Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Political Turn in the Road

Using numbers in "No Nonsense Numerology-The Code," to analyze character is feasible. Doing it thoroughly takes a great deal of observation and thought. Doing a cursory examination of individuals is as superficial as any other numerology method. Fully understanding how Subconscious Attraction and Conscious Directions numbers interact in completing Super-Conscious Life Path numbers is what really makes it beneficial.

A crucial point in these numbers is also revealing whether one is on the positive track or the negative one. Also, they show how to return to the positive if taking the negative. Getting a "thumbs-up" is helpful in growth. We know ourselves if we are negative or positive. This method of numerology verifies what we already know. Whether we are willing to make changes if necessary, is up to us individually.

As an example, I’ve included a brief analysis of President Obama since his actions in office reflect in his numbers. We are all bouncing between the negative and positive. So is any public official. The problem is that politicians want to put themselves in charge of the rest of us. We are not doing our job of holding them accountable. When Congress, namely former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and former DNC Chair Howard Dean didn’t hold, George Walker Bush accountable this led us down a destructive path where real thugs can take over. Of the crop of GOP candidates, Obama may be the only alternative, if no Democrat will go up against him, or no Independent courageously enters the three-ring-circus.

Having watched all of the 2008 presidential debates, I knew one word pattern of Barack Hussein Obama (08/04/1961) is (Take Back) in his Two (2) Super-Conscious Life Path number. (I used his full name to show what to calculate as his Name Direction number.) He makes ill-advised statements that he later must retract. He flip-flops with policies because he has little conviction, likely from simply too little life experience. His speeches are well thought out, but speeches should be since more often than not others write them. His off-the-cuff statements can get him into trouble, e.g., the Nancy Reagan comment. Obama appears a (Just Ask) One (1) for his Conscious Name Direction, while he does (Adjust) to (New) life experiences, making him a young soul. President Obama seems under equipped for his job, but most presidents are. Who can really know the pitfalls before turning the key to that White House front door for the first time? He is (Moved) and (Victory Made) over (Venom Do) of Four (4) that is his Subconscious Attraction number. While important for him to be (Made Victorious) over personal anger, he seems more concerned with winning for his own benefit of reelection than the health of the country. Whether he eventually is (Made Victorious) over personal anger, will show during his lifetime. However, this is his Subconscious Attraction number that theoretically embed qualities of that number. Even while the credit limit debate grinds on, he campaigns for contributions, showing his reelection concerns, before important business at hand. Barack Obama’s subordinate Name Direction shows he has a word pattern of (New) in his Number Five (5). We cannot know if they are in relationships that he (Knew) from prior lives. He seems a (Be Constant, Two) in that no sex scandals exist, pegging him to learn (To Be Constant) in relationships from his Two (2) Life Path. Where he is not faithful, is in ideals. He seems to change them with the kiss of wind on his cheeks to please the GOP. This is why I call him a (Take Back) Two (2).

Finally, commentators are revealing that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ever more, he reveals his conservative bent. Especially in this Kabuki Theater of the debt ceiling drama where he pretends to care about protecting the underclass, but seems willing to give away the store to the GOP. Some Democratic Congresspersons are also players in this Theater of the Absurd.

So, what was the healthcare bill all about? It seems like a payoff or benefit to insurance industries more than a benefit for citizens, who must cough up money they may not have to buy mandated-insurance. Of course, they can claim special poverty needs and sign over their lives to the government to pay this tax like Medicaid and SSI recipients now do. The healthcare bill cuts half a trillion dollars from Medicare over a period of ten years. This is odd for some Democratic Congresspersons to say that it is only the GOP who wants to get rid of Medicare. It seems they want to as well. Even more telling, the Administration and some Democratic Congresspersons are willing to make deeper cuts to Medicare to move the Debt-Ceiling crisis along.

In Real Estate, puffing is considered stretching or exaggerating the truth, not out-and-out lying. In politics, puffing is lying.

"Baby Boomers" should be fed-up with constant vilification for their date-of-birth that was not their doing. GOP pundits are constantly reminding younger people, though not stated directly, that Baby-Boomers are to blame for the crisis if the GOP doesn’t get their way. Citizens are not responsible. Congresspersons, who voted for these unfunded programs, wars, and tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires are responsible. They spend monies like spoiled children on a bender with dad’s credit card before he finds out it is gone. Citizens pay into the coffers with their hard earned money. Congress carelessly throws it away.

Voters may only seem unexcited over the current crop of GOP candidates: even the one who imitates the previous president from Texas who hasn’t yet thrown his 10-gallon into the ring and a few others who seem totally deluded. Voters might really find their hateful policies distasteful that vilify seniors, disabled, and veterans, but don’t object to unfunded wars that killed countless innocent people. Fighting terrorism should have been a police action, not a full-blown war.

That said, the media is virtually giving one candidate no coverage because he takes no PAC contributions. He accepts only a maximum of $100 from each person, which he will report, required or not. Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer replaced Herman Cain on "The Colbert Report," tonight. Even if it were love at first sight, I’m not as naive as I was when younger, so I’m checking him out. Still, this could be the real thing. As far as his numbers, they are unusual. Either he is the real deal, or he’s fooled everyone. If it turns out that he is a positive candidate, I may profile him with a number review.

I’ve gone off on a tangent. I don’t really know how I can explain a book that explains itself. So, I’ve ranted about the state of our country. That is my bent or concern. My Token Rock blog "Recovering the Life Force" sneaks in occasional political comments. This is my blog, representing my concerns with the gloves off. I do realize it is just another lame opinion.

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  1. Very interesting and thought provoking post, Barbara! While I'm totally revolted by the GOP, I've been mystified by Obama and the Democrats as concession after concession is made to Wall Street, the corporate world and Big Pharma -- while moves that would help and protect the middle class and poor like single payer healthcare and the protection of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are off the table. Even though Obama talks about helping the little people and things like Social Security, he then turns around and uses these as bargaining chips in his kabuki dance with the GOP. I really appreciate your analysis politically and with numerology!