Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Rocky" Was a Dark Horse Too

That’s what we all thought when leaving the special actors’ screening before Rocky hit general theaters. Sylvester Stallone’s gamble paid off big time when few insiders expected much would come of his now iconic movie.

Charles Elson Roemer III  = Seven (7) Original Name of Conscious Direction
Charles Elson Roemer  = Seven (7) Original Name of Conscious Direction
Buddy Roemer  = Four (4) Subordinate Name of Conscious Direction
10/04/1943 = Four (4) = Subconscious Attraction Birth Day and Four (4) = Super-Conscious Life Path Entire Birth Date

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them as they come up in analysis.]

The numbers in No Nonsense Numerology - The Code gives a blueprint for confirming if we are on a positive or negative road. In other words, are we learning our lessons and passing our tests? These numbers also show how to return to the positive if having taken the negative road.

Wow! Former Governor Buddy Roemer is a triple Four (4) when using his subordinate Name for his Conscious Direction. He has a Seven (7) when using his original Name of his Conscious Direction. Since "the Third" of Roman numerals "III" after his name equals Nines (9) cancelling themselves out, his original Conscious Direction Name number remains the same as without it.

Probable difference between an original and subordinate Name number, is that names we currently use most likely have more influence than initial names we rarely use. Original names, however, must have influence in how we do or do not achieve our Life Path goals.

Can former Governor Buddy Roemer make an impact much less pull ahead of the GOP field when the powerful media has stacked so much against him by ignoring him? Can he pull ahead like Secretariat if voters get to see Buddy being Buddy when others fail to ignite passion? Media, however, is now giving Roemer a second look. Will he run out and off the political stage, or can he shoulder through others to pass the finish line first?

In an earlier blog I, numerically, checked out Buddy Roemer after seeing him on The Colbert Report since almost allowing myself to become smitten. No longer being a dewy-eyed youngster, well worn by the 2000 presidential theft, and too many broken promises, I said in my blog, A Political Turn in the Road:

I checked on the Internet under "Buddy Roemer scandals" to be fair since I did so for the Copycat Cowboy, blog when asked to analyze Governor Rick Perry’s numbers. If the scandal is that media is ignoring him because of his $100 limit and full-disclosure contribution policies then that is scandalous, but I found none on his part. Initially, however, when few were running, Roemer did get press. The reviews found his old preacher style oratory inspiring. They appreciated his conservative views. Personally, unless someone is so radically conservative as to turn this country into a Theocracy, I don’t care about his or her personal beliefs if they practice separation of church and state. We all have religious or spiritual notions that conflict with those of others. I find it more important to have uncorrupted candidates in office.

Being uncorrupted is what Governor Roemer is selling. Simply stating, his numbers confirm that he is on the positive side by what we see of his actions. What more do I need to say? Whoa Trigger! You don’t expect me to give pronouncements when I went to lengths to analyze and reveal how I came to numerical conclusions in No Nonsense Numerology-The Code? I didn’t want to cheat anyone about my numerology conclusions for my book and I don’t now.

Does former Governor Charles Elson Roemer III feel that way? Does he too not want to cheat others? By his lifetime of actions, he is definitely on the positive side of numbers. Nor do we see from his actions that he is in transition to the positive side, but came to this life already pure-hearted. Importantly, since the Seven (7) is in his Conscious Direction number of his original Name, he is aware of this attribute. The Four (4) of his subordinate Name Conscious Direction number coupled with the two Fours (4) of the other Significancy numbers imbues stubborn resolve. This makes him a fighter.

His demeanor is not of one who is angry and vindictive, wanting to (Do Venom) to others as a negative tier of Four (4). He radiates positiveness coming from a secure core. The (Moved) tier warns of inflexibility. Unlike opponent, Rick Perry who has conflicting numbers and goes between flip-flopping and obstinacy depending upon his wants, Governor Roemer has no such trepidations. Roemer’s numbers stick to their guns, especially on matters of principle from being a positive Seven (7), making ethics very important to him.

What Roemer resolves to do is the question. He’s told us. He wants to get money out of politics. He isn’t alone there. Many feel the Supreme Court’s decision giving corporations personhood was at the least cockeyed, which is a euphemism for crooked. Since that decision, the country has progressively gone downhill. Governor Roemer’s triple Four (4) gives him backbone and resolve for getting done what he sets out to do.

Whoa! Wait another minute. Maybe because that particular slogan of change was an empty promise, people have decided to change the status quo themselves. This is a wonderful time for Buddy Roemer to ignite imaginations that even honest government is possible and connect with protesters. He has. He’s currently the only GOP candidate to come out in their support.

What does it mean to have all three numbers be the same? Having triple numbers can very well mean something negative, i.e., one refuses to learn lessons of numbers, so repeats them. To the contrary, it may also mean that one fashioned his or her numbers purposefully in the Super-Conscious realm for particular character qualities.

With all the skullduggery in electing Presidents in the last decade, no one can predict what chance Buddy Roemer will have in becoming President. Nevertheless, his numbers surely help him. In an uncorrupted world he is unbeatable because he can be (Made Victorious) with the fortified backbone of his triple Four (4). This gives him steely determination.

That said, his positive Seven (7) Conscious Direction of his original Name works against personal ambition. Spiritual and altruistic Sevens (7) can easily relinquish personal desires in (Why Pig) and (Why Gyp) tiers. He does not seem greedy as the negative (Pig) and (Piggy) tiers, nor does he con others in the direct tier of (Gyp). His campaign message attests to him having positive Seven (7) qualities.

As corrupted as our political system has become, he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of staying solid in summer. Unless, of course, he is swept up in a tide of change by the electorate. Unfortunately, he may be the (Gypee) as GOP party organizers continually bar him from debates and polls. If some kind of karma is playing out with a (Doom Victory) or (Victory Doomed) tier of Four (4), we voters could not know this. It is doubtful Buddy Roemer would know this either. Barring hidden cosmic lessons, we need only to vote for the person who reflects our wishes to change the world.

As President Roemer, if he can only "Get Money Out" of politics, he will have changed our country immeasurably for the better. He won’t need to police morals of others by inserting religion into women’s wombs (also making choice a First Amendment issue). He won’t need to return prayer to schools to make the country better on a superficial level. This one issue of freeing politics from financial influence will elevate the country to higher standards. It will eliminate the greedy and lying (Fox) nature of number Six (6) from politics and return the institution to genuine altruism.

This turnaround might become the outcome of the overly-prophesied 2012 end times as a positive beginning, not some negative ending.

So, Roemer Supporters the flag is down and the race is on!