Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm Back

You haven’t seen anything from me for a few years. I know, you thought I was dead. Well, I was almost dead a few times. That, however, is for another blog.

I gave up on No Nonsense Numerology - The Code because my publisher didn’t pay authors anyway. I’d gotten tired of fighting. It’s difficult to get justice in Florida where the Agricultural Department handles consumer complaints, not an Attorneys General. If the company moves and changes address, they throw up their hands and say, Oh, well. Gee, to heck with consumers.

The publisher went out of business to start, yet, another publishing company, continuing a pattern. The publisher charged authors to get book files that they should have included as part of the original fee. Nevertheless, the publisher will probably make hundreds of thousands of dollars from doing this.

I began to concede that maybe no one was buying the book, debating with myself whether or not to keep it in print. The Angel on my left shoulder said, Who cares, no one else does. The Angel on my right shoulder said, If it helps one person, it’s worth it. You know that’s how you are. So I paid the $200. Remembering me for fighting to get monies due, the publisher made it as difficult as possible for me to get my book files. It was just one "misunderstanding" after another.

I’ve been thinking of doing a post for the blog I’ll call, The Match-Up. I’m sure you know who it’s between. You might buy the book yourselves and learn that their actions confirm their numbers. Their numbers are even in the back of the book. Who knew it would come in handy to have them in the book when beginning it some 20 years ago. Of course, Hillary would be in it. I didn’t keep up on Trump; barely knew who he was or cared. Many political and judicial figures landed in the book. It’s a mystery how he got in. My mind must have been running on automatic.

To keep No Nonsense Numerology - The Code in print, I went through CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon. This time, I’m likely to get paid. However, don’t let that stop you from buying it. ;-)

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