Friday, May 31, 2013

Bargaining With Our Souls

What can this mean in the grand scheme of things relating to reincarnation and raising our vibrations? When I was three-years-old and reading The Bible in kindergarten parochial school, I said to myself: "The Universe isn’t like this." But, I was smart enough to also tell myself, "I’m three, what do I know? How do I know that?" When I left home at seventeen, I went on journeys to find out how I knew that and what I knew. But, long before I left home, I believed in reincarnation when in that era it was never spoken of by anyone. I’d never heard the word or the concept. I just knew that I knew it existed.

I’m not going to give personal examples as I just had to not pull my punches with someone I love. I hate to not pull my punches and rather be kind when giving criticism. Sometimes, however, It is better to speak up to a friend and lose him than let him lose himself. And, I lost. I knew I would. I’ve learned not to bargain with my soul. I speak my mind after circumspection, and let the chips land where they land. It isn’t pleasant. We who do this have few friends. But, we have real ones.

When someone says, "Don’t YOU talk to ME like that," in the most imperious tone, especially if the person is a three-year-old talking to a two-year-old, one realizes quickly that three-year-old has many karmic lessons to work out. Three-year-olds just don’t come up with this attitude. They are certainly too young to mimic it from parents especially if never exposed to it. To go further, this person is most likely someone who, in a prior life, ruled imperiously over others, perhaps, holding lives in their contemptuous and arrogant hands. With this continued behavior over a lifetime, it is obvious to anyone who can see beyond this world that in some previous life this person enjoyed having power over others.

This person might try to deflect looking directly into the mirror of painful self-reflection by taking the attitude that, "You hurt me!" Never acknowledging his or her own bad behavior to be a factor in others’ attitudes toward him or her. Looking forward at the expense of ignoring the past is a recipe to repeat the mistakes. Someone who does this is running from him or herself and living in denial.

When this person reincarnates, and he or she most likely will, what plans will he or she make in the afterlife for the next physical life if getting the choice?

I suppose that it depends upon which planet is the destination of reincarnation. The Teachers used to say through medium Richard Zenor that this planet Earth is The Dark Star, A Criminal Colony, The Prison Planet, decades before Alex Jones coined the latter name for his website. Are we all prisoners with felonious past lives? I doubt that because earthly prisons have wardens, guards, counselors, medical staff, cooks, etc., to show the criminals how not to be so. At least it should work that way, in a world that is not so screwy.

This planet has evolved to be one that values money, power, and prestige over thriftiness, duty, and humility. I’ve often speculated if the UFOs that some think are our overseers, are so on a very personal level? That they, possibly, keep track on the progress of those whom they send here to this prison?

Before returning to another life on this planet that certainly, for many is not random, are the Returnees bargaining with their souls?

If I get everything I want, I’ll be a good person.  Whatever good means. Maybe the Returnee will even marry just one person, if it’s a soul mate. Because, frankly, no one else would put up with the SOB. The person will even do good works if he or she is noticed and praised by others. If he can’t be in absolute control over the lives of others, can he, please, at least control every aspect of his own life? That’s very "in" and popular with forward thinking people, to be in absolute personal control. He or she doesn’t mean controlling personal actions, but all aspects and circumstances of his or her life. For certainly, this would exemplify godliness.

Let’s say that this person doesn’t become a felon in the current physical expression, but may have been in prior lives. This person is average, doing what he or she thinks will make him or her good by joining in on uplifting practices like becoming certified blessing givers, or such. Apparently, some people can’t be nice just for the sake of it without getting an official diploma to pat themselves on the back. What’s wrong with this? Nothing. But, if the person remains angry, hateful, and mean, what good does he do? In fact, someone practicing alternative medicines like Reiki, are putting his or her negative energy into others when having never released personal subconscious animosities. He or she is not operating from a pure heart. The person’s aura is blending with those of others. This person engages in superficiality to look like a good person rather than simply being a good person. He or she wants everyone to know when doing good deeds so to feel he or she is special and above everyone else. Actual good deeds are ones that are probably never acknowledged.

Getting rid of past anger by honest confrontation, often means that we have to look into that mirror of self-reflection, telling us that we aren’t so nice. We are less than perfect. This hurts. But, it is the only honest thing we can do if we are to progress toward higher dimensions.

One who only wants to live in the present is someone who is running from his or her past. He or she may earn a SIX (6) Attraction Number as one who lives in denial because it is the Subconscious Significancy.

Raising the vibration of this kind of individual is difficult. You can lead a cat to milk, but you can’t make him drink. Especially, when in a position of such power that no one dares tell this Emperor he or she has no clothes.

What if instead of bargaining to get everything our hearts desire, what if we work to be good even when we get nothing of what we tried so hard to achieve? Nothing says we must be irrationally hopeful that we will always achieve every goal we set. Sometimes it is better to move on and dream different dreams. Maybe we won’t get anything that we really want. We remain unloved and in poverty. Maybe we will own our destinies then have them taken away, or have to give them away. Do we let this lower our vibrations and harden our outlook?

I have known very humble people, who were truly inspirations. They had very little of a material life, but enormous spiritual ones.