Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best Laid Plans . . .

. . . of mice and men, so says the line in the same titled play and film, "Of Mice and Men," by John Steinbeck.

I intended to write posts on each of the current presidential candidates to show the accuracy of numbers and how they worked. I didn’t feel the need to exploit celebrities and wanted to perform a public service. Who better to analyze than those who want to run the joint?

When I went onto the Internet to verify my findings with their scandals, how on target numbers were to character qualities amazed me. What I also found, however, were the scandals that mostly went unreported by mainstream media. These were not conspiracies or hoaxes. Web sites did have accurate information, confirmed by articles and interviews. Some disheartening comments by confirmed and potential candidates also made their way to cable news shows that made their way to YouTube for posterity.

I thought, "Boy, I really opened a can of worms!" Did I want to continue this? I’d come up with over a baker’s dozen potential Republican candidates. I got their birth and full name information from Wikipedia then put their numbers into my spreadsheet to calculate them accurately. I was now prepared to do research. The deeper into it I got, the more depressed I became. No candidate was squeaky clean. They varied from foot-in-mouth disease explained away as that to outright lying and avoidance by candidates who swear they are pinnacles of truth. Most all scandals dealt with money.

To be fair, some current candidates were not on many people’s radar screens to run for the highest office at the time I gathered information. I didn’t do all of them. The field also thinned itself, so the task would have been less laborious.

I worked on Capitol Hill for a very short time, but long enough to know that these people have machines behind them. The dirtiness of the machines depends upon how materially-entrenched and determined they are to become more so entrenched.

I have worked with these numbers for a decade and a half. I’ve calculated numbers of people I’ve known and met. Sometimes they knew. Sometimes it was for my own edification when I knew that some individuals just had to be certain numbers—and possibly falling on the negative side. I wanted confirmation that my findings were accurate or not. Unfortunately, numbers didn’t lie and my worst suspicions were confirmed that they landed on the negative side. Their actions showed be before ever calculating their numbers. Numbers only confirmed what I saw in behavior. When landing on the positive side, I never hesitate to share the information, or gather what is positive.

May I suggest to the few people who read this blog to search names of candidates, putting the word "scandals" after names. Peccadillos will be found if they are out there, not to mention larger shortcomings.

The previous post in this site gave the word patterns that go along with each number. One can easily understand from previous posts that each number has opposing yin and yang qualities. What word patterns the candidates have landed on are discernable from "What the Numbers Represent," in the previous blog.

The world is far from being a utopia. Who runs the joint determines the state of the world for everybody. To have a better world, we need to become more sophisticated in our selections and scrutinize candidates carefully. Especially, ones we admire so that we remain intellectually honest. We need to ignore pretty faces and fine physiques for those whose hearts are genuinely in the right place, and can back up rhetoric with reality?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What the Numbers Represent

I’m not going to go into details in this blog about how I discovered the meaning of each number. I’ve done that in the book. For future reference, however, I will use this post to show each tier and the word patterns associated with each number. You may want to buy the book to learn how I discovered the word patterns, thus, definitions. I painstakingly logged that effort in the book, No Nonsense Numerology—The Code, to establish that I’m not trying to deceive anyone.

Number One (1)
Tiers = ajs-asj-jas-jsa-saj-sja
Word Patterns = (Adjust) (A Sage-As Just) (Jackass-Just Ask) (Just Say) (Sage-Say Just) (Sage)

Number Two (2)
Tiers = bkt-btk-kbt-ktb-tbk-tkb
Word Patterns = (Backed-Back It) (Be Too Constant) (Constant, Be Two) (Constant, To Be) (To Be Constant-To Back) (Take Back)

Number Three (3)
Tiers = clu-cul-lcu-luc-ucl-ulc
Word Patterns = (Clue) (Cull) (Lucky You) (Luck) (You Cull-Your Clue) (Your Luck)

Number Four (4)
Tiers = dmv-dvm-mdv-mvd-vdm-vmd
Word Patterns = (Doom Victory-Do Move) (Do Venom) (Made Victorious) (Moved) (Victory Doomed) (Venom Do-Victory Made)

Number Five (5)
Tiers = enw-ewn-new-nwe-wen-wne
Word Patterns = (In You-From New) (From Wanting New) (New-Knew) (New Entrance) (Wen-When) (Won New Entrance-Wanting New Entrance)

Number Six (6)
Tiers = fox-fxo-ofx-oxf-xfo-xof
Word Patterns = (Fox) (Fix Only-Fox Of) (Only Fix-Of Ox) (Ox For-Ask For) (Ask For) (Ask Of)

Number Seven (7)
Tiers = gpy-gyp-pgy-pyg-ygp-ypg
Word Patterns = (Gypsy-Gypee) (Gyp) (Piggy) (Pig) (Why Gyp) (Why Pig)

Number Eight (8)
Tiers = hqz-hzq-qhz-qzh-zhq-zqh
Word Patterns = (Hard Quiz) (Has Question) (Question Hard Unknown Quantity) (Quiz High) (Unknown Quantity Hard Question) (Unknown Quantity Question High)

Number Nine (9)
Tiers = ir-ri
Word Patterns = (Ire - I Are - I Rise) (Are I)