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Romney - Good Qualities Media Ignores - UPDATE

Willard Mitt Romney = Six (6)
Mitt Romney = Eight (8)
(03/12/1947) = Three (3) Attraction and Life Path of Nine (9)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my blog entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will only refer to them in this blog as they come up in analysis.]

By the look of Former Governor Mitt Romney’s numbers, he really is who he is. He confirms my number theories.

Willard Mitt Romney has both Six (6) and Eight (8) as his Conscious Direction numbers that he uses to fulfil his Life Path Number Nine (9). Using the subordinate Name Direction of Mitt Romney, however, makes his Conscious Direction of Eight (8) more prominent.

Can we assume that presidential candidates with Six (6) stretch the truth or out-and-out lie when on a (Fox) or (Fox Of) tier? How much they do this depends upon their expectation of achieving power from the Office to use for personal aggrandizement, or to genuinely help the Country. Politics, after all, does not require hard manual labor that one on an (Of Ox) tier might need. Governor Romney, however, does work hard for votes as @nyformitt, whom I follow on Twitter shows in their links.

Willard Mitt Romney has Six (6) as an original Conscious Name Direction number. The press considered him "squeaky clean" until they turned from him and on him. Personally, I’m tired of media selecting winners and losers instead of voters doing so. Nevertheless, Romney’s fibbing under the (Fox Of) nature amounts to embellishments on his hunting "record" to appeal to the NRA in the 2008 presidential elections. In 2012 debates, he has owned up to and clarified his hunting abilities this time around. Also, he seems to think of his job-creating differently than do media and opponents. However, when trying to clarify his record, media seems not to want to hear or report that he has helped companies survive. When checking the Internet, he nets very little controversy compared to the selected frontrunners. (See posts titled Newt GinGRINCH on the Numbers Couch, Is It Time to Define Santorum, and Copycat Cowboy.)

Those on the (Fox) tier of Six (6) can work to broadened intelligence, using it to outwit opponents. Romney does appear to cleverly use his intelligence. Despite media spin, he is very articulate and no more boring than any other candidate. Personally, I don’t find President Obama to be all that spellbinding. Not many have the oratory expertise of Bill Moyers or former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. If it were up to me, however, I’d suggest Romney use his hands less when speaking.

Sixes (6) can (Ask For) things, making them materialistic or they can (Ask Of) themselves to achieve to their highest nature, making them more spiritual. Thanks to my Twitter follower Linda @committedvoter, I discovered a side of Romney that I didn’t know exists. Checking out her tweets, I discovered that he often didn’t take salaries for his work. According to Romney never took a salary as Governor of Massachusetts, but donated it to charity. Also, he pledged to do the same as President. This philanthropy puts former Governor Romney on the positive (Ask Of) tier of Six (6).

Though I could not definitively find that he didn’t take a salary as head of the Olympics, through I discovered that Romney returned to them respectability. It was sinking with corruption scandals when he restored integrity. Would the Olympic committee have turned to someone who was corrupt to restore integrity? No. Opponents and left wing pundits leave out these facts about him as they try to smear him as some "vulture capitalist," an unfitting term when examining the complete record.

Last night on Coast-to-Coast AM on the George Knapp show, fearless award winning BBC journalist Greg Palast commented on Bain Capital. He described it as a "benign" company, meaning, "genial or kindly and favorable, not harmful." Palast is a very credible source. He is forthright when uncovering corruption. If he regards Bain as benign, most likely the American media is showing bias by their excessively negative characterizations. The media vilification of Bain came before they did any investigation. Pundits say that they await information on Bain. If unbiased, wouldn’t they do their investigations first rather than putting negative stereotypes into voters’ minds?

One thing he does not do, is to brag about his personal philanthropy. Some of his opponents cannot say this. By their actions, if they were as philanthropic, they clearly would let us know.

Also, for the media to play the sibling rivalry card pitting people against each other is what is really despicable. As I’ve said in my Twitter feed, the size of one’s pocketbook does not determine the size of one’s heart. I’ve known good rich people and bad poor people and vice versa. The media spinning that people deserve jobs even when they are negligent is ludicrous. Does anyone think that the Captain of the cruise ship that he ran aground is worthy of continued employment?

Media opponents hammered the spin that Romney is in the privileged class because he bought a bigger house on the west coast. Personally, I don’t fault him. He has a very large and close family. Staying at his home rather than in motels while visiting him isn’t out of the question, so he would need larger digs. Did pundits criticize Reagan or Bush for having multiple homes and ranches across the country? They are using this to pit citizens against citizens for their political purposes.

I didn’t condemn John Edwards for the $400 haircut either. Cheating on his ill wife was another matter. This is something no one has ever accused Mitt Romney of doing. In Edwards’ case regarding the haircut, the Stylist would have to go to him. Secret Service security sitting in salon chairs would have been awkward for other customers and stylists, perhaps, worrying them needlessly that something could happen with Edwards at the salon. Having to go to him, the Stylist would most likely lose a day’s pay. It would only be fair that he compensated the Stylist for that potential loss of earnings. This might explain why the actual haircut didn’t look special or worth the price.

When we are searching for the truth and not just spinning biased stories, we come to different conclusions than media hands us to promote their agendas. What could be their agenda in smearing Governor Romney? Can it be to keep Obama in the White House, perhaps? Are they trying to give voters such reprehensible candidates that President Obama sees a second term?

His subordinate Name as Mitt Romney equals Eight (8), testing him on material and spiritual matters. Often those with Eight (8) relinquish cherished material aspects of their lives when seeking spirituality. Romney won the governorship of Massachusetts, so he is a political winner. His losses in 2008 for president and for Massachusetts U.S. Senator has not embittered him, showing him to be a positive person. Also, he is not without personal struggles. His wife, Ann diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998 also fought a battle with double breast cancer. To Mitt Romney’s credit, he did not leave his wife and genuinely seems to love her. During his runs for public office, no one has come forward to claim he is anything but a loyal and loving husband.

Also, Romney does not harp on this nobility of character during debates to exploit them. To the contrary, Gingrich uses such personal circumstances to gain what respect he thinks it will garner him. Romney not only comes across as calm, but noble unlike some opponents who come across as so desperate that they would bring down their party rather than lose gracefully. This is not showing us the best candidate, but the most desperate for power. Mr. Romney has lost elections for both the Presidency and the United States Senate. Unlike Gingrich, Romney’s demeanor is not of someone who is bitter and vindictive with disappointment. Romney comes across as someone who takes losses in his stride, and someone who is willing to learn from circumstances. He humbly admits his mistakes, making him credible when he does tout his strengths.

On Chris Wallace’s Sunday show, Wallace asked Romney about his 10 percent tithing. Romney said that if he didn’t give the full 10 percent that would not be living up to his agreement. This is someone who works at being honorable. He also talked about being tested. He seems to rise to the challenge as the tier (Question Hard Unknown Quantity) in Number Eight (8) that embraces challenges.

An effect of Six (6) in his Conscious Direction seems that he learns from his Subconscious Attraction number of Three (3) to (Cull) a proper (Clue) to gain his (Luck). He doesn’t sit back idly wallowing in his wealth, but puts his talents to use. Yes, he may have been (Lucky) to be born into a wealthy family. This family, however, was not from established wealth and earned their fortunes. He points out that his father George Romney taught him good work ethics. Voters can connect with that. Many parents taught good work ethics.

Romney’s Life Path number is Nine (9). Our traits in this number come from learning or not learning our lessons in previous numbers. Romney exudes good-natured confidence even when facing down confrontations during debates. He does not exhibit one iota of maliciously angry (Ire) or vindictiveness. Pointing out opponents’ records is fair game if the media deems it such, but is it negative campaigning? Bad-mouthing opponents seems more like negative campaigning. When Romney does defend his record or points out the records of opponents, it is direct and with good-nature. He is like a Saint Bernard gently nuzzling away a sniping Chihuahua from his heals, making a scolding from Romney almost desirable. This trait surely would be more handy when negotiating with other countries rather than Newt Gingrich’s "it’s my way or the highway," attitude. Isn’t that the attitude that diminished America’s standing in the world from the Bush Administration?

The lessons that Nine (9) learns, lean toward full confidence as the (I Are) tier, equaling the "I Am" precept. Is Romney completely there yet? He is not. He does seem a bit insecure as the (Are I) tier of Nine (9) when explaining himself. It is a matter of perspective how people view this. This may come from reluctance to brag about his good qualities. When doing our ethical best, to have motives questioned really hurts. Romney’s confidence seems genuine rather than bluster. Countering this to Gingrich’s disrespectful nose-in-the-air F U attitude makes Romney easier to warm to than GinGRINCH. Other world leaders would probably prefer Romney’s style. However, when, push-comes-to-shove, resolve that makes him successful kicks in.

When campaigning among voters, he seems to genuinely like people whether or not he personally relates with all of them. Who can? He stops to listen to them. He does not "glad hand" people. This is something I noticed about John Edwards when he campaigned. He glad-handed voters. While shaking their hands, Edwards looked past the immediate voter to the next person without genuinely connecting. Romney looks in peoples’ eyes, signaling that the person matters.

Whether he learned this or whether it comes naturally is irrelevant. If his upbringing didn’t prepare him to understand all classes of people, I’m not sure that is a mark against him. Most of us don’t understand others from different backgrounds. Romney earnestly seems to like people. Romney does not come across like an angry person that the negative tier of (Ire) can, keeping him on the positive side of numbers. In fact, when he does get confrontational, he does so with good nature. A 180 from Newt Gingrich, Romney doesn’t come off as unpleasant, meanspirited, or vindictive.

Personally, I want the best candidate possible, to have the best world possible. I would have been happy with Huntsman or Roemer, but that isn’t going to happen. Initially, I wasn’t a Romney fan, but having kept an open mind, I watched and learned. Voters need to stop relying on the party label next to candidates’ names and examine the candidates for their personal qualities. If the bought-and-paid-for media help to pick Gingrich or Santorum simply for ratings to keep viewers hooked, heaven, help us.


Thanks to a retweet of @Slone on Twitter whom I follow, @nyformitt, an article by PolitiFacts confirms that while Romney headed Bain, he did save a partner’s missing daughter’s life. Upon hearing that the daughter was missing, he immediately shut down the company. Romney hired detectives, got the police department and employees involved and found her before she died of an overdose from a rave party. Apparently, he didn’t give it a second thought. He went into action to get the job done.

The title of the article is, "Viral Internet Story Says Mitt Romney Helped Locate Missing Teen Daughter of Bain Capital Partner." The article’s anonymous author wrote: "So, here’s my epiphany: Mitt Romney simply can’t help himself. He sees a problem, and his mind immediately sets to work solving it, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not-so-consciously. He doesn’t do it for self-aggrandizement or for personal gain. He does it because that’s just how he’s wired."

Mitt Romney was born into wealth, but he also earned his own. Because he learned to attain "the American Dream," isn’t a mark against him in my book. He can show us how to achieve the best in ourselves through his actions. I do not think he is an ideologue who thinks only he has the answers for others to live their lives. He has never held himself up as an icon of virtue only to fall through the holes as his opponent Newt Gingrich fell into that trap.

My Twitter tweeter @MittforPres2012 sent a link to an article by anonymous writers from These writers described why Romney voters are passionate about him. Read their comments in, "Newsweek/Gingrich: Romney’s ‘Perfect Family’ is a Liability." I sense Romney supporters see him as the closest America has to Jim Anderson, the dad in Father Knows Best, or Ward Cleaver the father in Leave it to Beaver.

What makes people live their faith? This doesn’t mean that their brand of religion is correct, but that the individual’s willingness to believe encourages them to be good.

Indeed, Romney may be the closest resemblance we have to an iconic father figure as he seems like a good one. Other candidates seemed also to be good examples, but they dropped from the race. Romney’s steadiness reassures people. He doesn’t come across like a heartless autocrat as biased media would have us believe. He comes across as warm and caring. The media took, the "I don’t care about poor people," entirely out of context. If biased pundits played the entire comment, we would know otherwise.

I heard Romney’s entire statement regarding supposedly, not caring for the very poor. He talked about their safety nets that if they have holes he’ll fix them. He never came across as someone who is heartless. Romney could have phrased the statement knowing opponents and pundits will crop it to use anything he says against him to weight the election. He is right about conditions of both poor and middle class. Government offers the poor everything, while the middle class has no safety net. When prices rise as gasoline has done, budgets suffer. Rents have continued to rise ever since President Jimmy Carter said he’d put a federal rent control in place, but never did. After he publically stated that, rents skyrocketed and never fell to earth. Some rents increased 300% overnight. Some parents had to move in with their kids and some kids couldn’t afford to leave home.

More to Romney exists than merely his wealth. His optimism is infectious to those willing to see beyond negative Media spin that pits Americans against each other for ratings. By the way, these tactics garner them, big bucks. The blindness concerning former Governor Mitt Romney is a real concern. Those, who support an obviously negative nabob like Newt GinGRINCH, are scarier than he is because they control the outcome of elections.

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