Thursday, August 18, 2011

Confirmation is a Good Feeling

After receiving a copy of my book that I gave her, my friend Fran was thrilled. Not simply because a friend published a book, but because she too used to analyze the numbers. Her way of doing so was similar to mine. Hurray! Someone else got it! She realized that the letters beneath the numbers meant something—a code perhaps? Fran’s way of doing numerology confirmed that I wasn’t coming from left field. Fran is dyslexic so we are having to discuss much of what is in the book. had 837 books on numerology the time I checked. More probably exist now. I honestly couldn’t check them all before publishing. I didn’t want to publish if someone else broke the code. I don’t need to hear the sound of my own fingers hitting the keys euphemism for voice. I don’t need to flaunt my ego. See! I’m smart! After all, I could be totally wrong in my analyses. At least with Fran’s and Dr. McCoy’s confirmation I’m not totally stupid either.

Dr. Kathleen McCoy gave me the thumbs-up on how I comprehended the numbers psychologically moving from one number to the next, when taking the positive or negative road. I hit the Mother Load! I didn’t need anyone else to tell me if the book works or not. Kathy’s approval was all I needed. Kathy and I were young actresses together. She went on to get her doctorate in psychology and became a famous author. If you don’t already know, click on her button to find out how wonderful she is. Anyway, I’d found Kathy again thanks to getting back on the Internet Super Highway. I’d pulled over at a Rest Stop for over a decade. My old Windows 98 with missing files that couldn’t get me on it and was good enough until I realized it was going to sputter out. I had to get a new one. Also, I was planning to publish No Nonsense Numerology—The Code and needed Internet access more than one or two hours a week the Library could provide.

I was going to analyze presidential candidates to help the few people who read this blog better understand them. I doubt, however, those from Germany care about our elections. However, if anyone wants to read analysis on a particular candidate, just send me an e-mail or comment and ask. I’ve looked at the numbers for the other "Cowboy" from Texas, and he confirms my method has validity. Nevertheless, if citizens are going to elect him when he is obviously a politician in the worst sense, no hope for humanity exists.


  1. Aww, Barbara! Thanks so much! But your wonderful work speaks for itself!
    And I really wish you'd share your analysis of Rick Perry. He's a scary guy. Bob and I went to MacDonald's for our weekly Egg McMuffin this morning, saw some neighbors there and ended up having a long discussion about how scary this "Cowboy" is. So he's on a lot of people's minds, for better or for worse!

  2. Thank you so much Kathy. I will get on it. I hope you like my newest blog that I just finished posting before I got your comment. After this one, though, I may need a day to rest before analyzing the "Copycat Cowboy." But, I'm glad you asked. I really was pulling on the reins to size him up on the blog, since I've already gotten his number. ;-)