Monday, April 4, 2011

This Method is More Precise

1     2     3     4    5     6     7     8     9
a     b     c     d    e     f     g     h     i
j     k     l     m    n     o     p     q     r
s     t     u     v    w     x     y     z 

The Latin alphabetical tiers define Arabic numbers through delineating the corresponding word patterns of the numbers from One (1) through Nine (9). The last column beneath Nine (9) has only two alternate tiers since having only two letters. The columns of letters transpose, making two or six tiers that have variable numbers of word patterns, which form the explicit definitions of each number.

Interpretations of word patterns within numbers came from analyzing each tier, using the following criteria:
  1. exact words that the letters spell, e.g., (Fox), (Wen), (New), and (Gyp);
  2. touchstones of pronunciation as the sequences read, e.g., (saj) for Sage;
  3. silent or hidden vowels, e.g., (Clue) for (clu);
  4. dictionary words for abbreviations of specific letters within each tier that conformed coherently to the basic definition, including prefixes and suffixes, e.g., (Unknown Quantity Question High) for (zqh);
  5. homonyms (words sounding the same, but spelled differently and having another meaning), e.g., (New and Knew) for (new);
  6. proper word forms such as (Lucky You) instead of Luck You;
  7. words modifying the initial word in the tier, e.g., (Jackass) (Just Ask);
  8. the yin and yang of each number, e.g., (Fox) and (Of Ox);
  9. finally, the connecting thread of ideas linking the numbers to complete a circle.
(Nine criteria were used since nine numbers exist in the numerology code.)

 Each number reveals specific definitions that have opposing meanings, verifying the positive and negative effects of learning or not learning the lessons. Some tiers or steps spell specific words, yet, discerning other meanings as word patterns came through analysis using the specific criteria defined above. This method reveals precise lessons and challenges in the numbers that evolves the human psyche or personality for better or worse. Each number has a specific definition, both positive and negative sides of the coin—reflecting success from learning and pitfalls from not learning. The overall lessons in the word patterns connect one number to the next in a circle of completion––from the fool to the enlightened or the (Jackass) to the (Sage).