Monday, October 22, 2012

How Did 2008 Help Obama Be President?

Barack Hussein Obama: (08/04/1961) = Life Path of Two (2) + Year 2008 One (1) = Three (3)

Adding the Life Path number to the yearly number give the lessons and obstacles for that year. The year allows all of us to experience each number in a 10-year cycle. Numbers challenge and show us their meanings. We learn from each number to achieve its negative or positive side and how to transition to the positive side if on the negative.

The race for the top prize of POTUS in 2008 added Number One (1) to candidates Life Paths. With McCain (08/29/1936) having a Two (2) Life Path plus the year 2008 equaling One (1), we’d think he was a shoo-in with all that (Luck) (Lucky You) (Your Luck) on his side of Three (3). Wait one moment! So does Barack Obama have a Two (2) Life Path, giving his 2008 year a Three (3), and making the stars fall favorably on him as well. Both men won their party’s nominations.

In 2008 how did Barack Obama beat out the favorite, Hillary Clinton in the primary when her Life Path was Three (3), numerically speaking? Her yearly number in 2007 was also Three (3), i.e., 2007 equals Nine (9). When adding 3 + 9 they equal 12 and 1 + 2 equals 3. That seemed an unbeatable combination. The polls and pundits concurred. Then came the year 2008 to make them eat their words. 2 + 8 equals 1. Adding the year 1 to her Life Path Three (3) gave her a Four (4). It seemed no sooner did January ring in the New Year than Hillary fell out of favor. Four (4) even has (Made Victorious) and (Victory Made) as tiers. However, so does it have (Doom Victory) and (Victory Doomed) as tiers representing the yin and yang elements. The other tiers may give clues about what slipped her up, but the entire election was complicated. Karma may have been in the mix as she has Eight (8) as her Attraction number, putting having tests into her Subconscious. It was clear by the gracefulness she exhibited when losing that she looked to higher reasons for her loss. Also, being that she has two Sixes (6) as Conscious Direction numbers, when she isn’t lying, others seem to perceive her as doing so. The negative Four (4) year tiers of (Victory Doomed) seemed to thwart a (Made Victorious) ending to her campaign.

The Numbers favored both Barack Obama and John McCain with (Luck). Ultimately, however, lessons and choices may have had something to do with who won. We do learn more from bad presidents than good ones as we often sit back and ride the wave.

Sometimes, however, America needs a respite from bad ones. America is long overdue for a good POTUS.

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