ing) ourselves into stupors, perhaps, too much information is better for making decisions than little information where we couldn’t make them, properly, either.

There, I said it. So, go ahead and "unfollow" me. It’s only my one opinion of many.

Monday, November 28, 2011

More Aspects of Number Six (6)

The letters beneath Six (6) make up six tiers when shuffling the initial letters (fox) as the first tier and direct word pattern (Fox). They are (fox) (fxo) (ofx) (oxf) (xfo) (xof). The previous post, Numbers Are a Mirror, reviews the honesty aspects of this number as the (fox) and (fxo) tiers that (Fix Only) (Fox Of) its negative qualities. The aspect of honesty came from the definition of the animal or beast, the Fox. Foxes are adept deceivers, using cunning to get what they want.

Interestingly, the (fox) tier falls beneath Number Six (6), and is a direct word pattern (Fox). The Christian anti-Christ has the 666 as the mark of the Beast. Were those who fashioned the Anglo-Saxon alphabet aware of this?

I’m not going to go into how I uncovered word patterns in this posting, but some other aspects that form the definition of Six (6). For that detailed information, refer to my book, No Nonsense Numerology—The Code.

(Ask For) is the word pattern from the (xfo) tier. (Ask For) means wanting something and asking for it. In the framework of the entirety of numbers, referring to always wanting things makes it a material number. Those with Six (6) in any Significancy can become dependant upon materialism for validation when operating under negative aspects of this tier. To (Ask For) things can surely be embracing life rather than being greedy. Those who always (Ask For) things, however, are in jeopardy of becoming greedy in the following Seven (7) if they do not overcome the tendency.

Materiality in a physical world is for learning and achieving. It becomes detrimental when used as emotional validation. In the past, parents taught their children to push away from the table. Is this practice out-of-date?

Some in positions of power, privilege, and prestige are probably secret green-eyed monsters who work diligently to gobble up everything they can. Helping them to recognize this, seems what the Occupy movement is attempting to do. Understanding the psychological origins of their greed is necessary to help them make positive change. Often some will try to save or restore their own Life Forces at the expense of others. This seems like what the 1% is doing to the 99%.

Jealousy can plague people on the (Ask For) tier when others have what they want. Jealousy not only hurts green-eyed monsters, but those at whom they direct their (Ire) that is a negative tier of Nine (9). Envy separates friends and siblings, putting wide gulfs between them. Surely other actors will concur with one thing I learned as an actress because far more jobs were lost than won: What’s mine is mine, and what isn’t — isn’t.

When others have what, I’d like, I compare the path they might be on to what I might be on. Life once forced me onto a journey that put me into perilous situations. While on it, I had a dream one night about a little girl who needed help and love. On my birthday, I moved into an apartment building where I saw this little girl playing on the sidewalk. She was my next door neighbor. I got to save her from a terrible ordeal. If I’d had the life that I wanted that could never have happened.

I didn’t need to tell myself that a god placed me there to validate my dire journey. It was what it was. The job got done.

One gives for the sake of it because it is the thing to do, not because it makes him feel good: as a soldier gives his life or his limbs for his country, he did not like giving his life or his limbs.

When life doesn’t reward us as we feel that we deserve, adopting maxims and ideologies often help put deprivation into perspective by stepping us back to see the bigger picture. The person we dearly love may do better and be happier with another. The job we want may be done better by someone else. Or, the job might even be done worse to teach the employers a lesson they refused to see otherwise. The person we loved may realize genuine love with the loss of it when choosing the wrong person.

When we perfect ourselves and our skills, losing our desires seems unfair. Learning selflessness, however, keeps us on the positive side of numbers when moving onto the (Why Pig) and (Why Gyp) tiers of Seven (7).

(Ask Of) is another word pattern from the (xof) tier. To (Ask Of) oneself, to become better is a higher aspect of Six (6). However, when asking others to do so, one can become domineering and tyrannical, making it a pitfall of this tier. Asking oneself to become better is probably the practical objective of this word pattern. Those who operate as (Ask Of) Sixes (6) are attempting to become better people. This is surely laudable. The trick, however, is not to condemn and bully others while doing so, but operating with a genuinely generous heart free of guilt or conditions.

When embracing positive personal change, the codes in No Nonsense Numerology—The Code can validate our success. Of course, when we realize that we are on negative tiers, we might want to discount these definitions of numbers. This is human nature. We are all, however, most likely bouncing between the positive and negative. If we embrace positive change, we can raise our vibrations as the last Number Nine (9) shows we can do in its (I Rise) tier.

No number is superior to another. Each teaches its own lesson, or validates how well we are doing, giving us an opportunity and direction toward favorable change.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Numbers Are a Mirror

. . . And sometimes we don’t like looking into that mirror of self-reflection. When having Number Six (6) in the Attraction Significancy, this can show us that we are in denial. Of course, if having Six (6) as the Attraction number, we probably are oblivious to this denial. Why is this? Lying of the (Fox Of) nature is a negative trait of Six (6). One thing Six (6) teaches along with working hard, is honesty.

Often people, who have negative character traits, avoid facing themselves by simply clearing out cobwebs of negative behavior or thought patterns. What are negative thought patterns? They might be resentfulness of what others have or have done. They are demons we can’t release from our minds. We all have these beasts banging around in our brains from time to time. Nothing is wrong with recounting past events as that’s how we face them, but letting these events plague us hinders progress.

Ways that people avoid facing that they aren’t as perfect as they’d like is to do good works. What can be wrong with this? Nothing. But, this doesn’t make the beast of bad thought patterns or behavior disappear. It remains, lurking behind every calculated word to avoid popping out in meanspirited words and ways.

People pray harder or join spiritualist groups and activities. They might get into spiritual healing. However, if they are trying to heal others but have ailments of their own, whether psychological or physical, they may transfer their maladies. They may sincerely want to do good works to pay penance for past deeds. Yet, do they do the deeds for the sake of them, or to feel better about themselves so they will to enter a state of grace? Are they trying to ensure they’ll get to their version of heaven? This is getting something in return for something or bargaining with the soul.

When we give, is it from guilt or do we give freely with no strings? Giving out of guilt is still doing so for something, which is to relieve a guilty conscience. If everything has a vibration, does giving-out-of-guilt taint the gift?

I’ve read and heard that a place exists in the dimension above the earth plane meant specifically for purging corrupted psyches. Maybe this is from where the notion of purgatory comes, but convoluted to fit dogma. This is only secondhand information so we’ll know for sure when we get there, but the psychology of it makes sense. When our subconscious is free of cobwebs, we can genuinely be ourselves. I’ve also heard that this place of purging is very unpleasant and many prefer doing good works to being there, so become guides. If their psyches are still corrupted, their good works can get misdirected, causing more confusion and doing more harm than good. While trying to raise their vibrations, some may only be lowering them. It seems that getting rid of baggage might make vibrations lighter and "flying," easier.

In this world, Arthur Janovs’ book "The Primal Scream" comes closest to understanding and implementing the technique of clearing the psyche of distortion. An institute exists called The Primal Center in Santa Monica, California. I only read the book with great satisfaction.

Whoever aligned the final placement of the English Anglo-Saxon alphabet knew the human psyche. They made a blueprint to show us to ourselves if only we have the guts to look into the mirror. Saying, "I’m sorry," with genuine contrition is one of the most difficult things for humans to do. When it is genuine, who could not forgive? Without it, nothing has really changed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Rocky" Was a Dark Horse Too

That’s what we all thought when leaving the special actors’ screening before Rocky hit general theaters. Sylvester Stallone’s gamble paid off big time when few insiders expected much would come of his now iconic movie.

Charles Elson Roemer III  = Seven (7) Original Name of Conscious Direction
Charles Elson Roemer  = Seven (7) Original Name of Conscious Direction
Buddy Roemer  = Four (4) Subordinate Name of Conscious Direction
10/04/1943 = Four (4) = Subconscious Attraction Birth Day and Four (4) = Super-Conscious Life Path Entire Birth Date

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them as they come up in analysis.]

The numbers in No Nonsense Numerology - The Code gives a blueprint for confirming if we are on a positive or negative road. In other words, are we learning our lessons and passing our tests? These numbers also show how to return to the positive if having taken the negative road.

Wow! Former Governor Buddy Roemer is a triple Four (4) when using his subordinate Name for his Conscious Direction. He has a Seven (7) when using his original Name of his Conscious Direction. Since "the Third" of Roman numerals "III" after his name equals Nines (9) cancelling themselves out, his original Conscious Direction Name number remains the same as without it.

Probable difference between an original and subordinate Name number, is that names we currently use most likely have more influence than initial names we rarely use. Original names, however, must have influence in how we do or do not achieve our Life Path goals.

Can former Governor Buddy Roemer make an impact much less pull ahead of the GOP field when the powerful media has stacked so much against him by ignoring him? Can he pull ahead like Secretariat if voters get to see Buddy being Buddy when others fail to ignite passion? Media, however, is now giving Roemer a second look. Will he run out and off the political stage, or can he shoulder through others to pass the finish line first?

In an earlier blog I, numerically, checked out Buddy Roemer after seeing him on The Colbert Report since almost allowing myself to become smitten. No longer being a dewy-eyed youngster, well worn by the 2000 presidential theft, and too many broken promises, I said in my blog, A Political Turn in the Road:

I checked on the Internet under "Buddy Roemer scandals" to be fair since I did so for the Copycat Cowboy, blog when asked to analyze Governor Rick Perry’s numbers. If the scandal is that media is ignoring him because of his $100 limit and full-disclosure contribution policies then that is scandalous, but I found none on his part. Initially, however, when few were running, Roemer did get press. The reviews found his old preacher style oratory inspiring. They appreciated his conservative views. Personally, unless someone is so radically conservative as to turn this country into a Theocracy, I don’t care about his or her personal beliefs if they practice separation of church and state. We all have religious or spiritual notions that conflict with those of others. I find it more important to have uncorrupted candidates in office.

Being uncorrupted is what Governor Roemer is selling. Simply stating, his numbers confirm that he is on the positive side by what we see of his actions. What more do I need to say? Whoa Trigger! You don’t expect me to give pronouncements when I went to lengths to analyze and reveal how I came to numerical conclusions in No Nonsense Numerology-The Code? I didn’t want to cheat anyone about my numerology conclusions for my book and I don’t now.

Does former Governor Charles Elson Roemer III feel that way? Does he too not want to cheat others? By his lifetime of actions, he is definitely on the positive side of numbers. Nor do we see from his actions that he is in transition to the positive side, but came to this life already pure-hearted. Importantly, since the Seven (7) is in his Conscious Direction number of his original Name, he is aware of this attribute. The Four (4) of his subordinate Name Conscious Direction number coupled with the two Fours (4) of the other Significancy numbers imbues stubborn resolve. This makes him a fighter.

His demeanor is not of one who is angry and vindictive, wanting to (Do Venom) to others as a negative tier of Four (4). He radiates positiveness coming from a secure core. The (Moved) tier warns of inflexibility. Unlike opponent, Rick Perry who has conflicting numbers and goes between flip-flopping and obstinacy depending upon his wants, Governor Roemer has no such trepidations. Roemer’s numbers stick to their guns, especially on matters of principle from being a positive Seven (7), making ethics very important to him.

What Roemer resolves to do is the question. He’s told us. He wants to get money out of politics. He isn’t alone there. Many feel the Supreme Court’s decision giving corporations personhood was at the least cockeyed, which is a euphemism for crooked. Since that decision, the country has progressively gone downhill. Governor Roemer’s triple Four (4) gives him backbone and resolve for getting done what he sets out to do.

Whoa! Wait another minute. Maybe because that particular slogan of change was an empty promise, people have decided to change the status quo themselves. This is a wonderful time for Buddy Roemer to ignite imaginations that even honest government is possible and connect with protesters. He has. He’s currently the only GOP candidate to come out in their support.

What does it mean to have all three numbers be the same? Having triple numbers can very well mean something negative, i.e., one refuses to learn lessons of numbers, so repeats them. To the contrary, it may also mean that one fashioned his or her numbers purposefully in the Super-Conscious realm for particular character qualities.

With all the skullduggery in electing Presidents in the last decade, no one can predict what chance Buddy Roemer will have in becoming President. Nevertheless, his numbers surely help him. In an uncorrupted world he is unbeatable because he can be (Made Victorious) with the fortified backbone of his triple Four (4). This gives him steely determination.

That said, his positive Seven (7) Conscious Direction of his original Name works against personal ambition. Spiritual and altruistic Sevens (7) can easily relinquish personal desires in (Why Pig) and (Why Gyp) tiers. He does not seem greedy as the negative (Pig) and (Piggy) tiers, nor does he con others in the direct tier of (Gyp). His campaign message attests to him having positive Seven (7) qualities.

As corrupted as our political system has become, he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of staying solid in summer. Unless, of course, he is swept up in a tide of change by the electorate. Unfortunately, he may be the (Gypee) as GOP party organizers continually bar him from debates and polls. If some kind of karma is playing out with a (Doom Victory) or (Victory Doomed) tier of Four (4), we voters could not know this. It is doubtful Buddy Roemer would know this either. Barring hidden cosmic lessons, we need only to vote for the person who reflects our wishes to change the world.

As President Roemer, if he can only "Get Money Out" of politics, he will have changed our country immeasurably for the better. He won’t need to police morals of others by inserting religion into women’s wombs (also making choice a First Amendment issue). He won’t need to return prayer to schools to make the country better on a superficial level. This one issue of freeing politics from financial influence will elevate the country to higher standards. It will eliminate the greedy and lying (Fox) nature of number Six (6) from politics and return the institution to genuine altruism.

This turnaround might become the outcome of the overly-prophesied 2012 end times as a positive beginning, not some negative ending.

So, Roemer Supporters the flag is down and the race is on!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Went to the Horse's Mouth . . .

. . . And spoke to my local Post Master to find the scoop on the Post Office possibly shutting down. Some media aren’t giving the entire story, if they cover it seriously at all. This is a serious matter to Seniors and those living in rural areas. The Internet garners much more information.

[Before I continue, I must apologize. When I found out this information, my DSL filter was having problems. I was trying to get it resolved while doing this post. I couldn’t be on the phone and Internet simultaneously and didn’t know how long I’d have Internet access. I wanted to post it quickly and misspelled Rep. Issa’s first name like the girl’s name.]

My Post Master isn’t certain all offices won’t be shutting down. Other offices have shut down completely that didn’t net more than $50,000 yearly. My local Post Office carriers have moved about 9 miles away. A shell of an office is left. Congressional mandates hadn’t even slated it for removal. Carriers have 12 miles added to their daily routes. Those who did not want to relocate retired early or quit. The estimated savings to this office is the electric bill and possibly the water bill from flushing the toilet. Since an extra 12 miles is added to each carrier’s route, because mileage determines their salaries, it is doubtful they are seeing any savings, according to my Post Master.

My local Post Office isn’t the only one affected. People living in rural areas are having to go many miles more to get services, sometimes over treacherous road conditions during winters.

The Post Master verified that they make profits entirely from postage. "The Post Office takes not one red cent from taxpayers." However, Congress mandates they prepay healthcare for retirees by $5 billion "every quarter." [The union article says, $5.5 billion yearly.] "[They] pay this money to Congress."

Does this sound like thugs blackmailing shopkeepers to protect them, so that they won’t hurt them? According to the Post Master, the Post Office overpaid their fund by $55 billion dollars, putting it into a surplus. "Congress refuses to give the money back." In other words, Congress is stealing this money just as they have Social Security when raiding it to pay for wars and other pet projects. This is what is causing the Post Office financial situation.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the chairperson of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has introduced a bill, H.R. 2309. APWU President Cliff Guffey says that the bill is, "a reckless assault on postal workers and the Postal Service." The bill orders drastic closures of $2 billion the first two years.

He goes on to say, "Incredibly, it fails to address the main cause of the Postal Service’s financial difficulties — the unique mandate that requires the USPS to pre-fund the healthcare benefits of future retirees, at a cost of more than $5.5 billion per year," Guffey continues, "It also completely ignores the fact that the USPS has massive surpluses in its pension accounts." The union president feels that the overpayments can be used to solve the cash crisis.

"Rep. Issa insists that the legislation is designed to avoid a ‘bailout,’ but nothing could be further from the truth," Guffey said. "In fact, the federal government [Congress] is holding billions of dollars of excess postal payments to FERS and CSRS."

According to the article, "The USPS has a surplus of $6.9 billion in its Federal Employee Retirement System account, and, according to two independent actuarial studies, has overpaid the Civil Service Retirement System account by $50 billion to $75 billion."

"We must let them know that we support an alternate bill, H.R. 1351, which would address the cause of the USPS financial crisis without slashing service and without eliminating collective bargaining rights," Guffey said.

This appears another GOP effort to end collective bargaining. It creates a "solvency authority" with the power to unilaterally modify collective bargaining agreements any time the USPS defaults on "any obligation to the federal government for more than 30 days."

"The solvency board would be empowered to cut wages, abolish benefits, and end our protection against layoffs," he said.

In addition, at the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreements, the bill would increase employees’ costs for healthcare coverage and life insurance, and eliminate the right to bargain over these benefits. It also would allow the USPS to end Saturday delivery.

It seems that the GOP is trying to end federal government entirely, except their jobs. The Post Office operates like a private entity, but with Congressional oversight. This is bad business. The Postal Service needs autonomy from Congressional oversight

Congress is playing with the lives of citizens, who aren’t on the Internet, don’t pay bills via the Internet if they are on it. As well they are playing with businesses who still sell products using catalogues. They are not only playing with the lives of little children who love to get real cards from Grandma that includes $5, but with the greeting card makers. This also affects many other businesses as well state and local governments who send tax and DMV notifications using the Post Office.

H.R. 1351, introduced by Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA), would correct the over-funding of the pension accounts. It would let the agency use the pension surplus to meet its retiree health benefits pre-funding obligation.

"H.R. 1351 would restore financial stability to the Postal Service,"Guffey said, "without putting any burden on American taxpayers."

I called my Congresspersons to support H.R. 1351. We all need to.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Overview

[This text in this post was taken off. It was my initial post. So, I edited it to reinsert and it is coming up on today's posting.]

The Pythagorean method aligns the alphabet beneath numbers from One (1) through Nine (9). The alphabet that he used was Greek. Obviously, those letters have nothing to do with the Latin/Anglo-Saxon alphabet that the English language uses. Following his methodology as the father of numerology, I placed our alphabet beneath Arabic numbers.

In all of my research, I found no scrutiny of the letters beneath the numbers that define them. Why connect letters to numbers otherwise? I called the letters beneath each number tiers since finding complete definitions required using every possible alignment. For example Number One (1) has tiers: (ajs) (asj) (jas) (jsa) (saj) (sja). Using a set of criteria, I found what I called word patterns for each tier that gave definitions of each number.

In my research, I also found who placed the final alphabet, which deals with the final definitions. Whether or not they consciously placed them is unknown. Christian missionaries who placed much of the alphabet had more to do with these definitions than Pythagoras did.

We have three Significancy numbers: Life Path, Attraction, and Direction. The Life Path number consists of the Entire Birth Date. The Attraction equals the Birth Day, and the Direction number is our birth Name. We also have subordinate Name numbers that include married names, professional names, and any current name.
Significancy numbers reflect aspects of our psyche. The Life Path number comes from the Super-Conscious realm. The Attraction number is from the Subconscious realm, and Direction number is from the Conscious realm. The first two numbers are immutable, i.e., we cannot change them, whereas, we can change the Name number through Conscious Direction.

Each number from One (1) through Nine (9) has specific definitions that begin with the (Jackass) and come full-circle to be the (Sage): when (I Rise) if taking the positive route through numbers.

Future blogs will explore numbers in this method of "No Nonsense Numerology—The Code" and will relate them to other methods and myths.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Confronting Myths and Falsehoods

In her well-documented book, The Way We Never Were (American Families and the Nostalgia Trap), Stephanie Coontz dispels our cherished childhood notions for the fiction they were. The ideal family of Leave it to Beaver never existed in the real world. We did have rugged individualists, but as a self-indulgent rarity. Basic Books originally published her nonfiction treatise in 1992 that characterized familial myths from America’s inception through the 1980s. Her 2000 edition reflects life through the end of the century in her Introduction.

Obviously this book is not a new release. Inexpensive and wonderful gems can be found in secondhand stores. Ms. Coontz’ book is one of those gems that unravels the stark unvarnished and often frightening truth of our societal past that we may be reluctant to recall.

Having grown up in the fifties, I knew Donna and Alex Reed, June and Ward Cleaver, Margaret and Jim Anderson were not typical imitations of life. Nevertheless, as in the song Somewhere Out There sung by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram from the movie An American Tail my siblings and I hoped. We knew otherwise, of course. Nevertheless, we fantasized that parents appeased all childish mishaps and arguments with a stern, yet fair admonishment to go to our rooms. Then after a reasonable time would be presented with cocoa and a warm smile. I felt that because Wally and the Beaver existed, even if in fiction, so did optimism of favorable endings. Somewhere. I carry this optimism with me that all things, untoward, will work out for the better.

I feel sorry for today’s youth. They too are growing up with the bomb, but with no desk to hide beneath to assuage any nightmarish images. As youngsters, we never had the World Trade Center, two of them, and the freedom-crippling Patriot Act aftermath of the second, removing all optimism of rainbows at the end. Moreover, adolescents now have end-time-clabber cluttering the airwaves.

One of the biggest myths perpetuated from our decade long militarization, depleting America’s treasure, is that social safety nets never existed before FDR dug America out of the Great Depression. According to Coontz, they have always existed in one fashion or another.

Without safety nets like Social Security, the elderly would be living with their children when too decrepit to work, eliminating all hope of personal autonomy for young adults. Without Social Security the healthy elderly whose pensions, Wall Street thieves stole, would work until their fingers fell off, never experiencing a free breath of liberty with their own thoughts. That is, if they can find jobs when companies aren’t even hiring young people. With no Social Security, the disabled would die in the streets, or perhaps along with the general poor and elderly live in tent cities. We still have them today in rural area just outside small towns. Tent towns would proliferate numerously.

Social Security and other safety net programs protect older women from having to live with abusive men just for a roof over their heads. In the not so distant past, women were forced to stay with angry and hate filled men whose violence often ended in their mutilation and death. Women and men still talk themselves into "love" relationships for the security of better finances because the rules of Social Security don’t allow multiple recipient in marriage unions. At least now, individuals are more savvy and don’t get married, but live in common law marriages where one or the other can leave if the situation doesn’t work out. Neither the man nor woman has to worry about where to find their next meal. They have their earned insurance policy of Social Security.

Social Security recipients don’t have to depend upon church handouts as did predecessors, whom churches demanded believe their brand of faith. We know of the dark side where often priests abused young people instead of giving them solace the church offered. The late Frank McCourt’s book Angela’s Ashes graphically portrays his Irish youth in this country and his old one through his mischievous twelve-year-old eyes. Otherwise, it is doubtful readers could suffer along with him, his recounting.

Politicians who postulate about fixing Social Security without factoring the human cost are empty suits who know nothing about the human condition or care little for human beings. Their eyes on the prize of offices they seek blind them to their own greed when they cavalierly vilify the program. Even conservative Republican libertarians who want the federal government out of our lives completely, are promoting a myth. States don’t always do it better. Often local governments and communities were and are far more cruel, dispensing in their brand justice when keeping citizens in line with their edicts than an impersonal federal government. Shackling of citizens in stocks like oxen was not a myth perpetrated by literature such as The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. We have come too far in social justice to return to old west brutality.

According to Coontz, under her sub-chapter The Dark Side of Interdependence: Dependency and Subjugation in Chapter Three:

"As social, political, and economic inequalities emerged in various ancient societies, at different times and in different ways, reciprocity with others was often transformed into permanent obligations from others. Such was the situation in Europe during the period immediately preceding settlement of the New World. The ideology of gift giving and interdependence remained, but most of the population was subordinate to noble families who ruled through military and religious intimidation, imposing a permanent dependence on lower classes and extracting from them deference and obligations that were one-sided and open-ended: These obligations included the duty to produce surplus for the rulers, provide them with intimate personal services (sometimes including sex), furnish extra food when they decided to throw a feast, and wait at their tables."If we return to this world view, cheap immigrant labor will no longer raise children of the rich. Cheap labor of their own kind can raise them. Ms. Coontz continues to enlighten readers about the attitude of elites toward the poor.

"The world view of the European nobility and absolutist monarchies was corporate, interdependent, anti-individualistic—and extremely repressive. The notion of the ‘Great Chain of Being,’ which held that all classes were connected in a hierarchical but organic whole, left no room for the comparatively modern concept that the poor are responsible for their own condition and therefore undeserving of charity or sympathy; but it also left no room for the possibility that they might improve their lot. In Gothic cathedrals, the Great Chain of Being was epitomized in huge carved pillars that depicted saints and fine lords standing on the backs of kneeling peasants."
What kind of world is it that those who are disdainful of the poor, elderly, and disabled see for themselves as they work toward "changing" or eliminating Social Security? In the end, isn’t that what it is all about? Do we really believe those espousing that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, are being altruistic? The world they want is for them. That they should be more powerful and prosperous, and to hell with grandpas and grandmas and lesser beings.

Believing that the average Tea Party member envisions a return to the lifestyle Stephanie Coontz describes is difficult. That calculatingly greedy people with weak egos manipulating them to gain power, is easier to resolve. For the world has become less about compromising to make it better, and more about who has control and who wants control.

Games played by the Republican Congress to thwart all Democratic efforts is proof of this. In evidence is Thursday’s Joint Session of Congress where President Obama genuflected backwards to mollify the Right. He gave even more ground on social safety nets. Even so, Republicans deigned to agree, but that if, it's my way or the highway, according to Eric Cantor, it doesn't work with them. It was precisely that attitude coming from the Right Wing Republicans that held up raising the debt ceiling.

Hypocrisy runs so rampant in Washington that one must question the mind-set of those who seek to control the lives of others through religious or legislative edicts.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Copycat Cowboy

James Richard Perry = Two (2)and Life Path = Four (4)
Rick Perry = Six (6)
03/04/1950 = Attraction = Four (4)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them as they come up in analysis.]

This analysis is lengthy and complex due to the number of scandals associated with Governor Rick Perry that need documentation for legitimacy. I did not mention all of his scandals. Search "Rick Perry scandals" to expand on what I cite herein.

Life Path and Attraction Equals Four (4):

Rick Perry’s Life Path number of Four (4) is to be (Victory Made) over personal animus, so not to (Do Venom) to others, i.e., vindictiveness is its negative trait. Being (Made Victorious) over personal animosities is through being (Moved) to change so to be free of stubbornly-rooted personality flaws. Outwardly, Governor Perry seems an affable guy when getting what he wants. His campaigning style, however, is to attack and disparage opponents using what he must think is colorful language. With two Fours (4) his determination for winning is great. If he were on the positive side of Number Four (4), he would not resort to these tactics, but would rely on merit.

Four (4) in his Subconscious Attraction number gives Perry extra deeply-rooted impetus to succeed at his endeavors. Success feeds our sense of well-being and ego. When dissuaded, deterred, or thwarted in achieving enterprises, a negative Four (4) of (Do Venom) on this tier can resort to vengefulness. Perry’s comfortable use of scathing language shows he easily adopts meanspirited tactics for winning. Already, Perry’s bulling assaults on President Obama and fellow GOP candidates, shows arrogant disrespect.

Perry’s tongue lashings aren’t limited to opponents. He called out-of-work Texans "drug addicts" who didn’t need an Unemployment Insurance (UI) stimulus because, "This is exactly how addicts get hooked on drugs." The source was the Austin American-Statesman. He turned down federal unemployment insurance funds when he was hyping succession. These remarks against financially struggling citizens seem craven to promote an agenda, especially when he takes stimulus monies for his projects and lives lavishly. He uses this language against out-of-work Texans while bragging that Texas has one of the highest employment rates.

According to Noelle Bell of the Huffington Post, Governor Perry found himself embroiled in "sneaky" land transactions. She reports that they garnered him more than a million dollars while serving in public office. Also, according to Bell, an alleged reputed international arms dealer is the kind of guy that Perry looks to for help in maintaining his fancy lifestyle.

The Dallas Morning News found evidence that a series of professional and personal favors enhanced Perry’s investments. These favors came from friends, campaign donors, and the head of a Texas family who has a history of political power brokering.

During the 2010 election for Texas Governor on Political Live Journal, opponent Bill White revealed Perry’s payoffs to contributors with appointments and favors.

Many ambitious people, especially those in sports have Four (4) as Significancy numbers. They apply the (Made Victorious) aspect that, for these numbers, is for positive psychological growth. Yet, people take advantage of its winning ways for material success.

According to Wikipedia Perry comes from a Democratic family. His father was repeatedly elected as a Democrat to the Haskell County Commission. Perry himself won his first election to the Texas State House in 1984 as a Democrat. Perry was considered an effective legislator. He won reelection in 1986 and 1988 before switching parties to challenge Democratic Agricultural Commissioner Jim Hightower in 1990. Hightower was a popular Democrat, but whose staffers became embroiled in a bribery scandal, making Hightower vulnerable to a challenge. Did Perry switch parties for political expediency?

Perry served as Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager in his 1988 presidential bid, but changed his stance on global warming. Suggesting he'd seen the light on the climate issue, Perry took a snipe at his once friend, Al Gore, "I certainly got religion. I think he's [Al Gore] gone to hell."

People can have genuine changes of ideologies. Perry’s timing raises questions. While running for president, he still espouses the conservative line. However, according to him, scientists who promote global warming are merely corrupt, and only doing so to enhance their professional careers and pocketbooks. He does not accept that different opinions can genuinely exist, but only attributes the worst motives for believing in global warming. Is he projecting his motives onto others? Perry’s comments come from someone with his financial scandals. The text and audio for his speech are on

Original Birth and Subordinate Conscious Name Directions:

James Richard Perry equals Two (2) as his original Conscious Direction number that represents (To Be Constant), through being (Backed) and supporting others in (To Back) and (Back It). This is also for ideals, not just relationships. Yet rumors persist about Perry’s fidelity and sexuality. No evidence is found to support that Perry’s wife has threatened to divorce him without court filings, reports. Others think, however, that these rumors are vicious partisan politics to hurt Governor Perry politically. Both parties use low tactics for winning.

In one speech Perry adamantly opposes Government spending, the next, he is suing the Federal Government for monies. This tendency may be in part due to his original Conscious Direction Name of Two (2), showing that he can be indecisive and (Take Back) decisions.

The tier (Moved) of Four (4) in Perry’s Attraction and Life Path numbers helps diminish the indecisiveness of the (Take Back) aspects of Two (2). He is sticking to the points in his book, Fed Up. Liberal pundits feel, however, this is to appeal to the Tea Party to get the nomination.

Fidelity to ideals may not be Perry’s long-suit though it is not necessarily a bad thing to be able to change outdated ideas for better ones. (Constant, To Be) seems more problematic for him regarding ideals than personal relationships of (Constant, Be Two). The (Take Back) aspect of Two (2) breaks promises for various reasons. Some are from being uninformed. When getting older, people do become less idealistic than in youth. Other reasons, however, are less altruistic, but for the advantage of personal gain.

According to Talking Points Memo, "Yet another anti-stimulus GOP governor, who had been hinting previously that his state would be turning down cash, is now accepting the money. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who co-wrote an op-ed piece with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford about all the things that were wrong with the bill, has now informed the White House that he'll accept the money. Perry is, however, leaving the door open to not taking all of it, as he doesn't want to spend money that would expand existing social programs, and thus trap him into having to continue the increases later on with state money. . . ."

On 08/25/11 My San Antonio of reported ongoing political bickering involving federal funding for Texas schools. Democrats fired back Thursday at Gov. Rick Perry and Republican colleagues in the House and Senate. Democrats accuse Perry of trying to use $830 million in federal education funds to replace state funds as Texas grapples with budget deficits. Perry accuses Doggett of adding an amendment to require future funding, "It's time for Congress to eliminate the anti-Texas Doggett amendment." Perry said in a statement earlier this week, "And for our hardworking teachers and schools to get the $830 million they deserve." Texas Democrats wrote Perry, saying, "Repealing the amendment would only indicate that your desire is to use federal aid simply to replace state educational dollars as was done in 2009." Democrats say the state used $3.25 billion in emergency education funds in 2009 to replace state funding, ". . . thereby denying an opportunity to support improvements in the quality of public education." Education is another issue where Perry talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Rick Perry equals Six (6) for his subordinate Conscious Name Direction. Six (6) is easy to resolve. One gains his or her desires by developing the intelligence of (Fox) or uses (Fox Of) nature that deceives others for gain. One may use its opposite (Of Ox) nature that works hard at manual labor to get needs met. Politics does not require hard manual labor, though people often use politics to gain power. When on the positive side of Six (6), one is earnest and works hard.

No doubt Rick Perry uses guile to outwit opponents. The Burnt Orange Report has a list of Rick Perry’s Top Ten Failures. Much includes covering up improprieties and bad decisions.

(Ask For) is a negative word pattern of Six (6), i.e., showing one is dependent on material comforts for validation so has developed an insatiable appetite.

According to The Huffington Post, [Texas] is facing a budget shortfall of at least $11 billion. Nevertheless, Governor Rick Perry spent almost $600,000 in public money during the past two years to live in a sprawling rental home in the hills above the capital. This was according to the Associated Press. The Huffington Post, says that the five-bedroom, seven-bath mansion costs more than $10,000 a month in rent, utilities, and upkeep. Perry spent more than $130,000 in campaign donations to throw parties, and many other services since he moved in. All this while Perry asked state agencies to cut their budgets by 5 percent. The Republican House speaker considered furloughs and shortened workweeks for state employees while the Governor’s lifestyle is extravagant.

From the website, Back to Basics at, in 2006, Perry ordered all Texas schoolgirls to receive a controversial new vaccine against HPV, alarming parents and the Texas Legislature. Details surfaced about connections between Perry’s staff, campaign contributions, and the drug maker Merck.

If Rick Perry’s Six (6) rested in his Subconscious Attraction, denial would be his burden. However, it is in his subordinate Conscious Name Direction number, meaning he intentionally uses deceit to gain. His record speaks for itself. The Internet is saturated with Rick Perry scandals.

Wednesday, 08/24/11, Ed Shultz on his MSNBC show, The Ed Show aired tapes of Perry talking about being the "Education Governor" when he was first running for that office. Comparing that tape to a recent tape as he runs for President where he talked about getting rid of the Department of Education and promoting Charter Schools. His record on education is that he cut billions of dollars from its budget and hundreds-of-thousands of teachers face layoffs.

Comparing the two tapes, Perry’s Bushy swagger and twang bordering on sounding just as stupid did not seem to exist in his earlier incarnation. The more intense Perry campaigns for President, the more pronounced his caricature of George W. Bush becomes. Other times when he appears caught up in the moment, he forgets his folksy twang.

Governor Perry’s extreme views are not likely to win him the general election. Especially when restating comments as he did recently that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, or that he is going to make federal government inconsequential in people’s lives. These statements that play to the Tea Party are just not realistic for a general election. Is he going to tell independent and moderate voters that his pandering was just politics? Doesn’t he regard voters as sophisticated enough to discern lies when they hear them? His pandering seems hypocritical. He has shown that he selectively uses federal monies when it suits him.

Even more unsettling than Rick Perry, are the television and radio pundits who called him the front runner after receiving only 4.26% or 567 votes at the Iowa Straw Poll. In one report, this tied him with Mitt Romney who didn’t campaign in Iowa, but who showed a mere 3.37% with the same number of 567 votes. Huh? Without waiting for pesky polls, pundits immediately put Perry in the top three when he was near the bottom. Adding those few hundred from write-in votes from the stunt by Stephen Colbert using "a" rather than "e" gave him a mere few tenths more percentage. * Perry still didn’t fall in the top three, not qualifying him for such elevation.

Do some pundits want Perry in the general election to ensure Obama’s reelection? Are some, positioning Jeb Bush, who declined to run, but by comparison seems a sensible alternative to both Perry and Obama? Or, are Jeb and his political family willing to sit it out until 2016 with no incumbent to run against?

Are media pundits pushing Perry for reasons of self-interest? They really must believe negative news is more profitable than positive news. If we had a president, who really made the country better, do they think there would be nothing interesting to talk about?

Try it. We might like it.

* One report had Governor Rick Perry winning 718 votes at 3.62%, including write-in, using "a" rather than "e" if counting Stephen Colbert’s stunt. Governor Mitt Romney had 567 votes at 3.36%.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thanks Jon Stewart

For the show he aired Thursday, August 18, 2011 on Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. [It may air again as a rerun on, Monday, August 22, 2011. Or, watch it on Comedy Central or Jon Stewart’s web sites.] Stewart’s adept razor wit put so much into perspective. It is heartwarming to have at least one person stick up to conservative politicians and pundits who spewed such vile vitriol about poor people.

Framing the Issues:

"Animals," was Ann Colter’s description of poor people on social programs. Choosing his side, Neal Boortz harangued, "It is all out war on the productive class in our society, for the benefit of the moocher-class!" He ranted on, "Many of them get so much money in credits that it wipes out any Social Security taxes or Medicare taxes they are paying. They are absolutely on a free ride."

Absolutely? Well, not exactly. Most likely, poor and middle classes pay state, sales, property, as well federal taxes added to their phone and power bills, etc. The power bills pay for refrigerators that 99.6% of poor people "own" [or they belong to landlords of apartments, poor people rent].

Stewart’s keenly barbed reporting left off the statistic of poor people owning computers. It was on another statistic that I commented on in a Tweet. Poor is determined as $22,800 a year for a family of four. This family then has children. Today, children cannot go to school without a computer to do homework. So, poor parents sacrifice elsewhere to educate their children properly. Gee, would "moochers" do that?

Herman Cain wants what he and others call a "fair tax." People will pay no income tax, but 23% federal sales tax on everything they buy. This includes, but is not limited to, federal sales taxes added to other taxes on medical services, gasoline, propane, electricity, rent, mortgages, etc. State and local governments aren’t going to give up their take.

For example, someone subsisting on $800 a month should really be making $984 to break even, giving them no money to save or invest. This Federal Sales Taxpayer will need $194 x 12 = $2,328 extra yearly to survive. If this person lives in subsidized housing, he or she pays about 40% of their income on rent, minus medical bills. He or she has about $480 left for gas, utilities, food, and medicine. Without housing subsidies, more would find housing on the streets. (Those in other countries may think this is much money. They don’t have the high rents America does.)

Is a compassionate government going to subsidize this extra money needed to pay the 23% Federal Sales Tax? This federal sales tax idea might put us into greater debt. Only a compassionate government, however, would install subsidies. Republicans might not care if the country goes back to the days of Les Miserable, or Tale of Two Cities.

Perhaps, Mr. Cain cares, who says he is not without compassion. His program will return a "prebate" check of $230 a year that is about 2.3% of the 23% taxation. Two point three. Poor people paying approximately $320 monthly rent will pay an extra $883.20 per year for housing. They are supposed to find this extra money where? Not to mention, that all prices will increase so corporations can make up for the 23% extra they are paying in federal sales taxes.

Can we count on corporations to recognize that they are no longer paying federal income tax that many don’t pay anyway, so they might forgo increasing prices? If their comportment is anything near the whining conservative pundits and politicians depicted on Jon Stewart’s show, they would never consider lowering prices.

Painting a Picture of a Friend:

I’m honored to call my friend someone whom conservative pundits and politicians would vilify in their screeching rants. My friend agreed that I may extract images from her life, but I’m NOT to use her name. She was clear about that. My friend’s name will be Jane Doe. Also, though similarities between us exist, I’m not Jane Doe.

I’ve got to be fair and say, Jane Doe is not typical. She gives religion a good name. She really does love Jesus, and wants only to live her life as good as he lived his life. Knowing her, I’m sure that she entered this world the beautiful soul that she is.

Jane Doe was not a wanted child. Her mother tried, unsuccessfully, to abort her. She was left with permanent medical conditions because of this. To avoid the beatings and berating, she left home in her early years, supporting herself with modeling and whatever work she could find. Looking to fill the emotional void her unloving parents left her, she searched for someone to love. She ended up having four marriages. Of course, understanding basic psychology, we know that she unconsciously looked for the wrong men who validated the demeaning attitude and language of her parents. This left her with very little self-esteem.

Although she is highly intelligent, this kind of upbringing integrates into the psyche no matter how hard one tries to clear it out. Religion, therapy, or self-empowerment cannot fully purge deeply rooted abuse. Activities do help negativity from creeping to the forefront. The childhood wounds, however, are haunting. They can surface from an unkind word, look, or gesture.

Jane Doe’s fragile face, sad eyes, and delicate demeanor show the hard life she lived. Sometimes her deportment is harsh from a raspy voice of too many cigarettes aging her too early. She smoked for decades to calm her nerves, but is quitting for her health. She doesn’t take pain medications her doctors push onto her, but takes herbal-supplements to improve her health.

Though Jane Doe gets angry when people deliberately hurt her feelings, she works very hard to avoid taking her life out on others. Friends have told her that those who purposely berate her are jealous. She’s working on having a thicker skin. She is grateful for what little people give to her, and always insists on returning the favor twice over. She has a sensitive spot for those less fortunate than she. As little as she has materially, she is rich beyond measure spiritually.

At the age of seventy, and with multiple medical conditions, Jane Doe gets commodities monthly for about 15 other Seniors existing through the grace of social safety nets. Some are veterans. Some were homemakers, who never made their own money, but live on their dead husband’s Social Security. Jane Doe asks nothing for doing this errand, shouldering the financial burden of extra gasoline. It also tires her physically. If one of them occasionally forces her to take a dollar, she accepts it in grudging good grace to allow them to feel good too. She is happy helping other people. This brings her closer to being like Jesus.

Jane Doe shops at thrift stores, and avoids using air conditioning (already in her rented apartment) and the propane stove as much as possible. When a taillight gets broken, the cost of fixing it eats into her carefully crafted budget. To get the commodities for her neighbors, she doesn’t need a busted taillight. Tickets would really cut into her stipend.

Jane Doe also gets frustrated with others on social programs just like conservative pundits and politicians. At least she tries to understand why they sit around all day doped up on prescription drugs. We discussed it.

First, let’s get some things straight about "Obamacare." If he and Congress cared so much about people having healthcare, they’d have given Americans a one-payer system. They’d never put in the carrot for the insurance companies as a Mandate to purchase insurance that he and Pelosi exempted friends from buying. They’d have stressed paying for alternative medicines and procedures that can cure.

Patients have regarded physicians as gods for too long, thinking that only they can cure illnesses. Drug advertisements are incessant. Seniors are hooked on debilitating drugs because some doctors farm patients to make a comfortable living when getting perks for prescribing. One medicine often needs another to counteract its effects and so on. Patients trust their doctors to do what is best for them, not themselves. Pharmaceutical lobbies are too powerful.

No one educates patients about alternative medicine and healing. Most seniors never read Adelle Davis’s books like, Let’s Get Well, or Let’s Eat Right to Stay Fit. However, we now have Dr. Oz.

Not only healthy eating, but herbs are part of Jane Doe’s routine. She knows how to help herself when doctors are willing to give her the diagnoses she needs to get the proper herbs.

Both Sides are Acting Like Siblings:

Are conservative politicians and pundits feeling picked on by others trying to make them do right? They are behaving like siblings crying about the other child getting a bigger slice of the pie. Huh? Isn’t their slice bigger? It’s really about fairness, not who has the biggest piece of pie.

They tell us that they aren’t the privileged ones, but that they worked for their wealth. We’ve no doubt that the paid mouth pieces for the extremely wealthy work hard to give their bosses’ point-of-view. Not withstanding, Social Security and Medicare recipients also worked hard paying into those programs their entire working lives. It’s not welfare. It’s insurance.

Pundits and politicians throw the word entitlement around like a dirty word as though meaning people feel entitled to what isn’t theirs. When it really means, people ARE ENTITLED to the benefits for which they paid.

If the system is broken, taxpayers didn’t break it. Congress stole from the Social Security Trust Fund that is separate from the General Fund to pay for pet projects and never returned the money. That’s what Al Gore referred to when campaigning for president in 2000 when he talked about a "lock box" that Congress couldn’t touch.

Would those conservative politicians and pundits begrudge Social Security if Wall Street could get its paws on the privatized proceeds? Other corporations could do what Enron did—pilfer pockets until going bankrupt, and thus, ending the program. These are the greedy rich whom taxpayers resent, not millionaires generally, though they still should play fair, especially in these bad economic times.

It really is a fairness issue. While families are struggling to stay afloat in these bad times, millionaires and billionaires are basking in riches. Surely, no one believes that families of four, earning $250,000 a year, especially in large cities, are wealthy. Those numbers need updating to reflect the current economy.

Obviously, the ranting pundits, who Jon Stewart so artfully depicted, have no self-esteem. Unless they confess in memoirs, the public will never know why they are so rabidly against the financial poor and middle classes.

My mother’s wisdom often returns to me, "Try to remember, your father had parents too." We get it. Some rich parents of these conservative politicians and pundits didn’t want children either just as poor parents sometimes don’t want them. So, their parents shoved large amounts of money into their little mitts."Here kid. Take this. Go away and don’t bother me." Copious cash was the only source of comfort for children who grew up to become conservative politicians and pundits. Not getting love, they became cynical about humanity. Perhaps, they think even more money will assuage the hollowness in their hearts. They have not learned that money is no substitution for families, friends or even loving pets.

The poor, who in selfish, sibling eyes also use the system just like rich corporations, irk many. However, do we really know what path their shoes walk? Perhaps, like Seniors, doctors also prescribed them drugs that dose them into losing their Life Forces diminished by their parents. Love isn’t as easy to mandate as healthcare.

If the Right will understand the Left, and vice versa, maybe both sides can think of each other as human beings. Yes, people in both financial classes can be a bit lazy. Should both sides agree to try to do better? Because, if we lose our compassion, we are nothing.

So, have I convinced conservative pundits social safety nets should exit? "Okay, maybe Jane Doe can keep her Social Security and Medicare. She doesn’t or rarely uses Medicare anyway." Who decides which of us is worthy? These programs need an unbiased entity, not privatized ones who stand to gain. This is why government does do this best.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Confirmation is a Good Feeling

After receiving a copy of my book that I gave her, my friend Fran was thrilled. Not simply because a friend published a book, but because she too used to analyze the numbers. Her way of doing so was similar to mine. Hurray! Someone else got it! She realized that the letters beneath the numbers meant something—a code perhaps? Fran’s way of doing numerology confirmed that I wasn’t coming from left field. Fran is dyslexic so we are having to discuss much of what is in the book. had 837 books on numerology the time I checked. More probably exist now. I honestly couldn’t check them all before publishing. I didn’t want to publish if someone else broke the code. I don’t need to hear the sound of my own fingers hitting the keys euphemism for voice. I don’t need to flaunt my ego. See! I’m smart! After all, I could be totally wrong in my analyses. At least with Fran’s and Dr. McCoy’s confirmation I’m not totally stupid either.

Dr. Kathleen McCoy gave me the thumbs-up on how I comprehended the numbers psychologically moving from one number to the next, when taking the positive or negative road. I hit the Mother Load! I didn’t need anyone else to tell me if the book works or not. Kathy’s approval was all I needed. Kathy and I were young actresses together. She went on to get her doctorate in psychology and became a famous author. If you don’t already know, click on her button to find out how wonderful she is. Anyway, I’d found Kathy again thanks to getting back on the Internet Super Highway. I’d pulled over at a Rest Stop for over a decade. My old Windows 98 with missing files that couldn’t get me on it and was good enough until I realized it was going to sputter out. I had to get a new one. Also, I was planning to publish No Nonsense Numerology—The Code and needed Internet access more than one or two hours a week the Library could provide.

I was going to analyze presidential candidates to help the few people who read this blog better understand them. I doubt, however, those from Germany care about our elections. However, if anyone wants to read analysis on a particular candidate, just send me an e-mail or comment and ask. I’ve looked at the numbers for the other "Cowboy" from Texas, and he confirms my method has validity. Nevertheless, if citizens are going to elect him when he is obviously a politician in the worst sense, no hope for humanity exists.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roman Numeral I and Other Anomalies

The Roman Numeral I, designating the linage does not add a number to the Conscious Name Direction since it equals nine. It only adds a cycle without increasing the number, no matter how many of them there are. When calculating numbers of our favorite male politicians to understand them better, consider this.

Junior, however, is another matter. We never spell the namesake son’s moniker, but use Jr. To be honest, I’ve never quite reconciled this when calculating male names. I calculate Jr., since it is how we add it to their names.

Women have other problems with names. When a woman is married, her married name becomes part of the equation of character as a subordinate Name.


Two currently undecided presidential candidates have at least two Four(s) (4) in Significancy numbers. One has a Four (4) in his subordinate Name, making him a triple Four (4), but has a Seven (7) in the original Name. The other has a Six (6), as a subordinate Name, but a Two (2) as the original Name number. Doing research will garner the answer of who is which.

Four (4) can be (Moved) to be (Made Victorious) over personal animus, or can be intractably stubborn and remain negative. Neither of the waffling candidates seems particularly angry, but a Six (6) can hide this well. Sometimes, however, Four (4) wants to win at material things. Many sports players have Four (4) in a Significancy.

Personally, I am suspicious on any politician with a Six (6). Six (6) has either the (Fox Of) or the (Of Ox) nature. One uses cunning to get needs met. The other uses hard work. The job of a politician is not manual labor, so might fall under the (Fox Of) tier, not the tier (Of Ox). Six (6) in a Life Path gives the opportunity to learn truthfulness, suggesting this might be lacking.

I said previously that I would check out Buddy Roemer. So, I contacted his office from his web site:, using both e-mail and telephone. I called more than once. Their telephone goes to an answering machine with a voice of a most unhappy sounding young man. I’m sure that others would not trust leaving a message either. I’ve not yet gotten a response from my e-mail, suggesting that he is not taking advantage after the Colbert bump. Buddy Roemer may not be a serious candidate from his standpoint. This is too bad. He made a wonderful impression, at least, on me.

The problem with having Seven (7) in a Significancy number for politicians, is that it makes them totally bad, totally good, or in transition from one to the other, respectively. Mr. Roemer seems like he is on the positive side of the numbers, but unfortunately, perhaps, may not really have a fire in his belly to be the president. Seven (7) on the positive side can easily give up desires.

Mr. Roemer piss or get off the pot. And, please don’t think of that as a California reference. I’m making an analogy, not aspersions. You don’t seem to have any scandals in the Internet searches, so what is your problem? Let us get to know you better. We may decide against you, but you are the one who threw your hat in the ring, we didn’t pull it from your head. Thank goodness that you decided not to take corporate contributions. We want to believe you that you don’t need them. Someone has to prove you are right. It may as well be you. Just do the little things to prove you are really a candidate and not padding your retirement package pockets by being one of those professional candidates who do.

The other waffling candidate (to date) with the Six (6) subordinate Name, might just be trying to fool us all as foxes, cunningly, will do. After all, imitating a previous president is creepy, especially, one so creepy. To copy such a loathed president, who ran longtime Republicans out of the party, seems delusional. This penchant for imitation, however, shows the negative (Fox Of) characteristics of Six (6) that also (Ask For) material things. Therefore, we should wonder if he is in the race for altruistic reasons or personal aggrandizement. Internet searches and news reports claim that his claims are puffed. Remember: in real estate this is acceptable, but in politics it is lying. When his constituents can’t stand him, we should listen.

Those in earlier elections on the democratic side who had JFK haircuts, unfortunately in his case, were nothing like him. A haircut did not get them the presidency. Serves them right. Candidates, please be yourselves. For female candidates, this is easier. They have no frame-of-reference to copy.

I’d say it is about time we did. However, neither one jazzes me. Ms. Bachmann is clearly a nice lady, but her perspective seems skewed. I don’t mean to be unkind, but as a First Man, he ain’t. Ms. Palin’s husband, on the other hand, would be a wonderful First Fella. Her family is what families should be. However, who, is she in this for? Her ego seems thicker than her skin, but at least she isn’t as ideologically bent as Ms. Bachmann.

Already pundits are talking up candidates based on haircuts and personal appeal. When will we stop electing presidents based on physical attributes and hire them based on personal qualities?

I’d like to hear from anyone tracking candidates. We need all the information we can get.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's in a Name . . .

. . . that smells so sweet . . . or stinky?

At this historical time, we are watching the most vile, petty, and selfish characteristics in many of our federally-elected officials. A comment I made in one Token Rock blog now seems prophetic: "When those who are supposed to be the best of us do not do what is right, the world will die." The Tea Party has hijacked the Republican Party. They are mindlessly pushing this country into oblivion from a fear-based point-of-view, defiantly beating down "The Man," but instead, hurting the most vulnerable.

Those in the Tea Party see the same things that the rest of us do. Congress needs to stop spending our money like it comes from their private piggy banks. Yet, many of those in the Tea Party act out of fear, but they must keep their heads so not to lose their minds. They seem willing to throw fragile people into the street to die in poverty and of disease. This seems feebleminded when making the most wealthy people more so. Are we to return to the days of "Les Miserables" and "A Tale of Two Cities" by adopting platforms from frightened people? When people respond from fear, they cut off information from their rational minds. Instead, they behave like bullies who pick on those weaker than themselves. People in wheelchairs can’t fight back.

To understand this partisan bickering regarding the debt-ceiling, perhaps, we should calculate the numbers of the two parties’ names. What does Republican numerically mean? What does Democrat numerically mean? Below are their numbers with analyses, though they are, admittedly, cursory.

9 5 7 3 2 3 9 3 1 5 = 2

9 5 7 3 2 3 9 3 1 5 1 = 3

4 5 4 6 3 9 1 2 = 7

4 5 4 6 3 9 1 2 1 = 8


This analysis only refers to the Republican Party. Individuals, obviously, have separate numbers, giving them different lessons. As a whole, however, the Party is steering members.

Number Two (2) essentially means learning fidelity in relationships and ideals as in (Constant, To Be), (To Be Constant), and (To Back). To the contrary, Two (2) warns against being needy as in (Be Too Constant) when one is (Backed) so consistently that he or she becomes hooked on it. When one doesn’t have independent thought, one becomes dependent upon others and their opinions, becoming a "yes" person so as not to face the world first hand. An unlearned One (1) who didn’t or couldn’t (Adjust) to life circumstances, might become a (Be Too Constant) Two (2). This person is needy and dependent on others, and may (Take Back) what he or she previously supported in relationship or ideals. Conversely, (Be Too Constant) can make one stubbornly cling to people, also ideas.

Adding the "s" to Republican gives the name a Three (3). Number Three (3) is to (Cull) a (Clue) that will bring them (Luck). People learned to do this or they did not from how well they learned to (Adjust) to life circumstances in Number One (1) by remaining independent in Two (2). Thus, they became dependent from not learning, or independent from learning this. Three (3) is also (Lucky). This makes Republicans a fortunate group.

Republicans are truly a force. If they are operating negatively, however, society is in trouble. If their goals or agendas are really for public-good, they are a force for positive change. When they operate out of ignorance, society is the loser because they prefer group behavior rather than independent actions. Republicans will never contest a bad president, but continue blindly to support him by justifying and enabling his actions even when he destroys the country.

This fused unification doesn’t allow Republicans to think independently because of being too reliant on group mentality. While this might suit Borgs and ants, it isn’t so good for human beings. Clinging so tightly together while mindlessly jumping off the cliff seems at odds with their conservative orientation of self-reliance. They, however, want others to be self-reliant, not dependent on government. This is, however, part of the mind-set that everyone is to act and think alike.

Let’s look at having no government options. First, governments cannot legislate that people are loving. Society cannot force parents to love their children above themselves. Various eras and cultures have tried and still do try very cruel ways to fashion behavior: imprisoning, shackling, lashing, stoning, beheading, etc. Ruling by creating fear only achieves reflexive responses, not genuinely learned ones. Current scandals of mothers killing their children confirm the reality of unloving parents. Fathers beating and abandoning wives and children also supports this fact.

People find themselves homeless and alone for various reasons when also coming from unsupportive backgrounds. I once saw a woman, who could have been anyone’s respectable looking grandmother, always sitting at a bus stop with her belongings in a grocery cart. Concerned, I called Social Services about her. They told me not to go near her because she was schizophrenic and might get angry any moment. Did she choose to be schizophrenic? She got a hotel voucher three times a week. Clearly, that was not enough.

Millions of people suffer from similar conditions that make them harmful to themselves and others. What are we to do about them? Should society just warehouse them in institutions? Public money still maintains institutions. Are we to make them private, so people can farm them by profiting from their misery? We’ve risen above those days. Are we to return to them? What kind of society do we want?

I’ve used an extreme case. However, people who suffer illness often caused by environmental assaults are so ill that no one will hire them. What are they to do—kill themselves—go into prostitution as people were forced to do in the past? These same Legislators have eliminated controls over environmental restrictions on corporations, so they can continue poisoning people. What kind of person gets into government to do this?


The word Democrat equals the Number Seven (7). This is an easy number to reconcile. Either, a Democrat is one who cons others as the (Gyp) from being a greedy (Pig) or (Piggy), or he is a naive (Gypee) who gets duped. Otherwise he or she wonders, (Why Gyp) or (Why Pig) others by conning and cheating them? This Seven (7) is pure-hearted and cannot tolerate the degradation of character in themselves or others when having taken the positive road of numbers. A Seven (7) can also be in transition or transformation to the positive side. He wonders, personally, (Why Gyp) or (Why Pig) are his or her characteristics, and works to change for the better.

When adding an "s" to Democrat, the plural number becomes Eight (8). The six tiers define having quizzes to varying degrees as in (Has Question) about (Hard Quiz). Eight (8) takes them reluctantly or enthusiastically on either material or spiritual matters.

Eight (8) often gives up something material to get something spiritual. The problem with some Democrats in Congress, is that they are giving up what the country needs, so they can prosper themselves from corporate sponsors. These are the (Gyp), (Pig), and (Piggy) Democrats.

As a party, Democrats seem less unified than Republicans. They will often go up against a leader who is out-of-touch or governing the country badly. Altruism seems to drive Democrats’ ideals more than merely cost-benefit ratios that influences so many Republicans.

Yesterday, on Current TV, Ralph Nader advocated that someone go up against Obama from the Democratic Party, or another party. Remember 1982, when Carter received a challenge to his reelection, costing him his job? Will history, repeat itself?