Monday, April 16, 2012

Ann Romney Proves a Positive Case for These Numbers

Ann Lois Davies = Original Conscious Name Direction = Nine (9)
Ann Lois Romney = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction = Three (3)
Ann D Romney = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction = Six (6)
Ann Romney = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction  = Two (2)
04/16/1949 = Subconscious Attraction = (7) Super-Conscious Life Path = (7)

I just found out that today is Ann Romney’s birthday of 04/16/1949. So I looked up her numbers for the heck of it. I’m not going into deep analysis as Mrs. Romney is not a presidential candidate.

As you can see, Ann Romney has Seven (7) in both Attraction and Life Path numbers. It’s almost not even a surprise. Nevertheless, she clearly remains on the positive side of numbers. Ann Romney comes across as a positive person. Nothing exists to say that she is otherwise. Through her adversities of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer she remains strong and positive. She also remains positive through grueling and often hostile campaigns. Also, nothing exists to show her to be an "in transition Seven (7)," who has a troubled past that she is overcoming. This makes Mrs. Romney a Pure-Heart who never went to the negative side of numbers. A positive Seven (7) is someone who would not cheat or lie to gain.

Ann Lois Davies' Original Conscious Name Direction number is Nine (9). She shows to be a positive and confident Nine (9) in how she consciously comports herself.

Another subordinate Direction Number is Two (2). This gives Ann a familial bent, meaning that family is important to her. This is clear, i.e., working outside the home was not her priority. The obviousness of the Romneys’ love, affection, and loyalty for each other shows Ann to be a positive Two (2) as the highest tier of (To Be Constant).

The Romneys share Six (6) in common for their Name Direction numbers. If Mrs. Romney passed through to Seven (7) on the positive side, she has to be a positive Six (6) as her subordinate Conscious Name Direction number. She is honest and works hard. This seems a trait Mitt and Ann share. One being negative while the other is positive would be impossible to have their marriage survive this long and well no matter how opponents want to paint Mitt.

The Romneys also have numbers Three (3) and Nine (9) in common. His Life Path is Nine (9), possibly making their union from his Super-Conscious Life Path and her feelings for him from her Conscious Direction. His Three (3) is in his Attraction number, making his desire for her from a deep Subconscious level. Numbers show Ann is drawn to Mitt from a Conscious level, being that Nine (9) is in her Direction number. It is clear that they are (Lucky) to have each other.

Numbers that I’ve studied of Presidents and First Ladies all have compatible numbers. The reason seems obvious when considering the gravity of the position.