Monday, August 27, 2012

Numbers Open a Window Into Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II = One (1)
Barack Hussein Obama = One (1)
Barack Obama = Five (5)
Barry Obama = Six (6)
Barry Soetoro = Nine (9)
(08/04/1961) = Attraction is Four (4) and Life Path is Two (2)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them as they come up in analysis.]

Of the names he now uses, Obama’s main Conscious Name Direction number is One (1), and his subordinate Name numbers are Five (5), Six (6), and Nine (9). His Name as Number One (1) reflects either, naivete’ of a (Jackass) who will (Just Ask) for advice or (A Sage) who has learned from life. Do his policies reflect well-thought-out wisdom or do they pander to his base of voters and financial backers? All presidents have advisers to whom they can turn. Most, if not all, politicians indulge those who buy them off. Nevertheless, other Presidents spent countless hours ruminating over and engaging in policies, not vacationing, swinging golf clubs, or endlessly campaigning for a second term. President Obama parties and vacations (at taxpayer expense) more than he governs. President Obama’s predecessor did the same, setting a precedent for allowing this leeway because the Presidency is such a "stressful" job. When we have enough life experience, we are not as anxious, knowing how to connect unrelated matters to solve current problems that a well-developed Number One (1) learns to do. Is the job of the presidency for a newbie?

At gen44-obama-names-entire-generation-after-himself-whether-they . . . . The link is confusing and you’ll have to search to find the YouTube posting on the page where President Obama names a generation after his 44th presidency, thus himself. Going to my twitter account @nnnTheCode or @NoNonsenseCode will get you the posted link.

I knew by President Obama’s actions, statements, and demeanor that he had to have an arrogant (I Are) better than others, Nine (9) in his arsenal. Yet, it just wasn’t there. Where is the arrogance he shows in his numbers? How could I be so wrong to view him that way when he doesn’t have a Nine (9)? I’d have to do some hard reflection to understand from where this trait in him arises.

One day, one of my Twitter followers @ACollinsByrnes a.k.a. TappyWise tweeted that Obama’s name under his stepfather was Barry Soetoro. I checked it out. Evidence exists that he went by Barry Soetoro in his youth. This gives him a Nine (9) as a subordinate Name Direction number. Love to be right. Hate crow pie.

Obama’s Life Path Number Two (2) tier of (Take Back) reinforces the (Jackass) (Just Ask) tier of his Direction Number One (1). As with other Presidents, he took back campaign promises. However, did he really believe his rhetoric or was he deliberately lying to get votes? Is he clinging to the (Be Too Constant) tier of Two (2), making him wedded tightly to ideals? He allowed the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to continue when he promised otherwise. His rhetoric about millionaires and billionaires paying their "fair share," seems to pander to his base. Since 2010 President Obama, however, is now part of the top 1% he criticizes at his current worth of $11.8M from a $400,000 a year job. Does he really empathize with the middle and poor income classes, or is he chomping at the bit to become an elite billionaire?

Who would blame him for not wanting to be poor? Yet, he seems to bite the hands of those opening the door where he wants to enter. Being good at politics and by definition a liar is not necessarily being a good president. This might be where Obama calls upon his Six (6) (Fox Of) Conscious Direction number, calculating everything he does. Is he helping poorer classes or succumbing to the (Ask For) greed of Six (6)?

Obama has both Conscious Direction Name numbers of Five (5) and Six (6). During the 2008 debates Obama admitted being lazy. He was being honest, however, as with postponing and obfuscating about his stance on same sex marriage, he avoids candor unless it benefits him. Nevertheless, the remark reveals he doesn’t operate under the (Of Ox) hard-working tier of Six (6). By his actions, he seems not interested in the seriously hard work this office requires, but prefers the luxuries that benefit him.

If Obama is an advanced Number One (1) we’d expect him to (Just Say) the truth and be honestly direct. He doesn’t always do this. When he appeases his base, his speech is often awkward and stilted while searching for the right words. The whole having done cocaine business never sat well with many people no matter how forthright Obama seemed. It seemed more like a tactic to deflect it from being an election issue so that opponents couldn’t use it against him. He was successful at deflecting a questionable past. Yet, was he also appealing to young "hip" voters? No one said he is stupid. He knows how to manipulatively get his way. Look at what he did with the healthcare bill. President Obama purposefully said it "was not a tax." If naive’ legislators thought it was a tax, fewer would have voted for it.

Barack Obama’s Conscious Direction subordinate Name Five (5), shows he can learn from experiences. This gives him instincts to know what is (In You), so that he can relate with other people. This is a good trait. Relating and caring are different matters however. Is he understanding what is (In You) for others’ benefit or his own? This shows how one can develop into the crafty (Fox Of) nature of the subsequent Six (6). For all his rhetoric, no genuine feelings for citizens come from him, except contempt when he disparages religious gun owners.

Five (5) is the most enigmatic or puzzling number to define. (From Wanting New) experiences, Fives (5) can become easily dissatisfied. If they aren’t problem-solvers, they can easily dismiss problems rather than solving them thoroughly. Obama has already admitted during 2008 debates that he isn’t into details. He’d rather let others trifle with weighty matters. This gives the impression of aloofness or disengagement.

Obama’s Subconscious Attraction number is Four (4) that if negative can brew to (Do Venom), becoming vindictive or if positive is (Made Victorious) by rising above personal animosities. On History Channel’s, It’s Good to Be President, journalist Richard Wolfe said, President Obama is vindictive on the golf course when he doesn’t get his way: Also, that it was especially visible when he’s tired. This kind of temper over a simple golf game shows a spoiled nature. This is not a temperament of someone who is mature. Obama can let animosities brew into a (Wen) of Five (5) that is a boil or cyst of mental agitation. When he confronts them, however, his famous temper comes into action.

The website reports, "Remember last week, when President Obama threw a fit and stormed out of budget negotiations with the House Republican leadership? Do you recall what made him blow a fuse? It was when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suggested a short-term deal to raise the debt limit a bit, because Democrats and Republicans could use more time to settle their differences." Have we ever seen President Obama on Capitol Hill, engaging Congress in negotiations for a piece of legislation? He uses Executive Orders to get his way as he did with an illegal immigration issue.

Wesley Pruden reports in The Washington Times about Obama’s famous temper tantrums, calling them sometimes effective strategy. Frustration from partisan gridlock makes this temper understandable. Jay Newton-Small reports at about Obama’s temper. He justifies it that when he’s tired he snaps at people. However, maturity would temper his temper. Not getting what he wants seems to anger him. Followers don’t mind this if he is fighting for them, but overall, an ill-tempered leader is not a positive trait. Obama’s temper is so famous that several articles explore it. One was the liberal magazine, The Nation. Their in-house laureate Calvin Trillin put it into poetry. Being that Four (4) is his Subconscious Attraction number, a quick temper may be his character.

Number Four (4) paired with Five (5) can be a chilling combination. Five (5) can have issues in a (Wen) tier of unresolved emotional angst. When combined with (Do Venom) tier of Four (4), the Five (5) (When) bursting can be spontaneously vindictive. However, once Five (5) confronts animosities, he or she forgets them unless paired with Six (6) who might calculate revenge. Unfortunately, Obama does have a Four (4) and Five (5) pairing that can be volatile, and Six (6) in his subordinate Conscious Direction can make him calculatingly vengeful.

Candidates have surrogate Super PACs for trashing opponents so that their hands appear clean. Obama is not the only president to take advantage of the system. Does this, however, bring the "change" he promised? He was never specific, so many voters projected the change they wanted onto his campaign rhetoric. This was a very clever tactic.

During the 2008 primaries, Obama wasn’t someone to go against. He was the one who played the race card then turned it to Bill Clinton’s problem who never played it. He also played it against Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Now he is playing it again every chance he gets using his surrogate Eric Holder and others. Many websites chronicled Obama playing the race card when he insinuated:
"So nobody really thinks that Bush or McCain have a real answer for the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know. He’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky. That’s essentially the argument they’re making."
Were opponents playing the race card or was Obama painting it that way? He campaigned dirty in 2008 and is heightening it for his 2012 reelection campaign. Candidates must ask themselves how much of their souls are they willing to relinquish for the job to be the most powerful man in the world? What kind of ego must one have to want to be in charge of everyone else and to fashion the world to their view? One could say, it is a lack of self worth that propels one to savage another’s character with lies to gain this job. Saying that it’s just politics elevates it to something noble: when the definition of a politician is "chiefly a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement."

That is how clever political operatives work. Is it underhanded? Voters didn’t care. They voted their hearts, not their minds. The country has paid the price because we’re deeper in debt with no real solutions to fixing the problems that Obama himself continues to blame on predecessors. In 2000 voters also elected a candidate with whom they wanted to share a beer. We’re in the exact if not worse situation in 2012 that he promised to fix in 2008 when he said opponents could not. Nevertheless, he can blame the obstructive GOP Congress. Yet, the Democrats, including then Senator Obama, went along with what Bush wanted to do, giving him expensive wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. Obama now distances himself from the very policies for which he voted.

An inexperienced Five (5) longs to find (New) experiences. This attests to his unpreparedness for the gravity of the position. Just because one thinks an idea is good, doesn’t mean it will work as imagined. This is where idealism and practicability butt heads. Weekly "date nights," costing taxpayers $ ½ M each attests, he is a nine-to-five President, preferring to clock out as an hourly employee than work as a manager with long hours. Who were the date nights to appease? Barack and Michelle Obama aren’t newlyweds. To be so cavalier with taxpayers’ monies during difficult financial times in America shows a "Let them, eat cake," attitude. The President does seem to enjoy campaigning. He could be in Washington, but was on the campaign trail long before the General election when he has no Democrat rivals. This shows his priorities. Being president seems more important to him personally than concerning himself with the problems of America.

His Life Path of Number Two (2) puts him in conflict with his stubborn Four (4). Neediness in his Two (2) (Be Too Constant) tier makes him give in on principles rather than fight for them because his desire for personal aggrandizement is paramount. Needing to be liked can go against duties of the Office. He is good at speaking up for poor Americans on the campaign stump, but not so good at applying them when it matters. The PPACA may be more about securing globalization and benefitting Medical Insurance industries than getting low income earners medical care. The poor can get onto Medicaid so would have coverage without the Healthcare Bill. It also seems for some vocal Legislators and Pundits that it was about getting their personal premiums lowered by mandating that those who don’t pay for coverage do so. After all, modern politics, for some, is about personal aggrandizement.

No rumors exist that Barack Obama is not faithful, therefore, we can assume he is on the positive side of (To Be Constant) and (Constant, Be Two) regarding relationships.

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with provisions authorizing detention of any American by the military without a habeas corpus or due process. His signing statement seemed politically expedient that while he is in office, he won’t enact those provisions, which sounded like extortion. When he is out of office, any despot can carry out the provisions unless Congress repeals it or courts overturn it. One federal court did strike that provision as reported by Democracy Now!

A federal judge has struck down part of a controversial law that allows the government to indefinitely detain anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world without charge or trial, including U.S. citizens. The ruling came in a lawsuit challenging the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, filed by a group of journalists, scholars and political activists. Judge Katherine Forrest of the Southern District of New York struck down the indefinite detention provision, saying it likely violates the First and Fifth Amendments. Judge Forrest rejected the Obama administration’s argument that the NDAA merely reaffirmed an existing law recognizing the military’s right to perform certain routine duties.

If President Obama were certain about the provision’s constitutionality, why did he pen an Executive Order saying that he would not enact those provisions while he’s President? He must have known that they weren’t constitutional, but he signed the NDAA with those provisions anyway.

President Obama took credit for ending the Iraq war when it wasn’t his to take. His predecessor George Walker Bush made an agreement with Iraqi officials to end it on that date, and though the Obama Administration wanted to continue, Iraq said No. Iraqi Officials wouldn’t continue giving American soldiers amnesty for actions.

Since President Obama is hanging his presidency on the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) examining it for its veracity is fair. The PPACA takes $500 billion from Medicare over a ten-year period. Obama also authorized other cuts of $50 billion to get the debt extension enacted. Various sources estimate that the PPACA cuts more than $700 Billion from Medicare. PPACA does not eliminate preexisting conditions. It only shortens the time before treating them: 18 months to 9 months and 12 to 3 months. Private health insurance companies do not necessarily ban pre-existing conditions either. Depending on the provider has short or long waiting times for pre-existing conditions. Some have shorter periods than PPACA has to begin treatment once signing on the dotted line. People are so uninformed that they buy the lies about the preexisting condition clause of PPACA, thinking all health insurers disallow them.

Medicare is not the end-all-be-all of healthcare. It is exactly like private insurers who charge premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, and chooses what conditions it will pay for or not. Only those who fall below guidelines for income get everything paid for by the government on Medi-Cal and Medicaid. PPACA may very well force more people onto those programs, but state governments impose limits on conditions and medicines for which they will pay. The economy is no longer in the same condition as when those programs were first enacted.

What people don’t know about those programs, is that they allow government agencies to monitor recipients’ incomes. They watch every penny they have. Is that freedom? The government doesn’t give anyone anything, but in some states, recipients must bequeath property over to the government to repay the debt. If individuals want to get off those programs, they must repay the debts. Legislators seem to have designed these programs to keep people under government’s thumb. PPACA forcing patients onto Medicaid, is forcing them into subserviency to the government.

This bill was unnecessary when we have Medicaid and Medi-Cal, and other programs for the poor. Congress could have simply opened up Medicare for anyone who wants it, not forcing everyone to buy insurance. Yes, they would pay a premium, but it’s according to their income level. Media reported that Obama met with health insurance providers to get provisions for his bill. One could conclude that he is paying off contributors rather than looking out for citizens.

Also, PPACA will gut or eliminate Medicare Advantage programs where seniors buy outside Medicare, forcing half of them to return to Medicare. It also guts the program’s benefits. See the Heritage Foundation web site at for details or search "Obamacare cuts to Medicare Advantage" for other information. Other than PPACA, he mostly governs like a conservative. PPACA raises taxes on middle income earners since Chief Justice Roberts ruled that the mandate is a tax, making it legal.

The Obama Administration has also cut Planned Parenthood funding that helps women’s health. Early in his term, Obama continued the Bush tax cuts without a fight. He has also continued the Bush wars.

Is Obama out of touch with his green agenda? He manipulated the public to enact it, without really selling its good points. The price of gas is devastating middle and lower income households. His Energy Secretary Chu even said that Obama’s Administration wants the price of gasoline to reach $8 a gallon. I forget where I heard him say it, but I heard him say it. The "Cash for Clunkers" program helped higher income earners, and did nothing for poor people to get newer cars. Dealers were forced to crush trade-ins, cars that poor people could afford to buy that would be an upgrade in miles per gallon for them. Poor people can’t afford to buy expensive tiny green cars. Ranchers would never buy them. They need their tattered trucks to haul hay and dogs. People living in rural areas where they must drive 25 to 50 miles for groceries wouldn’t buy them. They’d have to make several trips to get groceries to last the month. How is that saving gasoline energy? Poor people don’t have outlets to charge 40-mile batteries. Are apartment owners going to build them for each tenant? Obama lets ideology cloud practical judgment. He is the one who is out of touch with poor Americans. Poor people can’t afford loans for $15,000 to $30,000 cars, nor the more expensive insurance they would need. They need to buy basics like gas and food. Instead, he lets these commodities rise in price, trying to force consumers to buy his "green" cars. Where is the compassion in this? Nevertheless, he travels around in the official luxury limo for date nights and campaigning rather than staying in Washington, working.

I must be honest. When Obama sang the half bar of Al Green’s song, I would have melted if he’d gone on longer. That was the first time I ever regarded him as sexy when media spun that as his quality. I never found him sexy, but rigid and artificial, trying to appear authoritative when he was probably uncomfortable. He seems more like a little boy trying to fill daddy’s shoes when mom was left alone. I don’t fault him for that. He is too young and inexperienced for the position given to him.

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  1. Very interesting analysis! I'm very unhappy with Obama but, to be honest, even more put off and frankly scared by Romney and Ryan. I particularly detest Ryan. I think they're even more over the top for the millionaires and have no concern at all for the 99%. What a horrible choice voters have this time around. But, still, I'm planning to hold my nose and vote for Obama because a GOP victory is just too appalling to imagine.

    1. Thank you for your comment Kathy. But, I think you are wrong on this one. I'm less afraid of Romney than Obama. I've done my homework on both. Romney is a fixer. All he wants to do is get America back in the right direction. He doesn't need the money or want it. He isn't going to take a salary as President. He didn't as Governor of MA or Olympic Director. I don't get from him at all that he is just for the 1%. He comes across as genuinely liking people, but just a shy nerdish type. I adore his wife. I was also concerned with the Paul Ryan pick, but he isn't the president. AND, what VP has ever done much of anything. Ryan's Medicare fix suggestions are not as bad as media makes them out to be. Any of his suggestions would not effect our age category anyway. Romney I trust. Obama, I don't trust. I've done my homework on him too, I don't mean the nonsense, but there is too much legitimate stuff out there. Mostly, I'm afraid of him because of his own actions. His aside to Putin was a curious action on his part. Kathy, I won't lie to you and you know I respect your opinions, but I'm not one bit afraid of Romney. I didn't care for Ryan pick, but he has no teeth as VP and I've checked his proposals out. He nor his proposals are as scary as I first preceived them to be. So good to hear from you again. LOL, Barbara