Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Equals a Seven Year

What do we generally have in-store as lessons in the upcoming year with Number Seven (7) for 2014? If you have read these blogs or my book, you would know that Number Seven (7) is more than spirituality as a general term. It is the path to it, or confirmation that one is spiritual or its opposite of a greedy con.

The letters beneath Number Seven (7) are G-P-Y, equaling six word patterns of: (Gypsy - Gypee); (Gyp); (Piggy); (Pig); (Why Gyp) and (Why Pig).

These are all self-explanatory except for (Why Gyp) and (Why Pig). These have two meanings. The first is the path to return to spirituality when asking oneself, "Why do I gyp others? And, Why, am I such a pig or so greedy?" The second meaning refers to one who has a pure heart, successfully surmounting the lessons of the previous six numbers and has never taken the negative path. The existence of these negative traits is almost baffling that one would lie, cheat, or become a filthy (Piggy) to a positive Seven (7).

This Seven (7) year will bring out these traits in general, or it will give the opportunity to overcome the negative aspects to garner the positive side of the number. Seven (7) is transforming number. Those who are already on the positive path will get nothing, but perhaps the challenge of staying positive.

To find your personal number for the year, add your Life Path number to 2014 or Seven (7). This will give you, your personal challenges or lessons for the year.

To find out what your lessons are for your personal number, you may have to buy my book. :-)

Have a wonderful year!