Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Overview

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The Pythagorean method aligns the alphabet beneath numbers from One (1) through Nine (9). The alphabet that he used was Greek. Obviously, those letters have nothing to do with the Latin/Anglo-Saxon alphabet that the English language uses. Following his methodology as the father of numerology, I placed our alphabet beneath Arabic numbers.

In all of my research, I found no scrutiny of the letters beneath the numbers that define them. Why connect letters to numbers otherwise? I called the letters beneath each number tiers since finding complete definitions required using every possible alignment. For example Number One (1) has tiers: (ajs) (asj) (jas) (jsa) (saj) (sja). Using a set of criteria, I found what I called word patterns for each tier that gave definitions of each number.

In my research, I also found who placed the final alphabet, which deals with the final definitions. Whether or not they consciously placed them is unknown. Christian missionaries who placed much of the alphabet had more to do with these definitions than Pythagoras did.

We have three Significancy numbers: Life Path, Attraction, and Direction. The Life Path number consists of the Entire Birth Date. The Attraction equals the Birth Day, and the Direction number is our birth Name. We also have subordinate Name numbers that include married names, professional names, and any current name.
Significancy numbers reflect aspects of our psyche. The Life Path number comes from the Super-Conscious realm. The Attraction number is from the Subconscious realm, and Direction number is from the Conscious realm. The first two numbers are immutable, i.e., we cannot change them, whereas, we can change the Name number through Conscious Direction.

Each number from One (1) through Nine (9) has specific definitions that begin with the (Jackass) and come full-circle to be the (Sage): when (I Rise) if taking the positive route through numbers.

Future blogs will explore numbers in this method of "No Nonsense Numerology—The Code" and will relate them to other methods and myths.

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