Thursday, October 20, 2016

Numerology Match Up Between Hillary and Donald

Hillary Diane Rodham = Original Name, Conscious Direction = Six (6)
Hillary Rodham Clinton = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = Six (6)
Hillary Clinton = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = One (1)
10/26/1947=Subconscious Attraction=Eight (8) Super-Conscious Life Path=Three (3)

Donald John Trump = Original Name, Conscious Direction = Nine (5)
Donald Trump = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = Three (3)
Donald J. Trump = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = Four (4)
06/14/1946 = Subconscious Attraction = (5) Super-Conscious Life Path = (4)

I waited to do the analysis until the last debate to give Donald Trump a third chance to change his tactics. He didn’t. He proves that he is incapable of changing. His numbers verify this.

Numbers in No Nonsense Numerology - The Code, confirm who we are by our actions. If we take them seriously, we can change for the better. Most people, however, want to know what number they need to find the right mate, to get rich, etc. Most numerologists are quite happy to oblige them with zero proof of how they came to their conclusions. I don’t. In the book, I show exactly how I came to my conclusions of the numbers as laid out by Pythagoras. The alphabetic letters, aligning beneath numbers from One (1) through Nine (9) reveal Word Patterns of psychological attributes.

In these analyses, I don’t use every Word Pattern as we don’t always operate under all of them. We may, from time to time, touch upon them. Mostly, we move between negative and positive Word Patterns until we learn to stay positive.

Hillary Clinton

Going by the name she currently uses as Hillary Clinton, will affect most of her present decisions. Her Original Name as Hillary Diane Rodham or Subordinate Name Hillary Rodham Clinton will have lesser effect on her decisions. They may, however, show character strengths and weaknesses. Hillary Clinton’s Subordinate Name gives her a Number One (1) for her Conscious Direction.

Whether you hate or love her, or are somewhere between, you must admit, she is no (Jackass), a.k.a. dolt. She has been naïve', however, probably from starting life in a loving home where her parents encouraged her. Did she expect that her deeply-felt mission to help women and children would offend others, who go to extraordinary measures to stop her?

She has had problems with (Just Say) the truth in number One (1): also in her Conscious Direction that is (Fix Only - Fox Of) its deceptive nature in number Six (6). In her past as a young lawyer, reports say that she made mistakes by lying. Her Number Six (6) for both Hillary Diane Rodham and Hillary Rodham Clinton could reflect that she was, at times, less than truthful. She no longer uses her maiden name of Rodham. Names are the only numbers we can change through conscious decisions to direct the outcome of our Life Paths.

Hillary haters won’t forgive her. In fact, their mantra is that she lies about everything. That statement, itself, is a complete lie. They justify their hatred by believing every unproven conspiracy theory against her, trying to convince themselves that they are right. Their egos make them willfully blind and when incited this can be dangerous.

Imagine, if people hated any of us with such fervor. Could we survive it without crawling into a hole to die? She survives the continuing accusations with grace, using her faith to guide her.

The Word Pattern of (Adjust) in Number One (1) of her Subordinate Name is something Hillary Clinton is surmounting. She is a (Sage) at deflecting blows, instinctually using the clever (Fox) of her Six (6). Who can blame her? Onslaughts of vile accusations are refuted even by those charging her. Hillary haters, however, refuse to accept the outcomes.

The Number Six (6) Word Pattern (Of Ox) taught her to work hard. The attribute (Of Ox) is working hard to achieve goals. No one can say that she is lazy. Hillary Clinton doesn’t only work hard; she is relentless. Even her opponent, praised her for never giving up. She worked through pneumonia where others would rest. Her detractors, nevertheless, tried to use this to discredit her, exaggerating that she was dying.

(Ask For) and (Ask Of) are also Word Patterns of Six (6). One, is wanting things, the other is asking of oneself or others to achieve higher goals. Hillary seems to do the latter.

(Fox) in Number Six (6) of her Conscious Direction can give her cunning intelligence. She uses it to her advantage in politics, the arena where she chooses to serve others. Some see this as a negative. Cunning can be for good or selfish purposes. Police may use lies to entrap criminals. Is this bad? It depends on which end of the lie one is on.

Eight (8) as her Subconscious Attraction number guides Hillary beneath her conscious mind. This number impresses us most from previous lives or existence to help achieve our Life Path number.

Number Eight (8) is only about having a quiz; whether it is (Hard Quiz) (Has Question) (Question Hard Unknown Quantity) (Quiz High) (Unknown Quantity Hard Question) (Unknown Quantity Question High)

The tests are either, embraced or not. They are on spiritual matters or material ones.

We can see by her actions that Hillary embraces her tests. She has not shirked her mission in this life, no matter how relentlessly persecuted to stop her.

Number Three (3) is Hillary’s Life Path number. It represents the Word Patterns of (Cull) (Clue) (Lucky You) (Luck) (You Cull - Your Clue) [to find] (Your Luck).

Hillary’s Subconscious Attraction number Eight (8) pushes her to achieve her goal. She bears the tests through Conscious Direction of One (1), giving her understanding she needs. Hillary knows she must achieve the highest aspects of Three (3) to complete her mission in this life by passing (Hard Quiz) (High Quiz). She must (Cull) the (Clue) of her Life Path number to find her (Luck).

She has intelligence of (Sage - Say Just) in Number One (1) of her Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction to keep her from sticking her foot in her mouth. What we say, matters. Though in times of frustration and exhaustion she hasn’t always lived up to it. Most of us are bouncing between the negative and positive traits of numbers. Nevertheless, Hillary shows that she is a learned One (1) when she makes self-deprecating jokes: a trait of that number. Hillary doesn’t appear to have just landed on (Lucky) Three (3) as a Life Path number by (Luck).

Interestingly, 2007 was a Nine (9) year, giving Hillary a Three (3) for her personal number of that year. Pundits touted her as the favorite until the next year 2008 came. Adding her Life Path and the year number gave her a Four (4). Was she (Made Victorious) in that election? No. Barack Obama, however, was in a Three (3) year. So was his Republican opponent John McCain. We know the outcome. They were the two nominees for that year, but we only have one president from one party who serves.

This election year of 2016 is a Nine (9) year. Adding her Life Path number to this one gives her, personally, a Three (3) year. It seems that a plan guides Hillary’s life.


Donald Trump

Mr. Trump mostly uses two names: Donald Trump and Donald J. Trump. I know he uses his middle initial because I’m always getting donation pitches in the mail. [Full disclosure, I’m not a Republican, I’m an Independent.] The Original Birth Name of Five (5) for Donald John Trump has influence: not as much influence, however, as his current Subordinate Names that give him Three (3) and Four (4), respectively.

With Donald Trump as his Subordinate Name Conscious Direction number Three (3), he has to admit that he is (Lucky). Who else could spew hatred and incoherent messages, and remain in a presidential race? His (Luck) began at birth to a rich father who apparently never disciplined him. I say, apparently, as we know very little of his upbringing. He behaves as if his parents spoiled him. I once tweeted that he acts like the little boy (Billy Mumy) who wished people into the corn field if they displeased him from the Outer Limits television series. His financial and career (Luck) began with million-dollar loans from his father. Records show that he has squandered that (Luck) through faulty business dealings.

His (Luck), however, may have run out during this 2016 election year if he cannot change: 2016 equals Nine (9), making it a good time for him to change. (I Rise) as one Word Pattern of this number works to surmount anger (Ire), egotism (I Are), and insecurity (Are I).

Others have said that Trump is showing his real self. A quote of Dr. Maya Angelou says, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Trump followers, however, won’t believe he is telling them who he is even with his own recorded words and actions. Are they projecting themselves onto him? Trump supporters attribute their motives, which may be pure, onto him. Many people do project their motives onto others instead of seeing them clearly.

The Word Pattern (Wen) of the Subconscious Attraction number Five (5) may be prompting him to speak his mind. The word (Wen) means a cyst, specifically on the head. Symbolically, this requires purging mental angst and animosity. This may encourage Mr. Trump to say what is currently on his mind because what he thinks changes from one moment to the next. Speculatively, something physical being wrong with his brain, giving him no self control, may also be a factor: thus, the vile language and groping of women. This idea, however, may only be giving him an excuse for bad behavior.

Voters love politicians who speak their minds. This is refreshing. It is too bad, however, that what Donald Trump thinks is so morally reprehensible. Is his subconscious trying to purge itself using the (Wen) of Five (5), to make him a better person?

The Subconscious Attraction number of Five (5) reinforces aspects of his same Conscious Direction number for Donald John Trump. He has the capacity to know what is (In You). He is always boasting of how perceptive he is. In those who follow a positive path, this is a good thing. Those such as con artists may use the negative aspects of this trait to scam others because they know how people will respond to their words. Does he really feel about issues as he says, or does he have long term motives? Reports say that his son-in-law is putting out feelers to banking magnates to get money for a Trump television channel. This doesn’t speak to really wanting the Presidency, but using the election to gain personally.

Donald John Trump uses others with his ability to manipulate them for his benefit. Real evidence proves this. The documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, shows how ruthless he was in getting his way. He talks about a rigged system here in the States, yet, in Scotland he used their system to bribe officials. He paid them off to cut water and power from homes of those who would not sell their land to him so he could build a golf course. Documentation shows, from lawsuits against him, he has chronically stiffed employees and contractors. Dissatisfied students of Trump University are suing him. He used Trump Foundation funds to commission a six-foot portrait of himself and pay attorney fees for lawsuits against him when he puts very little personal money into the fund. These are only a few documented charges, pointing out how he manipulates the system for his benefit.

Number Five (5) is the most complicated of numbers. The Word Patterns are (In You - From New) (From Wanting New) (New - Knew) (New Entrance) (Wen - When) (Won New Entrance - Wanting New Entrance).

Donald Trump is never satisfied. (From Wanting New) makes him itchy to be elsewhere or have something else. This dissatisfaction shows, not only in physical properties, but relationships with human beings. His three wives and unwanted flirtations with other women are examples.

(Won New Entrance) is a higher aspect of Five (5). This is something we earn. How we do this puts us on the positive path or the negative one. It does not appear that Mr. Trump is (Wanting New Entrance). He seems satisfied with himself and says so. He brags about his perceived perfection.

His Life Path number Four (4) doubles down on Donald J. Trump, his Subordinate Name that is also Four (4). Being that it is a Conscious Direction number, he deliberately chooses to (Do Venom). He is vindictive against everyone who disputes him or says a disparaging word, or those he simply doesn’t like. The ability to develop thick skin to survive in this world seems to have eluded him during his formative years. He resorts to intimidation and threats to get his way. He’s become a bully. However, bullies are really just frightened people. They overreact to scare others so that they will not be hurt themselves.

His Super-Conscious Life Path of Four (4) is for learning the positive aspects, to be (Made Victorious) over his angst and animosity. It is as though his higher self is trying to wake up his consciousness to see flaws that he refuses to acknowledge. His current wife Melania said that she points out to him some of his shortcomings. This is good for him. He is (Lucky) to have her loving support.

We don’t have to take a negative path of the Word Patterns. We can choose the positive path. Notably, when not given proper upbringing, life will be challenging. It is up to us to learn what is right and not operate on autopilot. Are we only good if we get everything we want? Or, are we good if we get nothing we want? Maybe this is a lesson of this material world to prepare us for another.

Having Four (4) is like having a good angel on one shoulder and a bad one on the other. The Word Patterns of Four (4) are (Doom Victory - Do Move) (Do Venom) (Made Victorious) (Moved) (Victory Doomed) (Venom Do - Victory Made).

Most times, people want to be (Made Victorious) over the material world, e.g., winning in sports; winning the hearts of the opposite sex; winning in business, or winning a presidential election. Donald J. Trump is (Victory Doomed) using the methods he is for winning this election. This is because of his own nature of which he has admitted to, himself. He will not be (Moved) to change when the Word Patterns (Doom Victory - Do Move) shows that real winning is by changing his perspectives and character. He will be (Victory Doomed) unless he is (Moved) to change and stop sabotaging himself and everyone else.

When Donald Trump gets it he will be (Made Victorious) over himself. He will use the positive aspects of his Subordinate Name of Conscious Direction Three (3) to (Cull) a (Clue) to find his (Luck).

Unfortunately, the Four (4) of Donald J. Trump doesn’t have the will to change, and is more difficult to overcome when pared with the same Life Path number. His Four (4) is too strong. He has operated under the negative aspects for too long. He incites his followers toward hateful violence unless he gets what he wants. Is this a democratic leader or a despotic tyrant dictator wannabe? What makes people fall in love with hatred?

Something profound must occur to him to prove that he needs to change. Newt Gingrich described Donald Trump as Big Donald and Little Donald. The Donald must decide which he wants to be.

After all, this is the ultimate goal of No Nonsense Numerology - The Code, not who we will marry or how rich we will become. It’s a blueprint for building good character and raising our vibrations.

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