Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Is The Significancy of "Significancy" Numbers?

The characteristics of the Significancy numbers, Attraction and Direction, may be what determines the outcome of the third number, the Life Path that is the main goal of achievement during a lifetime. The definitions of these numbers reveal attitudes, not occupations. How the Attraction and Direction numbers obstruct or accomplish this goal must be based upon negative or positive attitudes, playing out as karmic obligations that some numbers seem to have. Constructing their role is based upon discovering the personal relationship between the Entire Birth Date, Birth Day, Name, and any subordinate Names. Determinations must include the role that the psyche plays in the interaction between the Subconscious, Conscious, and Super-Conscious Significancy numbers.

Entire Birth Date from the Super-Conscious equals the Life Path number:

Since the Entire Birth Date equals the complete date of birth, it takes priority over the single Birth Day number. This makes it the Life Path number when reduced to a single digit. It must represent Super-Conscious motivations coming from more rarified dimensions, generally perceived as spatially higher. This may be why the Life Path number can be considered coming from a higher self or higher consciousness.

The Birth Day from the Subconscious equals the Attraction number:

The Birth Day number, though designated a special day for being the day of birth, is a smaller number than the Entire Birth Date. This must make it lesser to the Life Path and, so, the Attraction number. The Attraction number must represent the Subconscious because an Attraction cannot form without familiarity––first, tasting chocolate before craving it. Therefore, the designation of Attraction seemed suitable. Prior life experiences must then become integrated characteristics that form personality, playing a Subconscious role to the current Super-Conscious Life Path number.

The Name from Conscious Awareness equals the Direction number:

Changing an original birth Name is a voluntary choice. The other two Significancy numbers are invariable, thus, unalterable. The Name is the only number that is mutable. This distinction associates this number with cognizance toward achieving the Life Path, thus, I created the term Conscious Direction for the name.

The Direction number is the Conscious choice that one makes when keeping or rejecting his or her the birth Name to a subordinate one. This Direction number helps or hinders completion of the Life Path if bringing Conscious awareness to the foreground.

Subordinate Names are added to the original Name by Conscious Direction. Because these numbers represent Conscious awareness, the conditions they represent may be known factors, but perhaps, only from the Super-Conscious or Subconscious levels. Birth Names likely play the paramount role in life since they are the original one.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. It explains, with such clarity, some concepts that had eluded me!