Monday, December 31, 2012

Think You Live in a Free Country? NEW UPDATE

Think You Live in a Free Country? NEW UPDATE:

This post has nothing to do with numerology, but is too important not to talk about.

If you think you live in a free country, check out website by E.J. Moosa at THE NAKED TRUTH. Read the Comments, they give important information on how to combat this Orwellian intrusion of personal information and liberty. Some of it is wrong. Like the fact that the Census Bureau must go onto another group of 250,000 people every month. This seems not to be true. They just keep coming.

If you haven’t received this monthly "rotating" "random" Census in the mail, you will. They contact 250,000 every month. It is addressed to Resident. Some comments from the above blog tell of people being called on the phone by name four times a day for an entire month. How is this random selection? It sounds like the Census Bureau knows very well who lives at the residence and might be targeting people. Is this being used like a modern Nixon Enemies’ List?

Since this American Community Survey (ACS) rotates every month when the unelected bureaucrats finish, do they begin again until time for the regular 10-year census? Their own website says all citizen are contacted every five years. AND, the questionnaire gets bigger all the time. It is up to 78 questions.

Census Bureau doesn’t want to rely only on the constitutionally mandated ten year Census when it means creating permanent government jobs. One has to wonder why it was enacted in the first place. Much of the information is good for corporations to know, so they know who to target for their products. AND, the information is not private. It is public information.

Congress passed the law in 2002 Title 13, U.S. Code, Sections 141 and 193 as changed by Title 18. It imposes a penalty for not complying that is up to $5,000 and jail time. This was signed under G.W. Bush’s watch. Under President Obama, the bullying and intensity to pursue our personal information that leaves citizens open to identity theft and home-invasion. The questionnaire asks what time do you leave for work and what time to you come home, and how long does it take to get there.

One mailing on top of the other comes to homes, letting no time pass when received. According to comments from victims at the above website, phone calls and home visits deluge citizens. Some workers are understanding about those who do not wish to participate, but others are outright bullies. Who is to say that nefarious individuals will not join the forces of Census Takers/Information Collectors in order to get useful information that allows them to break into homes while residents are away.

This is what big government brings. Are we to have the world of Orwell’s "1984," where no private jobs exist, only government jobs? Only two classes: government workers or ex-Proletariats. A world where workers like Winston Smith are kept in line using his most feared phobias? In his case it was putting his face into a rat cage so they could eat it off. He complied.

Putting pressure on Congress may stop it. My retiring U.S. Representative’s office told me that they tried to end funding because of how it is being used against Americans. Unfortunately, with the new Congress, the Bills must be readmitted.

If you want to keep America free, you need to contact all of your members of Congress, Senators and Representatives to tell them to repeal this Orwellian law. Is this, yet, another law that Congress had to pass so they would know what is in it?

Get your Senator (202) 224-3121 to vote YES on Rand Paul’s bill H.S. 3079, and your Representative (202) 225-3121 to vote YES on Ted Poe’s bill H.R. 931. Also, ask them to become co-sponsors. These Bills may be under new numbers since Bills must be readmitted with each new Congress.

Below is the list of invasive questions compiled on THE NAKED TRUTH website by columnist E.J. Moosa: However, the questionnaire is up to 78 now.


Questions to the American Community SurveyPhone Number including Area Code
Age and Birth Date
If I am of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
My race
What type of house I live in
When my house was built(year)
When I moved into this house(year)
How large is the lot?
Is there a business on this location?
How many separate rooms are in this house, apartment, or mobile home?
How many of these rooms are bedrooms?
Do I have
Hot and Cold Running Water?
Flush Toilet?
Bathtub or shower?
Sink with a faucet?
Stove or Range?
Telephone Service?
How many vehicles of 1 ton or less are kept at this address?
What fuel is used to heat this house, apartment, or mobile home?
What was the cost of electricity last month?
What was the cost of gas last month?
What was the cost of water and sewer for the past twelve months?
Did I receive Food Stamps?
Is my house, apartment or mobile home part of a condominium, and if yes, what are the fees?
Do I own the house with a mortgage?
Do I own this house free and clear?
Do I rent?
Do I occupy without rent?
What is the monthly rent for this house, apartment, or mobile home?
How much do I think this house, apartment, or mobile home would sell for?
What are the annual property taxes?
What is the annual property and flood insurance?
How much is the regular monthly mortgage?
Does that include the property taxes?
Does that include the insurance?
Do I have a second mortgage on this property?
How much are the monthly payments on all second and junior mortgages?
Where I was born?
Am I a citizen?
Have I attended college or school in the last three months?
What is my highest degree or level of school completed?
If I have a bachelor's degree, what is it in?
What is my ancestry or ethnic origin?
Do I speak any other languages besides English at home?
How well do I speak English?
Did I live here 1 year ago?
Do I have health insurance?
What type?
Do I have difficulty hearing or am I blind?
Do I have difficulty doing physical, mental, or emotional conditions that make it difficult for me to do
   errands alone, such as shopping or visiting a doctor's office?
Am I married?
Did I get married, widowed, or divorced in the last twelve months?
How many times have I been married?
What year did I last get married?
Am I a grandparent responsible for a grandchild living here?
How long have I been responsible for the grandchildren?
Have I ever served on active duty?
If so, when?
Do I have a VA service-connected Disability rating?
What is that rating?
Did I work for pay last week at a business?
Last week did I do any work for pay?
At what location did I do this work?
What is the address?
How did I get to work last week?
How many people rode with me to work?
When did I leave my house to go to work?
How many minutes does it usually take?
Who was my most recent job with? Name and location
What kind of work do I do?
What are my most important activities or duties?
What are my wages for the last twelve months?
What is my self-employment income for the last twelve months?
What are my interest and dividends(even small amounts)?
What are my social security or Railroad retirement amounts?
What are my Supplemental Social Security Income amounts?
Did I receive any public assistance or welfare payments from state or local welfare offices?
If so, how much?
What was my total income in the last twelve months?"


I’ve attached a copy of a letter that I sent my three Congresspersons. I go into great detail how this is destroying America. The above the questions have nothing to do with apportioning Congressional representation.


Dear ________:

The Census Bureau is turning into a worse bully than it has ever been. I reedited this letter after reading all 78 questions. Initially, only the few I read were upsetting. After reading them all, I’m furious. Many of the questions are simply inane. The questions speak in third-person as if one is informing on one self, or soliciting a second party as The Agency threatens to contact neighbors if "Resident" does not answer this surveillance form. For example:
Question 2: "How is this person related to Person 1?"
It has an "X" already marked in a box, saying that it is Person 1. The stupidity of this is obvious. It doesn’t state that it is an example. It is serious.

Furthermore, question No. 6 is racist. The questionnaire is extremely detailed about ethnicity, but when referring to Anglo-Americans, Caucasian-Americans it only asks if they are White. Doing this began in 2010. This shows the level of hostility that those who are coming up with the questions have against people referred to as White. No one on this planet is white. Even Albinos have a pinkish blush to their cheeks from blood running through them. It seems to be reverse racism being used to offend those who really had nothing to do with their angst, but only institutionalizes hostilities with vindictiveness to past injustice.

Many of the questions Person 1 would not even know, nor the other five Persons, or would the neighbors who the Agency threatens to use as informants on Person 1 if he or she does not respond or fully do so. The Agency threatens to use this information to confirm what other Agencies know about "Resident."

Below are examples of other questions that have no relevance to a legitimate Census:
Question 7b: How many of these rooms are bedrooms?
Question 8: Does this house, apartment, or mobile home have -
a. hot and cold running water?
b a flush toilet?
c a bathtub or shower?
d a sink with a faucet?
e a stove or range?
f a refrigerator?
g telephone service from which you can both make calls and receive calls? Include cell phones?
This is the 21st century. Homes not having such items are extremely rare, if they exist at all. Mobile homes would not be built without them. And, if "Residents" live in one-room shacks without such amenities then they choose to do so. I’m not going to get into details on other questions, but briefly, Citizens are questioned about computer and Internet usage, for how much would their dwelling sell, how much is rent and property taxes, the size of their property? How many separate rooms are in this house, apartment, or mobile home? Has the Person attended college or other, where did this Person live a year ago, how many times has Person been married, if Person is female between 15 and 50, is she pregnant? What time does Person leave for work and how long does it take? Many questions could leave "Residents" open for home-invasion if the information was sold or stolen.

You need to get copies of this questionnaire and all of the mailings leading up to it and read them for yourself to see just how intrusive and bullying people in government are becoming. [I do not use the term Government as it is not an entity unto itself. People make it what it is.] Because if this is not checked, nosey bureaucrats will make it even more intrusive to validate extending their entrenched jobs. The more rights people willingly relinquish, the more will be taken. This questionnaire was updated in June 15, 2012. It asks even more questions than prior questionnaires. It is an appalling invasion to privacy whether or not other State or Local agencies already have this information. It looks like the Census Bureau is expanding the Agency to make government overreach even more so to create a centralized database on all Citizens.

When Citizens get letters threatening maximum fines of up to $5,000, imprisonment, and going to neighbors for gossip to force "Residents" to fill out invasive personal information from government officials, Citizens rightly get their hackles up. To threaten people, in the first place to give over something like this, those who are doing so must know what they are doing is wrong. Congress knows this project is wrong or else wouldn’t sponsor Bills to curb or not fund such a project that collects private information that can be used as an arm of a corrupt government. Citizens certainly know that it is wrong. The threats to obtain this personal information might even violate the 14th Amendment for starters. When those in government begin to think they can do anything they wish to Citizens, those who seek to control others are getting out of control. The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce is using the ACS as the guise of being helpful to local communities. Whether threats have any teeth is irrelevant. They are wrong. But, one day a very corrupt government might just push the limit to see what they can get away with and begin arresting those who refuse to comply. And local communities and States are responsible for much of what this survey says it is to obtain for Citizens, not the Federal Government.

Occasionally, people who are drawn to positions of authority have an axe to grind. They see their newfound dominance as a means of getting back their respect and in ways hurtful to innocent people who had nothing to do with their original pain. When these people are in government, they can abuse this power over tens, if not, hundreds of millions of innocent people. Like many in the TSA are doing. [I met a man in the stationary store who told me not to answer the ACS form. He now is furious with government. He has to go through TSA pat downs often as he travels frequently. When he takes his four daughters, ages 16 and 23, he is sickened by 19-year-old boys groping them and ogling their genitals in the x-ray machines, telling others to "come look at this."]

When these authorities are in government-sanctioned jobs, they are safe from accountability because the jobs are often unionized, making it impossible to fire them. I’ve seen union workers in the private sector play the "breaking rules" game. They take infractions right up to the limit and run out the clock until the cycle begins again. In the private sector, only the company is hurt. In the public sector, Citizens and the Country get hurt. If in government they are there forever unlike the private sector where bad companies can go under. But, to avoid going under, private companies are responsive to consumers. A corrupt fascist government is unresponsive.

When government jobs become the norm, where is America headed? Orwell’s 1984 is a warning. Read it or watch the film and see how close Orwell got to what is happening today. Before 1949 Orwell envisioned the flat screen television monitor with two-way communication. We have them now. Like today, he envisioned the private sector losing jobs to the public sector: the Government worker versus the Ex-Proletariat when there was no more private industry.

The bureaucracy seems to be extending the Federal jobs of Census Takers from every ten years to make them permanent positions. The ACS contacts 250,000 new "anonymous" households every month. In order to make their jobs permanent, they give undue weight to answers as though this information is important for funding projects that State and Local governments fund. In a time when the Federal budget is strapped, it couldn’t fund them anyway. This seems irresponsible and unreasonable.

And, I say anonymously because people have reported that their households get barraged with telephone calls when not immediately responding. Sometimes as much as four calls a day for 30 days. How do these government employees know the names and phone numbers if these forms are sent randomly to "Residents"? And, why do they want to know this information if they are not going to keep centralized details on Citizens?

When getting the forms, the first questions are what is their name and telephone number. People in government want to know personal information about "Residents" that will leave them open to identity thefts and home invasions should nefarious people realize they can make much more money from this information than their salaries. No one can assure that citizens’ information can ever be secure. To try to do so is absurd. Just asks the Pentagon, Banking Institutions, etc., when hackers broke into their databases and Internet sites. Stealing and selling information is not something new to Washington. To note just one, remember the Clinton years and the security problems?

The Department of Commerce Census Bureau American Community Survey data-mines Citizens. Corrupt Administrations can use this information as an "Enemies List" of voters critical to their policies. This country has endured neurotic, paranoid, and corrupt Presidents and Administrations before. Also, corporations or other people with something to sell can buy this information should the government become so financially strapped that they need to find funding to perpetuate their existence. The DMV sells phone numbers and addresses. Why would not people in the Census Bureau do the same? If it is illegal now, Congress only has to change the law that it seems more willing to do in favor of more powerful Government.

Prior to 2010, Citizens simply got one form in the mail, filled it out, and returned it. That was the end of it. In 2010, the Census Bureau began aggressively harassing Citizens. During the regular Census, they also sent continual threats immediately on top of previous mailings before the deadline dates were even near. They sent agents to homes even after Citizens already returned filled-out forms. (I know this personally and I have friends who do.) The Bureau gave no credible amount of time between harassment mailings. This belies the statement that they want people to respond on line in order to save money on postal and print costs. They are wasting money on continuous mailings, notifying "Residents" that there is going to be something to look forward to in the mail like it is a bloody Publisher’s Clearing House prize. It is anything but something pleasant. It is as if those in Government think Citizens should kiss their boots simply because they exist. The ACS project shows contempt and disrespect for Americans.

This form is 28 convoluted pages and 78 questions for just Person 1 of a "Twister" game. It will make even those with a modicum of intelligence cross-eyed. It shows what is the worst in a government that doesn’t educate citizens properly, but puts them in positions of authority who tell the rest of us how to live.

Congress needs to resubmit Bills to either end funding to this ACS program, terminate it altogether, or at the very minimum, if they cannot prevent themselves from expanding government, make it clearly voluntary without the harassment.

This project began in 2002 as an overreaction along with the TSA and Patriot Act. I don’t care which Administration started this invasion of privacy, beginning in 2009 the bullying has ramped up to the nth degree, and it is no longer used as intended by the Constitution. Read Internet accounts of furious Citizens.

What kind of world are we leaving our children? Do we really want this one?



Feel free to use portions to contact your Congresspersons to end this Orwellian Invasion of the Information Snatchers.

Since I’ve written this, I’ve received many more mailings threatening me because they haven’t received their form back. All of them were within days of each other. Finally, someone came to my door. The first time, he woke me up and by the time I got to the door he was gone. He returned the very next day: Sunday. Turns out he was a religious person. I will not invade his privacy by saying how I knew this. I’d had a dream about educating anyone who came to my door to take my personal information that I do not wish to give. So, I went to the door with that intent. I smiled and told him that I knew why he was there. He smiled back. Lucky for me it turned out that he was an extremely nice person who simply couldn’t find private sector work and had a family to support. I told him almost everything that is in the above letter to my Congresspersons. He was in disbelief that citizens are threatened with imprisonment. Yes. They are, I told him. I had the mailings, but burned them. He knew about the fine, but assured me no one, but no one has ever been actually fined. So what. The next despot or desperate President we have since Peloci and Dean took Impeachment off the table to signal that our Country is ripe for the taking, might just be brash enough to do just that.

The gentleman who came to my door ignored the No Trespassing sign that websites suggest we put up because he felt he was doing nothing wrong so knew he would not be arrested. It isn’t only for home invaders, but he didn’t understand that. The first woman who drove by that I recognized from 2010 when I’d already sent in my Census form who came to take my personal information saw the sign. I happened to be looking out the window. The look on her face said she was really pissed, but stopped to write in her book and drove on.

The gentleman, who is now my new BFF, told me that "They" won’t stop until "They" get what they want. Wow! That sounds aggressively mean. He also told me that he tried to call me, but had the wrong number. See, it is not random! They know who they are contacting. We’d been talking for about an hour as I took the time to educate him. He was shaking his head about what he is doing before I let him go. Turns out he was wrong that citizens can get an exemption from their Representatives. Citizens can get an exemption for some other voluntary Census. But, my Congressperson’s office is looking into how abusive the Census Bureau is becoming and this expansion of data-mining.

At least the Census Taker who came to my door was a decent person. I hear some are not. But, they are probably your neighbors though unknown to you because fewer and fewer private sector jobs exist, depending upon where you live. So, my advice is to be nice, make a friend, and for their benefit, educate them.

AND, call and write your Congresspersons to end this abusive data-mining expansion of Government that has no real purpose except to have a centralized data base on all Citizens.

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