Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What the Numbers Represent

I’m not going to go into details in this blog about how I discovered the meaning of each number. I’ve done that in the book. For future reference, however, I will use this post to show each tier and the word patterns associated with each number. You may want to buy the book to learn how I discovered the word patterns, thus, definitions. I painstakingly logged that effort in the book, No Nonsense Numerology—The Code, to establish that I’m not trying to deceive anyone.

Number One (1)
Tiers = ajs-asj-jas-jsa-saj-sja
Word Patterns = (Adjust) (A Sage-As Just) (Jackass-Just Ask) (Just Say) (Sage-Say Just) (Sage)

Number Two (2)
Tiers = bkt-btk-kbt-ktb-tbk-tkb
Word Patterns = (Backed-Back It) (Be Too Constant) (Constant, Be Two) (Constant, To Be) (To Be Constant-To Back) (Take Back)

Number Three (3)
Tiers = clu-cul-lcu-luc-ucl-ulc
Word Patterns = (Clue) (Cull) (Lucky You) (Luck) (You Cull-Your Clue) (Your Luck)

Number Four (4)
Tiers = dmv-dvm-mdv-mvd-vdm-vmd
Word Patterns = (Doom Victory-Do Move) (Do Venom) (Made Victorious) (Moved) (Victory Doomed) (Venom Do-Victory Made)

Number Five (5)
Tiers = enw-ewn-new-nwe-wen-wne
Word Patterns = (In You-From New) (From Wanting New) (New-Knew) (New Entrance) (Wen-When) (Won New Entrance-Wanting New Entrance)

Number Six (6)
Tiers = fox-fxo-ofx-oxf-xfo-xof
Word Patterns = (Fox) (Fix Only-Fox Of) (Only Fix-Of Ox) (Ox For-Ask For) (Ask For) (Ask Of)

Number Seven (7)
Tiers = gpy-gyp-pgy-pyg-ygp-ypg
Word Patterns = (Gypsy-Gypee) (Gyp) (Piggy) (Pig) (Why Gyp) (Why Pig)

Number Eight (8)
Tiers = hqz-hzq-qhz-qzh-zhq-zqh
Word Patterns = (Hard Quiz) (Has Question) (Question Hard Unknown Quantity) (Quiz High) (Unknown Quantity Hard Question) (Unknown Quantity Question High)

Number Nine (9)
Tiers = ir-ri
Word Patterns = (Ire - I Are - I Rise) (Are I)

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