Friday, March 9, 2012

Numerology Confirms Why Sponsors Rush Away from Limbaugh

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III = Four (4)
Rush Hudson Limbaugh = Four (4)
Rush Limbaugh = Four (4)
01/12/1951 = Attraction = Three (3) and Life Path = Two (2)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them if they come up in analysis. Not everyone has all tiers. These numbers only confirm character that is observably verifiable.]

Searching the Internet for "Rush Limbaugh scandals" reveal what we already know. His Oxycodone and Viagra scandals are legendary, as well his diatribes against anyone who challenges him, especially spewing venomous language toward women and minorities. He uses the airwaves to vent his personal hatreds, rationalizing that he’s an entertainer who thinks he’s funny. Funny? Seriously? What low bar do his listeners set?

It takes a callously corrupt personality to kick someone while he’s down. Ask Michael J Fox whether Limbaugh was being a funny entertainer or not when he mercilessly mocked Fox for having Parkinson disease.

Who is laughing, except those who agree with Limbaugh’s hateful rhetoric? Limbaugh cannot take any criticism. According to a recent news clip, he screens callers who would rebuke him. This reveals a fragile ego unable to discuss issues calmly and intelligently. He isn’t alone on the radio airwaves of shock jocks who are unable to calmly exchange ideas, but instead vent their personal brands of hatred.

I confronted a neighbor who had a radio show poster for Rush Limbaugh in his window. When challenged on listening to Limbaugh, his embarrassed excuse was that "He’s funny." As time reveals all wrinkles, he turned out to be just as hatefully-minded. I’ve done business with people who’ve had Limbaugh blaring from radios. As time passed, I learned they too had just as meanspirited attitudes. I no longer do business with people who have their radios tuned to Rush. Since water seeks its own level, that’s a clue to their character. Limbaugh feeds into the worst traits of humanity. Without his loud and aggressive timbre would Rush have a job?

Past comedians who were as acerbic and crude instigated pubic outrage. According to Wikipedia, "[Andrew Dice] Clay is known for a style of comedy that has sparked controversy and much media coverage. He is loved by some and reviled by others, who feel that his act is crude, misogynistic, racist, homophobic and degrading. Clay has been widely opposed by women's rights groups and he has been banned from many radio and television shows for his explicit language and socially and politically charged humor. MTV banned him for life in 1989 for reciting what he called ‘adult nursery rhymes’ during the annual Video Music Awards ceremony (September 6, 1989). In 2011, he was [reinstated] by MTV. The Biography Channel refuses to produce a biography of him." Clay, however, did not have the political clout of Limbaugh.

Lenny Bruce’s vulgar haranguing paled in comparison to Limbaugh’s crude mouth although he used shocking words. Only those, sitting in boozy smoked-filled bars were subjected to his rants. It was by choice. Innocent people didn’t have to hear him through overplayed media clips to make political points.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh with or without the III or minus his middle name Hudson, can’t escape the Conscious Name Direction Number Four (4). This Significancy consciously completes the Life Path Significancy. (The Name is the only number that is immutable so represents Conscious awareness.) His Life Path is Number Two (2). He consciously uses vitriol of to (Do Venom) to get supporters (To Back) him. Limbaugh seems a negative (Be Too Constant) Two (2) in that he clings tightly to this method without self reflection that what he is doing is destructive to society. If he knows it is destructive, then he makes the Conscious choice to be so. He might even take pride as a child would do toward the destructive mess he’s helped make when feeding off the worst in human character.

Instead of being (Moved) to change his routine Rush doubles down to (Do Venom) even more by slamming more women with vicious language when criticized for his hateful comments. This proves Limbaugh cannot be (Made Victorious) over his personal animus, putting him on the negative side of numbers. He stubbornly clings to his addiction of spewing hate speech. Not being introspective, he does not heed the warning of what (Venom Do) causes. Rush is determined to not be (Victory Doomed) in endeavors that benefit him. Negative Four (4) can be a force for destruction.

Conversely, being (Made Victorious) over personal angst and animus is the positive goal of Fours (4). They can be very uplifting when overcoming personal obstacles to inspire others to also reclaim their Life Forces in positive ways.

Being that Four (4) is in his Conscious Direction number, Rush chooses to project negativity in what he calls entertainment. A few other pundits have said that in private, he is a pleasant person.

An unfortunate part of being an "entertainer," however, is that the entertainer can become his or her act. Entertainers both dead and living have transformed themselves into their acts by carrying them over to their personal lives. Some to their detriments, others become successful. Unfortunately those who are successful can lose touch with their genuine self when playing a character for a long time. Or, conversely, they really are that character, it just slipped into their acts. Hollywood is very good at type casting.

Limbaugh’s Subconscious Attraction Three (3) embeds into his psyche that (Luck) is on his side, making him inherently believe he has no responsibility to answer for actions by changing them. He seems not to (Cull) a (Clue) about his personal shortcomings when he continues down the same road that got him into hot water in the first place. This lands him on the negative tiers of Three (3). His Conscious Direction of Four (4) amplifies his being unable to be (Moved) to change, landing him on the negative tiers of that number as well.

Rush’s Life Path of Two (2) gives him the opportunity of learning (To Be Constant) in relationships of (Constant, Be Two). With so many marriages behind him, this seems not to be his strength. What he does not do is (Take Back) anything he says except begrudgingly. When he apologizes, he then becomes more virulent in his vitriol, making slanderous personal attacks toward detractors. He gives bogus apologies, determined not to be (Moved), thus standing by his negativity.

Those in Two (2) Life Paths learn (To Back) others. With his massive wealth, Limbaugh may feel he is supporting his spouses as a good provider. Surely he has alimonies to pay, therefore, massive wealth is important to him.

"The Daily KOS," reported, however, that Limbaugh is willing to give his show away free as sponsors flee. "KOS" asked what this makes him. Though I wouldn’t return one attack with another, in my view, it makes him addicted to vitriol. Unable to give it up, Limbaugh’s negative show is who he is and not an act. He may want to prove critics wrong by changing tactics, but should we hold our collective breaths?

In the end, people must ask themselves whether they want a hateful and hostile society, or a pure and polite one. Limbaugh may realize he has no career if he changes his tune to a kinder, gentler Rush. So, his discourse changing anytime soon is not likely. Rush Limbaugh must also decide how he wants people to remember him. People only know him by his on air persona.

My theory is that everyone on this planet has a fragile Life Force. Some attempt to recover it by hurting and demeaning others, thinking this elevates them by stepping on and over others. They have made it a competition. Others with tentative Life Forces recover them in positive ways, helping to uplift humanity rather than diminish it without being in competition with anyone but themselves.

Because derogatory language, is commonly used, must we make ourselves common by using it?

We should commend commentators like Keith Olbermann, who humbly recognized his hurtful words and vowed to change his ways to uplift public discourse, even relinquishing his "Worst Persons" category. Liberal entertainers and commentators like Bill Maher and Ed Schultz, who also verbally attack women with whom they disagree with disgusting and degrading characterizations, should follow. Again, we should keep breathing.

Every one of us who writes books, articles, blogs, or tweets are as guilty as pundits and commentators of wanting to influence society. How we want to influence it is the question: for the better or for the worst?

Even if it’s free, hate speech is costly to society.

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  1. Your comments about Rush Limbaugh are so spot on, Barbara! This man has done such damage to our society and our political system. Unfortunately, he has had astounding influence over the years and his legacy is much of the vitriolic, hateful spirit so common in our political discourse these days. He has really given conservatives a bad name. William F. Buckley must be thrashing in his grave! There was a time when people could voice opinions and disagree in a civilized manner. No longer -- and, to an extent, we have Rush to thank for that. Great post!

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  3. abhay roy: Thank you for your comment. This method of numerology is extremely helpful to assist people in becoming better. Isn't that a goal well-thinking people strive to achieve? Character is the only thing we can take with us. Have a wonderful day. All the best, Abhay.