Monday, November 28, 2011

More Aspects of Number Six (6)

The letters beneath Six (6) make up six tiers when shuffling the initial letters (fox) as the first tier and direct word pattern (Fox). They are (fox) (fxo) (ofx) (oxf) (xfo) (xof). The previous post, Numbers Are a Mirror, reviews the honesty aspects of this number as the (fox) and (fxo) tiers that (Fix Only) (Fox Of) its negative qualities. The aspect of honesty came from the definition of the animal or beast, the Fox. Foxes are adept deceivers, using cunning to get what they want.

Interestingly, the (fox) tier falls beneath Number Six (6), and is a direct word pattern (Fox). The Christian anti-Christ has the 666 as the mark of the Beast. Were those who fashioned the Anglo-Saxon alphabet aware of this?

I’m not going to go into how I uncovered word patterns in this posting, but some other aspects that form the definition of Six (6). For that detailed information, refer to my book, No Nonsense Numerology—The Code.

(Ask For) is the word pattern from the (xfo) tier. (Ask For) means wanting something and asking for it. In the framework of the entirety of numbers, referring to always wanting things makes it a material number. Those with Six (6) in any Significancy can become dependant upon materialism for validation when operating under negative aspects of this tier. To (Ask For) things can surely be embracing life rather than being greedy. Those who always (Ask For) things, however, are in jeopardy of becoming greedy in the following Seven (7) if they do not overcome the tendency.

Materiality in a physical world is for learning and achieving. It becomes detrimental when used as emotional validation. In the past, parents taught their children to push away from the table. Is this practice out-of-date?

Some in positions of power, privilege, and prestige are probably secret green-eyed monsters who work diligently to gobble up everything they can. Helping them to recognize this, seems what the Occupy movement is attempting to do. Understanding the psychological origins of their greed is necessary to help them make positive change. Often some will try to save or restore their own Life Forces at the expense of others. This seems like what the 1% is doing to the 99%.

Jealousy can plague people on the (Ask For) tier when others have what they want. Jealousy not only hurts green-eyed monsters, but those at whom they direct their (Ire) that is a negative tier of Nine (9). Envy separates friends and siblings, putting wide gulfs between them. Surely other actors will concur with one thing I learned as an actress because far more jobs were lost than won: What’s mine is mine, and what isn’t — isn’t.

When others have what, I’d like, I compare the path they might be on to what I might be on. Life once forced me onto a journey that put me into perilous situations. While on it, I had a dream one night about a little girl who needed help and love. On my birthday, I moved into an apartment building where I saw this little girl playing on the sidewalk. She was my next door neighbor. I got to save her from a terrible ordeal. If I’d had the life that I wanted that could never have happened.

I didn’t need to tell myself that a god placed me there to validate my dire journey. It was what it was. The job got done.

One gives for the sake of it because it is the thing to do, not because it makes him feel good: as a soldier gives his life or his limbs for his country, he did not like giving his life or his limbs.

When life doesn’t reward us as we feel that we deserve, adopting maxims and ideologies often help put deprivation into perspective by stepping us back to see the bigger picture. The person we dearly love may do better and be happier with another. The job we want may be done better by someone else. Or, the job might even be done worse to teach the employers a lesson they refused to see otherwise. The person we loved may realize genuine love with the loss of it when choosing the wrong person.

When we perfect ourselves and our skills, losing our desires seems unfair. Learning selflessness, however, keeps us on the positive side of numbers when moving onto the (Why Pig) and (Why Gyp) tiers of Seven (7).

(Ask Of) is another word pattern from the (xof) tier. To (Ask Of) oneself, to become better is a higher aspect of Six (6). However, when asking others to do so, one can become domineering and tyrannical, making it a pitfall of this tier. Asking oneself to become better is probably the practical objective of this word pattern. Those who operate as (Ask Of) Sixes (6) are attempting to become better people. This is surely laudable. The trick, however, is not to condemn and bully others while doing so, but operating with a genuinely generous heart free of guilt or conditions.

When embracing positive personal change, the codes in No Nonsense Numerology—The Code can validate our success. Of course, when we realize that we are on negative tiers, we might want to discount these definitions of numbers. This is human nature. We are all, however, most likely bouncing between the positive and negative. If we embrace positive change, we can raise our vibrations as the last Number Nine (9) shows we can do in its (I Rise) tier.

No number is superior to another. Each teaches its own lesson, or validates how well we are doing, giving us an opportunity and direction toward favorable change.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Numbers Are a Mirror

. . . And sometimes we don’t like looking into that mirror of self-reflection. When having Number Six (6) in the Attraction Significancy, this can show us that we are in denial. Of course, if having Six (6) as the Attraction number, we probably are oblivious to this denial. Why is this? Lying of the (Fox Of) nature is a negative trait of Six (6). One thing Six (6) teaches along with working hard, is honesty.

Often people, who have negative character traits, avoid facing themselves by simply clearing out cobwebs of negative behavior or thought patterns. What are negative thought patterns? They might be resentfulness of what others have or have done. They are demons we can’t release from our minds. We all have these beasts banging around in our brains from time to time. Nothing is wrong with recounting past events as that’s how we face them, but letting these events plague us hinders progress.

Ways that people avoid facing that they aren’t as perfect as they’d like is to do good works. What can be wrong with this? Nothing. But, this doesn’t make the beast of bad thought patterns or behavior disappear. It remains, lurking behind every calculated word to avoid popping out in meanspirited words and ways.

People pray harder or join spiritualist groups and activities. They might get into spiritual healing. However, if they are trying to heal others but have ailments of their own, whether psychological or physical, they may transfer their maladies. They may sincerely want to do good works to pay penance for past deeds. Yet, do they do the deeds for the sake of them, or to feel better about themselves so they will to enter a state of grace? Are they trying to ensure they’ll get to their version of heaven? This is getting something in return for something or bargaining with the soul.

When we give, is it from guilt or do we give freely with no strings? Giving out of guilt is still doing so for something, which is to relieve a guilty conscience. If everything has a vibration, does giving-out-of-guilt taint the gift?

I’ve read and heard that a place exists in the dimension above the earth plane meant specifically for purging corrupted psyches. Maybe this is from where the notion of purgatory comes, but convoluted to fit dogma. This is only secondhand information so we’ll know for sure when we get there, but the psychology of it makes sense. When our subconscious is free of cobwebs, we can genuinely be ourselves. I’ve also heard that this place of purging is very unpleasant and many prefer doing good works to being there, so become guides. If their psyches are still corrupted, their good works can get misdirected, causing more confusion and doing more harm than good. While trying to raise their vibrations, some may only be lowering them. It seems that getting rid of baggage might make vibrations lighter and "flying," easier.

In this world, Arthur Janovs’ book "The Primal Scream" comes closest to understanding and implementing the technique of clearing the psyche of distortion. An institute exists called The Primal Center in Santa Monica, California. I only read the book with great satisfaction.

Whoever aligned the final placement of the English Anglo-Saxon alphabet knew the human psyche. They made a blueprint to show us to ourselves if only we have the guts to look into the mirror. Saying, "I’m sorry," with genuine contrition is one of the most difficult things for humans to do. When it is genuine, who could not forgive? Without it, nothing has really changed.