Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Out of Tragedy Comes Understanding

Earlier this year, a dear friend had me do her numbers and explain them to her as they related to her life. My friend’s numbers were all Two (2). I couldn’t come up with another number for her. In fact, her subordinate Conscious Name Direction numbers were also Two (2). Wow! Lessons can’t get any easier than that, or any more definite.

My friend had me do her son’s numbers as well. His Life Path is also Two (2).

Shortly afterwards, my friend fell and twisted herself very badly, damaging her ankle besides other areas. The injuries laid her up for a month or two. After she healed a few months later, her daughter-in-law died in her sleep of pneumonia. She must have been walking around with it as she, nor anyone else knew she was ill with walking pneumonia. For months my friend looked after her son as she confirmed with his Life Path of Two (2) that he is very clinging and needy. A negative side of Two (2) is (Be Too Constant), warning against neediness. He was a very loyal husband and loved his wife dearly. The positive side of Two (2) is (To Be Constant), but not (Be Too Constant). He definitely lived up to the positive aspect of fidelity, but needed help with the negative side of neediness.

My friend began doing everything for her son, cooking, cleaning, etc. Remember that her numbers are also Two (2). She lives up to the positive aspects of the number in (To Be Constant) and (To Back), which simply stated are supporting—faithfully. The challenge with that is not to (Be Too Constant) or dependent and clinging.

A few weeks ago, my friend fell while getting her mail and broke her kneecap. Her leg is bound from hip to ankle and she can’t get around.

When I brought her bread that she let me get for her, she told me that she was so glad to have information from No Nonsense Numerology—The Code. My friend, who is a religious woman, told me she asked, "God why are you doing this? I don’t think I can take any more." Then she said that she understood through reflecting on her numbers that she had to let her son go and become independent. She was to help him, but not let him become needy. She now had to stop helping him. Her injury is so severe that until she gets her kneecap replaced and recovers from surgery she simply can’t help him anymore. Nor can she help others as her numbers designed her to do. The kindness she’s showed others, she must now hope they will show to her.

Incidentally, someone for whom she does good deeds came by while I was visiting to bring her soup: after first telling my friend that she is too old and can’t help her. The neighbor reconsidered and changed her attitude.

Sometimes our illnesses and injuries have a purpose that isn’t bad karma playing out in one’s life. Our misfortunes help others to learn lessons.

I cannot prove my friend’s life lessons are specifically of Number Two (2), or for that matter, any genuineness to the codes I’ve discovered in the alphabetical letters-to-numbers. The truth is, we will only know their validity through anecdotal evidence or once on the other side. I suppose that if we believe, the numbers can help us understand our particular life lessons and how to achieve them to become better people. I realize these definitions are not sexy and glamorous. They don’t predict our wealth or love life. They simply confirm our character or lack of it, but also show how to achieve good character.

Nevertheless, I’ve found my own numbers to be helpful in understanding my "lot in life." If understanding our numbers gives us peace of mind, that’s a lot. My friend’s numbers, however, played out like perfectly aligned dominos to her life experiences.

I’ve noted that this blog gets hits from other countries. Other nationalities surely would have different lessons than those for English-speaking individuals simply because they have different alphabets. It has been my hope that people from other countries will pick up my lead and find the hidden codes in their alphabets-to-numbers.

After all, this alphabet seems to give lessons for Christian believers. The letters (fox) fall directly beneath Number Six (6). What is a (fox)? It is an animal. What is an animal? An animal is a euphemism for beast. Those in countries with different alphabets may have no 666-beast to fear. Still, what lessons do they have that are separate from English-speaking ones?

I would be very interested to see what other codes and word patterns, people from different countries come up with for their alphabets. If anyone takes up the challenge, please contact me at

Put something appropriate in the subject line like "Number Codes from, (Country)." My spam filter will throw it into a special folder that I don’t open for safety reasons, so will never receive the email.

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