Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chris Christie - Numbers Verified by His Scandals

Christopher James Christie = Original Conscious Name Direction = Four (4)
Chris Christie = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction = Four (4)
09/06/1962 = Subconscious Attraction = Six (6) Super-Conscious Life Path = Six (6)

To find out whether Governor Chris Christie is on the positive side, one only needs to do a search under Christie Scandals. Politico lists 15 of them that media has not brought to light to any extent. Politico gives links to where they uncovered them, which I have added at the end of this blog so that you can go to them. One main original source is the New York Times. And, so that I don’t get in trouble for plagiarism, I will use the links only and not the text. You can type them in to find what they uncovered for yourselves. This will also make my blog much quicker to read. [I could not use the hyperlinks with this blog. You will have to connect to them by typing in the main link.]

My use of Christie in the Numbers is to validate them with a realtime example. I bothered to find the meanings of the Numbers, not take what other people espouse as "the truth," but worked for years to uncover the code hidden in plain sight.
I’m not going to go into details here, the book has them. You can buy it at Amazon and Create Space.

Christie’s Life Path and Attraction numbers are Number Six (6). The nine word patterns are (Fox), (Fix Only - Fox Of), (Only Fix - Of Ox), (Ox For - Ask For), (Ask For), (Ask Of).
Governor Christie’s original and subordinate Name Direction Numbers Four (4) show eight word patterns. They are (Doom Victory - Do Move), (Do Venom), (Made Victorious), (Moved), (Victory Doomed), (Venom Do - Victory Made).
I don’t need to bring Christie’s presidential aspirations to a halt. His own scandals that media has not covered to any degree may or may not do that. That may change now that he is a serious contender for the 2016 throne.

Several of Christie’s scandals show greed and graft, also someone who can be vindictive and mean on the negative side of numbers. For example, the negative aspects are (Of Fox) (Ask For) that include the crafty nature of a Fox, who asks for things to a fault. The person with the (Fox Of) nature is cunning to the point of being a skilled liar. A con artist. Is he? Check out the list of scandals and decide for yourselves.

However, these numbers show the positive side as well as the transition to the positive side of this number. One can work hard and (Ask Of) of him/herself and others to behave nobly rather than just (Ask For) things, making them materialistic to a fault. It is true that anyone seeking the highest office or any other has to have ambition. However, are his/her motives pure? Or, do they come from personal ambition for self-aggrandizement ? The transitional aspects of Number Six (6) as (Only Fix - Of Ox) can repair lazy and dull-witted character. (Fix Only - Fox Of) can restore or learn honesty.

Just as the positive side of Four (4) can be determined to be (Made Victorious). However, is it for the benefit of others or oneself? One can be (Moved) to change bad character traits for the better. But, (Do Venom) and (Venom Do) can (Doom Victory) over good character unless one (Do Move) him/herself to the positive side of numbers.

Voters often project onto their candidates what they want them to be. Christie supporters seem to long for someone to beat the crap out of whom? With whom are they so frustrated? Current inhabitants of the White House, of course as well as a Democratic Congress. [Congress includes both Houses. Representatives are the other side of the House that includes Senators.] Why? Because no one has been held accountable for their abuses of power for more than a decade.

Was the bridge fiasco apology part of a scheme to show that Christie is someone who takes responsibility when the current occupant of the White House never seems to do so? Is it another political tactic by a cynically corrupt politician? Was it sincere? Perhaps, in this case, an investigation is warranted. Too bad it is a political one. As the Administration has never investigated Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the many scandals that are very real.

One unmentioned scandal Governor Mitt Romney’s supporters will always hold against Christie is that he got especially cozy with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Some feel that this cost Romney the White House. Most of these supporters are not from New Jersey where residents can appreciate what good he has done for the state, however, diminished by what seems serious corruption. Female voters may not take well to someone who strong-arms others to get what he wants. For sure, world leaders will not.
It is hard to judge what someone’s intentions are. However, these numbers give us a window worth considering.
It seems that the press and pundits are anointing Hillary Clinton. Yes, it is time for a woman. But, Republicans have many fine women. Why not pick the best female candidate? Why, anoint a lesser woman? And, why did Americans elect a lesser black man? There are many fine black men. Are powers-that-be manipulating elections to give people what they want in such a way as to ensure that the white male keeps his throne? Been there, done that. And how badly it turned or turns out. America won’t need to have a black person or woman as president anymore.

When will Americans elect the genuinely caring nerds who know how to fix our problems, not cause them? We’ve had many chances: Romney, Mondale, and many others. But, we want "rock stars" or movie stars. We used to be more pragmatic than we are now. What happened?
From Politico.com

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/01/15-chris-christie-controversies-you-missed-101999_Page2.html#ixzz2qOXKR7aT

1. Using inflated cost estimates to justifying canceling the ARC tunnel

2. Lending nearly $50,000 to aide who helped his campaign

3. Handing out a no-bid contract after Sandy

4. A corrupt Christie ally let off the hook, inexplicably

5. Taxpayer funded "town halls"

6. Reckless driving

7. Reckless spending on being driven

8. Taxpayer-funded helicopter rides

9. Shoddy oversight of halfway houses where prisoners escaped, murdered

10. Staying in Disney World during blizzard

11. Starring in publicly funded tourism ads

12. Lavish hotel stays

13. A payday of over $52 million for an old boss

14. Betting on a casino with public funds

15. Pulling a Daily Caller on Menendez before there was a Daily Caller