Thursday, October 20, 2016

Numerology Match Up Between Hillary and Donald

Hillary Diane Rodham = Original Name, Conscious Direction = Six (6)
Hillary Rodham Clinton = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = Six (6)
Hillary Clinton = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = One (1)
10/26/1947=Subconscious Attraction=Eight (8) Super-Conscious Life Path=Three (3)

Donald John Trump = Original Name, Conscious Direction = Nine (5)
Donald Trump = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = Three (3)
Donald J. Trump = Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction = Four (4)
06/14/1946 = Subconscious Attraction = (5) Super-Conscious Life Path = (4)

I waited to do the analysis until the last debate to give Donald Trump a third chance to change his tactics. He didn’t. He proves that he is incapable of changing. His numbers verify this.

Numbers in No Nonsense Numerology - The Code, confirm who we are by our actions. If we take them seriously, we can change for the better. Most people, however, want to know what number they need to find the right mate, to get rich, etc. Most numerologists are quite happy to oblige them with zero proof of how they came to their conclusions. I don’t. In the book, I show exactly how I came to my conclusions of the numbers as laid out by Pythagoras. The alphabetic letters, aligning beneath numbers from One (1) through Nine (9) reveal Word Patterns of psychological attributes.

In these analyses, I don’t use every Word Pattern as we don’t always operate under all of them. We may, from time to time, touch upon them. Mostly, we move between negative and positive Word Patterns until we learn to stay positive.

Hillary Clinton

Going by the name she currently uses as Hillary Clinton, will affect most of her present decisions. Her Original Name as Hillary Diane Rodham or Subordinate Name Hillary Rodham Clinton will have lesser effect on her decisions. They may, however, show character strengths and weaknesses. Hillary Clinton’s Subordinate Name gives her a Number One (1) for her Conscious Direction.

Whether you hate or love her, or are somewhere between, you must admit, she is no (Jackass), a.k.a. dolt. She has been naïve', however, probably from starting life in a loving home where her parents encouraged her. Did she expect that her deeply-felt mission to help women and children would offend others, who go to extraordinary measures to stop her?

She has had problems with (Just Say) the truth in number One (1): also in her Conscious Direction that is (Fix Only - Fox Of) its deceptive nature in number Six (6). In her past as a young lawyer, reports say that she made mistakes by lying. Her Number Six (6) for both Hillary Diane Rodham and Hillary Rodham Clinton could reflect that she was, at times, less than truthful. She no longer uses her maiden name of Rodham. Names are the only numbers we can change through conscious decisions to direct the outcome of our Life Paths.

Hillary haters won’t forgive her. In fact, their mantra is that she lies about everything. That statement, itself, is a complete lie. They justify their hatred by believing every unproven conspiracy theory against her, trying to convince themselves that they are right. Their egos make them willfully blind and when incited this can be dangerous.

Imagine, if people hated any of us with such fervor. Could we survive it without crawling into a hole to die? She survives the continuing accusations with grace, using her faith to guide her.

The Word Pattern of (Adjust) in Number One (1) of her Subordinate Name is something Hillary Clinton is surmounting. She is a (Sage) at deflecting blows, instinctually using the clever (Fox) of her Six (6). Who can blame her? Onslaughts of vile accusations are refuted even by those charging her. Hillary haters, however, refuse to accept the outcomes.

The Number Six (6) Word Pattern (Of Ox) taught her to work hard. The attribute (Of Ox) is working hard to achieve goals. No one can say that she is lazy. Hillary Clinton doesn’t only work hard; she is relentless. Even her opponent, praised her for never giving up. She worked through pneumonia where others would rest. Her detractors, nevertheless, tried to use this to discredit her, exaggerating that she was dying.

(Ask For) and (Ask Of) are also Word Patterns of Six (6). One, is wanting things, the other is asking of oneself or others to achieve higher goals. Hillary seems to do the latter.

(Fox) in Number Six (6) of her Conscious Direction can give her cunning intelligence. She uses it to her advantage in politics, the arena where she chooses to serve others. Some see this as a negative. Cunning can be for good or selfish purposes. Police may use lies to entrap criminals. Is this bad? It depends on which end of the lie one is on.

Eight (8) as her Subconscious Attraction number guides Hillary beneath her conscious mind. This number impresses us most from previous lives or existence to help achieve our Life Path number.

Number Eight (8) is only about having a quiz; whether it is (Hard Quiz) (Has Question) (Question Hard Unknown Quantity) (Quiz High) (Unknown Quantity Hard Question) (Unknown Quantity Question High)

The tests are either, embraced or not. They are on spiritual matters or material ones.

We can see by her actions that Hillary embraces her tests. She has not shirked her mission in this life, no matter how relentlessly persecuted to stop her.

Number Three (3) is Hillary’s Life Path number. It represents the Word Patterns of (Cull) (Clue) (Lucky You) (Luck) (You Cull - Your Clue) [to find] (Your Luck).

Hillary’s Subconscious Attraction number Eight (8) pushes her to achieve her goal. She bears the tests through Conscious Direction of One (1), giving her understanding she needs. Hillary knows she must achieve the highest aspects of Three (3) to complete her mission in this life by passing (Hard Quiz) (High Quiz). She must (Cull) the (Clue) of her Life Path number to find her (Luck).

She has intelligence of (Sage - Say Just) in Number One (1) of her Subordinate Name, Conscious Direction to keep her from sticking her foot in her mouth. What we say, matters. Though in times of frustration and exhaustion she hasn’t always lived up to it. Most of us are bouncing between the negative and positive traits of numbers. Nevertheless, Hillary shows that she is a learned One (1) when she makes self-deprecating jokes: a trait of that number. Hillary doesn’t appear to have just landed on (Lucky) Three (3) as a Life Path number by (Luck).

Interestingly, 2007 was a Nine (9) year, giving Hillary a Three (3) for her personal number of that year. Pundits touted her as the favorite until the next year 2008 came. Adding her Life Path and the year number gave her a Four (4). Was she (Made Victorious) in that election? No. Barack Obama, however, was in a Three (3) year. So was his Republican opponent John McCain. We know the outcome. They were the two nominees for that year, but we only have one president from one party who serves.

This election year of 2016 is a Nine (9) year. Adding her Life Path number to this one gives her, personally, a Three (3) year. It seems that a plan guides Hillary’s life.


Donald Trump

Mr. Trump mostly uses two names: Donald Trump and Donald J. Trump. I know he uses his middle initial because I’m always getting donation pitches in the mail. [Full disclosure, I’m not a Republican, I’m an Independent.] The Original Birth Name of Five (5) for Donald John Trump has influence: not as much influence, however, as his current Subordinate Names that give him Three (3) and Four (4), respectively.

With Donald Trump as his Subordinate Name Conscious Direction number Three (3), he has to admit that he is (Lucky). Who else could spew hatred and incoherent messages, and remain in a presidential race? His (Luck) began at birth to a rich father who apparently never disciplined him. I say, apparently, as we know very little of his upbringing. He behaves as if his parents spoiled him. I once tweeted that he acts like the little boy (Billy Mumy) who wished people into the corn field if they displeased him from the Outer Limits television series. His financial and career (Luck) began with million-dollar loans from his father. Records show that he has squandered that (Luck) through faulty business dealings.

His (Luck), however, may have run out during this 2016 election year if he cannot change: 2016 equals Nine (9), making it a good time for him to change. (I Rise) as one Word Pattern of this number works to surmount anger (Ire), egotism (I Are), and insecurity (Are I).

Others have said that Trump is showing his real self. A quote of Dr. Maya Angelou says, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Trump followers, however, won’t believe he is telling them who he is even with his own recorded words and actions. Are they projecting themselves onto him? Trump supporters attribute their motives, which may be pure, onto him. Many people do project their motives onto others instead of seeing them clearly.

The Word Pattern (Wen) of the Subconscious Attraction number Five (5) may be prompting him to speak his mind. The word (Wen) means a cyst, specifically on the head. Symbolically, this requires purging mental angst and animosity. This may encourage Mr. Trump to say what is currently on his mind because what he thinks changes from one moment to the next. Speculatively, something physical being wrong with his brain, giving him no self control, may also be a factor: thus, the vile language and groping of women. This idea, however, may only be giving him an excuse for bad behavior.

Voters love politicians who speak their minds. This is refreshing. It is too bad, however, that what Donald Trump thinks is so morally reprehensible. Is his subconscious trying to purge itself using the (Wen) of Five (5), to make him a better person?

The Subconscious Attraction number of Five (5) reinforces aspects of his same Conscious Direction number for Donald John Trump. He has the capacity to know what is (In You). He is always boasting of how perceptive he is. In those who follow a positive path, this is a good thing. Those such as con artists may use the negative aspects of this trait to scam others because they know how people will respond to their words. Does he really feel about issues as he says, or does he have long term motives? Reports say that his son-in-law is putting out feelers to banking magnates to get money for a Trump television channel. This doesn’t speak to really wanting the Presidency, but using the election to gain personally.

Donald John Trump uses others with his ability to manipulate them for his benefit. Real evidence proves this. The documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, shows how ruthless he was in getting his way. He talks about a rigged system here in the States, yet, in Scotland he used their system to bribe officials. He paid them off to cut water and power from homes of those who would not sell their land to him so he could build a golf course. Documentation shows, from lawsuits against him, he has chronically stiffed employees and contractors. Dissatisfied students of Trump University are suing him. He used Trump Foundation funds to commission a six-foot portrait of himself and pay attorney fees for lawsuits against him when he puts very little personal money into the fund. These are only a few documented charges, pointing out how he manipulates the system for his benefit.

Number Five (5) is the most complicated of numbers. The Word Patterns are (In You - From New) (From Wanting New) (New - Knew) (New Entrance) (Wen - When) (Won New Entrance - Wanting New Entrance).

Donald Trump is never satisfied. (From Wanting New) makes him itchy to be elsewhere or have something else. This dissatisfaction shows, not only in physical properties, but relationships with human beings. His three wives and unwanted flirtations with other women are examples.

(Won New Entrance) is a higher aspect of Five (5). This is something we earn. How we do this puts us on the positive path or the negative one. It does not appear that Mr. Trump is (Wanting New Entrance). He seems satisfied with himself and says so. He brags about his perceived perfection.

His Life Path number Four (4) doubles down on Donald J. Trump, his Subordinate Name that is also Four (4). Being that it is a Conscious Direction number, he deliberately chooses to (Do Venom). He is vindictive against everyone who disputes him or says a disparaging word, or those he simply doesn’t like. The ability to develop thick skin to survive in this world seems to have eluded him during his formative years. He resorts to intimidation and threats to get his way. He’s become a bully. However, bullies are really just frightened people. They overreact to scare others so that they will not be hurt themselves.

His Super-Conscious Life Path of Four (4) is for learning the positive aspects, to be (Made Victorious) over his angst and animosity. It is as though his higher self is trying to wake up his consciousness to see flaws that he refuses to acknowledge. His current wife Melania said that she points out to him some of his shortcomings. This is good for him. He is (Lucky) to have her loving support.

We don’t have to take a negative path of the Word Patterns. We can choose the positive path. Notably, when not given proper upbringing, life will be challenging. It is up to us to learn what is right and not operate on autopilot. Are we only good if we get everything we want? Or, are we good if we get nothing we want? Maybe this is a lesson of this material world to prepare us for another.

Having Four (4) is like having a good angel on one shoulder and a bad one on the other. The Word Patterns of Four (4) are (Doom Victory - Do Move) (Do Venom) (Made Victorious) (Moved) (Victory Doomed) (Venom Do - Victory Made).

Most times, people want to be (Made Victorious) over the material world, e.g., winning in sports; winning the hearts of the opposite sex; winning in business, or winning a presidential election. Donald J. Trump is (Victory Doomed) using the methods he is for winning this election. This is because of his own nature of which he has admitted to, himself. He will not be (Moved) to change when the Word Patterns (Doom Victory - Do Move) shows that real winning is by changing his perspectives and character. He will be (Victory Doomed) unless he is (Moved) to change and stop sabotaging himself and everyone else.

When Donald Trump gets it he will be (Made Victorious) over himself. He will use the positive aspects of his Subordinate Name of Conscious Direction Three (3) to (Cull) a (Clue) to find his (Luck).

Unfortunately, the Four (4) of Donald J. Trump doesn’t have the will to change, and is more difficult to overcome when pared with the same Life Path number. His Four (4) is too strong. He has operated under the negative aspects for too long. He incites his followers toward hateful violence unless he gets what he wants. Is this a democratic leader or a despotic tyrant dictator wannabe? What makes people fall in love with hatred?

Something profound must occur to him to prove that he needs to change. Newt Gingrich described Donald Trump as Big Donald and Little Donald. The Donald must decide which he wants to be.

After all, this is the ultimate goal of No Nonsense Numerology - The Code, not who we will marry or how rich we will become. It’s a blueprint for building good character and raising our vibrations.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm Back

You haven’t seen anything from me for a few years. I know, you thought I was dead. Well, I was almost dead a few times. That, however, is for another blog.

I gave up on No Nonsense Numerology - The Code because my publisher didn’t pay authors anyway. I’d gotten tired of fighting. It’s difficult to get justice in Florida where the Agricultural Department handles consumer complaints, not an Attorneys General. If the company moves and changes address, they throw up their hands and say, Oh, well. Gee, to heck with consumers.

The publisher went out of business to start, yet, another publishing company, continuing a pattern. The publisher charged authors to get book files that they should have included as part of the original fee. Nevertheless, the publisher will probably make hundreds of thousands of dollars from doing this.

I began to concede that maybe no one was buying the book, debating with myself whether or not to keep it in print. The Angel on my left shoulder said, Who cares, no one else does. The Angel on my right shoulder said, If it helps one person, it’s worth it. You know that’s how you are. So I paid the $200. Remembering me for fighting to get monies due, the publisher made it as difficult as possible for me to get my book files. It was just one "misunderstanding" after another.

I’ve been thinking of doing a post for the blog I’ll call, The Match-Up. I’m sure you know who it’s between. You might buy the book yourselves and learn that their actions confirm their numbers. Their numbers are even in the back of the book. Who knew it would come in handy to have them in the book when beginning it some 20 years ago. Of course, Hillary would be in it. I didn’t keep up on Trump; barely knew who he was or cared. Many political and judicial figures landed in the book. It’s a mystery how he got in. My mind must have been running on automatic.

To keep No Nonsense Numerology - The Code in print, I went through CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon. This time, I’m likely to get paid. However, don’t let that stop you from buying it. ;-)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chris Christie - Numbers Verified by His Scandals

Christopher James Christie = Original Conscious Name Direction = Four (4)
Chris Christie = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction = Four (4)
09/06/1962 = Subconscious Attraction = Six (6) Super-Conscious Life Path = Six (6)

To find out whether Governor Chris Christie is on the positive side, one only needs to do a search under Christie Scandals. Politico lists 15 of them that media has not brought to light to any extent. Politico gives links to where they uncovered them, which I have added at the end of this blog so that you can go to them. One main original source is the New York Times. And, so that I don’t get in trouble for plagiarism, I will use the links only and not the text. You can type them in to find what they uncovered for yourselves. This will also make my blog much quicker to read. [I could not use the hyperlinks with this blog. You will have to connect to them by typing in the main link.]

My use of Christie in the Numbers is to validate them with a realtime example. I bothered to find the meanings of the Numbers, not take what other people espouse as "the truth," but worked for years to uncover the code hidden in plain sight.
I’m not going to go into details here, the book has them. You can buy it at Amazon and Create Space.

Christie’s Life Path and Attraction numbers are Number Six (6). The nine word patterns are (Fox), (Fix Only - Fox Of), (Only Fix - Of Ox), (Ox For - Ask For), (Ask For), (Ask Of).
Governor Christie’s original and subordinate Name Direction Numbers Four (4) show eight word patterns. They are (Doom Victory - Do Move), (Do Venom), (Made Victorious), (Moved), (Victory Doomed), (Venom Do - Victory Made).
I don’t need to bring Christie’s presidential aspirations to a halt. His own scandals that media has not covered to any degree may or may not do that. That may change now that he is a serious contender for the 2016 throne.

Several of Christie’s scandals show greed and graft, also someone who can be vindictive and mean on the negative side of numbers. For example, the negative aspects are (Of Fox) (Ask For) that include the crafty nature of a Fox, who asks for things to a fault. The person with the (Fox Of) nature is cunning to the point of being a skilled liar. A con artist. Is he? Check out the list of scandals and decide for yourselves.

However, these numbers show the positive side as well as the transition to the positive side of this number. One can work hard and (Ask Of) of him/herself and others to behave nobly rather than just (Ask For) things, making them materialistic to a fault. It is true that anyone seeking the highest office or any other has to have ambition. However, are his/her motives pure? Or, do they come from personal ambition for self-aggrandizement ? The transitional aspects of Number Six (6) as (Only Fix - Of Ox) can repair lazy and dull-witted character. (Fix Only - Fox Of) can restore or learn honesty.

Just as the positive side of Four (4) can be determined to be (Made Victorious). However, is it for the benefit of others or oneself? One can be (Moved) to change bad character traits for the better. But, (Do Venom) and (Venom Do) can (Doom Victory) over good character unless one (Do Move) him/herself to the positive side of numbers.

Voters often project onto their candidates what they want them to be. Christie supporters seem to long for someone to beat the crap out of whom? With whom are they so frustrated? Current inhabitants of the White House, of course as well as a Democratic Congress. [Congress includes both Houses. Representatives are the other side of the House that includes Senators.] Why? Because no one has been held accountable for their abuses of power for more than a decade.

Was the bridge fiasco apology part of a scheme to show that Christie is someone who takes responsibility when the current occupant of the White House never seems to do so? Is it another political tactic by a cynically corrupt politician? Was it sincere? Perhaps, in this case, an investigation is warranted. Too bad it is a political one. As the Administration has never investigated Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the many scandals that are very real.

One unmentioned scandal Governor Mitt Romney’s supporters will always hold against Christie is that he got especially cozy with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Some feel that this cost Romney the White House. Most of these supporters are not from New Jersey where residents can appreciate what good he has done for the state, however, diminished by what seems serious corruption. Female voters may not take well to someone who strong-arms others to get what he wants. For sure, world leaders will not.
It is hard to judge what someone’s intentions are. However, these numbers give us a window worth considering.
It seems that the press and pundits are anointing Hillary Clinton. Yes, it is time for a woman. But, Republicans have many fine women. Why not pick the best female candidate? Why, anoint a lesser woman? And, why did Americans elect a lesser black man? There are many fine black men. Are powers-that-be manipulating elections to give people what they want in such a way as to ensure that the white male keeps his throne? Been there, done that. And how badly it turned or turns out. America won’t need to have a black person or woman as president anymore.

When will Americans elect the genuinely caring nerds who know how to fix our problems, not cause them? We’ve had many chances: Romney, Mondale, and many others. But, we want "rock stars" or movie stars. We used to be more pragmatic than we are now. What happened?

Read more:

1. Using inflated cost estimates to justifying canceling the ARC tunnel

2. Lending nearly $50,000 to aide who helped his campaign

3. Handing out a no-bid contract after Sandy

4. A corrupt Christie ally let off the hook, inexplicably

5. Taxpayer funded "town halls"

6. Reckless driving

7. Reckless spending on being driven

8. Taxpayer-funded helicopter rides

9. Shoddy oversight of halfway houses where prisoners escaped, murdered

10. Staying in Disney World during blizzard

11. Starring in publicly funded tourism ads

12. Lavish hotel stays

13. A payday of over $52 million for an old boss

14. Betting on a casino with public funds

15. Pulling a Daily Caller on Menendez before there was a Daily Caller






Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Equals a Seven Year

What do we generally have in-store as lessons in the upcoming year with Number Seven (7) for 2014? If you have read these blogs or my book, you would know that Number Seven (7) is more than spirituality as a general term. It is the path to it, or confirmation that one is spiritual or its opposite of a greedy con.

The letters beneath Number Seven (7) are G-P-Y, equaling six word patterns of: (Gypsy - Gypee); (Gyp); (Piggy); (Pig); (Why Gyp) and (Why Pig).

These are all self-explanatory except for (Why Gyp) and (Why Pig). These have two meanings. The first is the path to return to spirituality when asking oneself, "Why do I gyp others? And, Why, am I such a pig or so greedy?" The second meaning refers to one who has a pure heart, successfully surmounting the lessons of the previous six numbers and has never taken the negative path. The existence of these negative traits is almost baffling that one would lie, cheat, or become a filthy (Piggy) to a positive Seven (7).

This Seven (7) year will bring out these traits in general, or it will give the opportunity to overcome the negative aspects to garner the positive side of the number. Seven (7) is transforming number. Those who are already on the positive path will get nothing, but perhaps the challenge of staying positive.

To find your personal number for the year, add your Life Path number to 2014 or Seven (7). This will give you, your personal challenges or lessons for the year.

To find out what your lessons are for your personal number, you may have to buy my book. :-)

Have a wonderful year!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bring Back the Woodshed

It goes without saying, with restraint. If we can’t do that much to discipline bad kids, at least give them time out when they are young enough to have it embed into their psyches. Do something to rein in bad kids. Some people and pundits seem to think "they’re just teenagers" when three boys beat a thirteen-year-old half to death. No. That was an adult act, not one of some kids playing a childish prank. They were also pushing him to buy drugs. They were drug dealers, not sweet kids.

If this country continues as it is, Idiocracy, the movie will be reality and right around the corner, not centuries off.

When did it become politically incorrect to correct bad and misguided children? I think my generation is to blame. Not me of course. I never had any. But, being a single pet parent, I know that I’d probably have disciplined children too. I always said that I won’t have a spoiled pet. And, since I’m the one who spoils them, I have to be the one who disciplines them from all the spoiling. It works. They know I love them when I shake the squirt bottle or point to the floor for them to get off the counter top. They don’t seem to resent me. We still cuddle. I’m constantly telling them that I love them and following up with action, but not indulging what they should not do.

As an overly-disciplined child, I never minded what I deserved. I minded being disciplined for what a sibling did or what I didn’t do, but was never asked about. It was swing first then send me to my room. It was never about talking to me. I don’t think other children are much different. Children aren’t stupid. But, we can be made stupid. How did I turn out so good? It wasn't therapy alone. I guess, whatever planet I came from, we did it right. If you want to know how I think, see my Token Rock blog under Contributors.

When some kid got the bright idea to sue parents for grounding him, was this the beginning? Funny movies were even made about the subject and kids must have watched. Television writers made it worse. They put words in the mouths of children that they probably would never say when they have children telling off adults. My generation would have had their mouths washed with soap. Making adults the stupid ones in movies over the brilliant child-super heros is a running theme. It sells to the XX generation and their offspring. What’s wrong with simply being good people instead of super heros? It’s time to bring back shows like, Leave It to Beaver.

Were parents bullied and intimidated from doing their jobs as parents when Child Protective Services decided to ensure their jobs by taking children from parents and doing their jobs for them? Or, were parenting procedures curtailed by adults, once children of over zealous parents who didn’t wait for the woodshed, but took out the strap right then and there? They didn’t want to do what was done to them. I know I didn’t ever want to have kids lest I become tempted to abuse my authority.

I do know some in my generation who did have children. They consciously did a 180 to the way they were raised. The results were not good. One friend took her son from the day he was born with her everywhere in a wrap around kind of thing. She took him to concerts while still in the womb to bring him culture early. Everything she did for him was from love. After he was born, I hadn’t seen him until he was a teenager, where I heard him over the phone. I’d called his mother. I heard in the background, "Mother!" She told him, "I’m on the phone." His reply, "I don’t care! I want you now!" OMG! She’d created a little monster. That monster grew up to be an irresponsible adult. My friend and I’d lost touch over decades. I had a dream about her, and some think that means she died. I realized I hadn’t thought about my best friend for decades. How could I do that? Life. Period. I was back on the Internet, so looked her up. It still had her listed in the same city where I last saw her, but without a phone number. I knew that she’d changed her name to the father’s name, though never married him. She didn’t realize that his culture was too restrictive and dominating toward women. While still pregnant she fled back to this country and raised her boy alone.

Only two names came up for the son. One was in London and he was from there. One became an actor and lived in the city where I’d last seen my friend. That made sense, she had a try at it and encouraged him into the arts. He also had her eyes. He’d written on some blog that he was leaving the country and returning to the land of his father because warrants were issued for too many unpaid parking tickets. Over parking tickets? I’d figured that my friend had to have died for him to leave this country and return to his other heritage.

The behavior certainly isn’t as bad as the boys who beat the thirteen-year-old half to death, but it shows lack of responsibility. He was running from facing parking tickets rather than just paying them. His inability to accept responsibility was to that degree. My friend probably took it from him in a misguided attempt to protect him from the world.

I probably would have been that kind of parent too. I was always trying to protect my friends from facing the consequences of their actions that they got themselves into. My cats could only wish I’d spoil them into total rottenness. I’d give friends a tip about some job audition, but warn them of what I’d been through that was negative. It occurred to me that they may not experience what I did. Telling them, might deter them from going. So, either don’t tell them, or don’t warn them needlessly.

Some children of these thirty-something-year-olds are being given no discipline. They don’t have to clean up their messes. Mommy will do it, if she does it at all, having been raised by my generation and overly protected. So cleaning one’s house is too much of a chore, keeping them from doing what they really want to do or listening to their IPods. Some children’s television programs are teaching them that pouting and throwing tantrums on the floor is the way to get what they want. Some children mimic this behavior, and some parents think that this is just fine. Saying, they are just children and will outgrow it, so indulge them.

Oh really? They will only get worse until we are a society of spoiled mediocre idiots, who don’t bother to learn anything, but only mimic behaviors. And, mimic them poorly. But, don’t worry. There are shows like American Idol where unlearned, no-talents can be laughed at for viewers’ amusement.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Bargaining With Our Souls

What can this mean in the grand scheme of things relating to reincarnation and raising our vibrations? When I was three-years-old and reading The Bible in kindergarten parochial school, I said to myself: "The Universe isn’t like this." But, I was smart enough to also tell myself, "I’m three, what do I know? How do I know that?" When I left home at seventeen, I went on journeys to find out how I knew that and what I knew. But, long before I left home, I believed in reincarnation when in that era it was never spoken of by anyone. I’d never heard the word or the concept. I just knew that I knew it existed.

I’m not going to give personal examples as I just had to not pull my punches with someone I love. I hate to not pull my punches and rather be kind when giving criticism. Sometimes, however, It is better to speak up to a friend and lose him than let him lose himself. And, I lost. I knew I would. I’ve learned not to bargain with my soul. I speak my mind after circumspection, and let the chips land where they land. It isn’t pleasant. We who do this have few friends. But, we have real ones.

When someone says, "Don’t YOU talk to ME like that," in the most imperious tone, especially if the person is a three-year-old talking to a two-year-old, one realizes quickly that three-year-old has many karmic lessons to work out. Three-year-olds just don’t come up with this attitude. They are certainly too young to mimic it from parents especially if never exposed to it. To go further, this person is most likely someone who, in a prior life, ruled imperiously over others, perhaps, holding lives in their contemptuous and arrogant hands. With this continued behavior over a lifetime, it is obvious to anyone who can see beyond this world that in some previous life this person enjoyed having power over others.

This person might try to deflect looking directly into the mirror of painful self-reflection by taking the attitude that, "You hurt me!" Never acknowledging his or her own bad behavior to be a factor in others’ attitudes toward him or her. Looking forward at the expense of ignoring the past is a recipe to repeat the mistakes. Someone who does this is running from him or herself and living in denial.

When this person reincarnates, and he or she most likely will, what plans will he or she make in the afterlife for the next physical life if getting the choice?

I suppose that it depends upon which planet is the destination of reincarnation. The Teachers used to say through medium Richard Zenor that this planet Earth is The Dark Star, A Criminal Colony, The Prison Planet, decades before Alex Jones coined the latter name for his website. Are we all prisoners with felonious past lives? I doubt that because earthly prisons have wardens, guards, counselors, medical staff, cooks, etc., to show the criminals how not to be so. At least it should work that way, in a world that is not so screwy.

This planet has evolved to be one that values money, power, and prestige over thriftiness, duty, and humility. I’ve often speculated if the UFOs that some think are our overseers, are so on a very personal level? That they, possibly, keep track on the progress of those whom they send here to this prison?

Before returning to another life on this planet that certainly, for many is not random, are the Returnees bargaining with their souls?

If I get everything I want, I’ll be a good person.  Whatever good means. Maybe the Returnee will even marry just one person, if it’s a soul mate. Because, frankly, no one else would put up with the SOB. The person will even do good works if he or she is noticed and praised by others. If he can’t be in absolute control over the lives of others, can he, please, at least control every aspect of his own life? That’s very "in" and popular with forward thinking people, to be in absolute personal control. He or she doesn’t mean controlling personal actions, but all aspects and circumstances of his or her life. For certainly, this would exemplify godliness.

Let’s say that this person doesn’t become a felon in the current physical expression, but may have been in prior lives. This person is average, doing what he or she thinks will make him or her good by joining in on uplifting practices like becoming certified blessing givers, or such. Apparently, some people can’t be nice just for the sake of it without getting an official diploma to pat themselves on the back. What’s wrong with this? Nothing. But, if the person remains angry, hateful, and mean, what good does he do? In fact, someone practicing alternative medicines like Reiki, are putting his or her negative energy into others when having never released personal subconscious animosities. He or she is not operating from a pure heart. The person’s aura is blending with those of others. This person engages in superficiality to look like a good person rather than simply being a good person. He or she wants everyone to know when doing good deeds so to feel he or she is special and above everyone else. Actual good deeds are ones that are probably never acknowledged.

Getting rid of past anger by honest confrontation, often means that we have to look into that mirror of self-reflection, telling us that we aren’t so nice. We are less than perfect. This hurts. But, it is the only honest thing we can do if we are to progress toward higher dimensions.

One who only wants to live in the present is someone who is running from his or her past. He or she may earn a SIX (6) Attraction Number as one who lives in denial because it is the Subconscious Significancy.

Raising the vibration of this kind of individual is difficult. You can lead a cat to milk, but you can’t make him drink. Especially, when in a position of such power that no one dares tell this Emperor he or she has no clothes.

What if instead of bargaining to get everything our hearts desire, what if we work to be good even when we get nothing of what we tried so hard to achieve? Nothing says we must be irrationally hopeful that we will always achieve every goal we set. Sometimes it is better to move on and dream different dreams. Maybe we won’t get anything that we really want. We remain unloved and in poverty. Maybe we will own our destinies then have them taken away, or have to give them away. Do we let this lower our vibrations and harden our outlook?

I have known very humble people, who were truly inspirations. They had very little of a material life, but enormous spiritual ones.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Think You Live in a Free Country? NEW UPDATE

Think You Live in a Free Country? NEW UPDATE:

This post has nothing to do with numerology, but is too important not to talk about.

If you think you live in a free country, check out website by E.J. Moosa at THE NAKED TRUTH. Read the Comments, they give important information on how to combat this Orwellian intrusion of personal information and liberty. Some of it is wrong. Like the fact that the Census Bureau must go onto another group of 250,000 people every month. This seems not to be true. They just keep coming.

If you haven’t received this monthly "rotating" "random" Census in the mail, you will. They contact 250,000 every month. It is addressed to Resident. Some comments from the above blog tell of people being called on the phone by name four times a day for an entire month. How is this random selection? It sounds like the Census Bureau knows very well who lives at the residence and might be targeting people. Is this being used like a modern Nixon Enemies’ List?

Since this American Community Survey (ACS) rotates every month when the unelected bureaucrats finish, do they begin again until time for the regular 10-year census? Their own website says all citizen are contacted every five years. AND, the questionnaire gets bigger all the time. It is up to 78 questions.

Census Bureau doesn’t want to rely only on the constitutionally mandated ten year Census when it means creating permanent government jobs. One has to wonder why it was enacted in the first place. Much of the information is good for corporations to know, so they know who to target for their products. AND, the information is not private. It is public information.

Congress passed the law in 2002 Title 13, U.S. Code, Sections 141 and 193 as changed by Title 18. It imposes a penalty for not complying that is up to $5,000 and jail time. This was signed under G.W. Bush’s watch. Under President Obama, the bullying and intensity to pursue our personal information that leaves citizens open to identity theft and home-invasion. The questionnaire asks what time do you leave for work and what time to you come home, and how long does it take to get there.

One mailing on top of the other comes to homes, letting no time pass when received. According to comments from victims at the above website, phone calls and home visits deluge citizens. Some workers are understanding about those who do not wish to participate, but others are outright bullies. Who is to say that nefarious individuals will not join the forces of Census Takers/Information Collectors in order to get useful information that allows them to break into homes while residents are away.

This is what big government brings. Are we to have the world of Orwell’s "1984," where no private jobs exist, only government jobs? Only two classes: government workers or ex-Proletariats. A world where workers like Winston Smith are kept in line using his most feared phobias? In his case it was putting his face into a rat cage so they could eat it off. He complied.

Putting pressure on Congress may stop it. My retiring U.S. Representative’s office told me that they tried to end funding because of how it is being used against Americans. Unfortunately, with the new Congress, the Bills must be readmitted.

If you want to keep America free, you need to contact all of your members of Congress, Senators and Representatives to tell them to repeal this Orwellian law. Is this, yet, another law that Congress had to pass so they would know what is in it?

Get your Senator (202) 224-3121 to vote YES on Rand Paul’s bill H.S. 3079, and your Representative (202) 225-3121 to vote YES on Ted Poe’s bill H.R. 931. Also, ask them to become co-sponsors. These Bills may be under new numbers since Bills must be readmitted with each new Congress.

Below is the list of invasive questions compiled on THE NAKED TRUTH website by columnist E.J. Moosa: However, the questionnaire is up to 78 now.


Questions to the American Community SurveyPhone Number including Area Code
Age and Birth Date
If I am of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
My race
What type of house I live in
When my house was built(year)
When I moved into this house(year)
How large is the lot?
Is there a business on this location?
How many separate rooms are in this house, apartment, or mobile home?
How many of these rooms are bedrooms?
Do I have
Hot and Cold Running Water?
Flush Toilet?
Bathtub or shower?
Sink with a faucet?
Stove or Range?
Telephone Service?
How many vehicles of 1 ton or less are kept at this address?
What fuel is used to heat this house, apartment, or mobile home?
What was the cost of electricity last month?
What was the cost of gas last month?
What was the cost of water and sewer for the past twelve months?
Did I receive Food Stamps?
Is my house, apartment or mobile home part of a condominium, and if yes, what are the fees?
Do I own the house with a mortgage?
Do I own this house free and clear?
Do I rent?
Do I occupy without rent?
What is the monthly rent for this house, apartment, or mobile home?
How much do I think this house, apartment, or mobile home would sell for?
What are the annual property taxes?
What is the annual property and flood insurance?
How much is the regular monthly mortgage?
Does that include the property taxes?
Does that include the insurance?
Do I have a second mortgage on this property?
How much are the monthly payments on all second and junior mortgages?
Where I was born?
Am I a citizen?
Have I attended college or school in the last three months?
What is my highest degree or level of school completed?
If I have a bachelor's degree, what is it in?
What is my ancestry or ethnic origin?
Do I speak any other languages besides English at home?
How well do I speak English?
Did I live here 1 year ago?
Do I have health insurance?
What type?
Do I have difficulty hearing or am I blind?
Do I have difficulty doing physical, mental, or emotional conditions that make it difficult for me to do
   errands alone, such as shopping or visiting a doctor's office?
Am I married?
Did I get married, widowed, or divorced in the last twelve months?
How many times have I been married?
What year did I last get married?
Am I a grandparent responsible for a grandchild living here?
How long have I been responsible for the grandchildren?
Have I ever served on active duty?
If so, when?
Do I have a VA service-connected Disability rating?
What is that rating?
Did I work for pay last week at a business?
Last week did I do any work for pay?
At what location did I do this work?
What is the address?
How did I get to work last week?
How many people rode with me to work?
When did I leave my house to go to work?
How many minutes does it usually take?
Who was my most recent job with? Name and location
What kind of work do I do?
What are my most important activities or duties?
What are my wages for the last twelve months?
What is my self-employment income for the last twelve months?
What are my interest and dividends(even small amounts)?
What are my social security or Railroad retirement amounts?
What are my Supplemental Social Security Income amounts?
Did I receive any public assistance or welfare payments from state or local welfare offices?
If so, how much?
What was my total income in the last twelve months?"


I’ve attached a copy of a letter that I sent my three Congresspersons. I go into great detail how this is destroying America. The above the questions have nothing to do with apportioning Congressional representation.


Dear ________:

The Census Bureau is turning into a worse bully than it has ever been. I reedited this letter after reading all 78 questions. Initially, only the few I read were upsetting. After reading them all, I’m furious. Many of the questions are simply inane. The questions speak in third-person as if one is informing on one self, or soliciting a second party as The Agency threatens to contact neighbors if "Resident" does not answer this surveillance form. For example:
Question 2: "How is this person related to Person 1?"
It has an "X" already marked in a box, saying that it is Person 1. The stupidity of this is obvious. It doesn’t state that it is an example. It is serious.

Furthermore, question No. 6 is racist. The questionnaire is extremely detailed about ethnicity, but when referring to Anglo-Americans, Caucasian-Americans it only asks if they are White. Doing this began in 2010. This shows the level of hostility that those who are coming up with the questions have against people referred to as White. No one on this planet is white. Even Albinos have a pinkish blush to their cheeks from blood running through them. It seems to be reverse racism being used to offend those who really had nothing to do with their angst, but only institutionalizes hostilities with vindictiveness to past injustice.

Many of the questions Person 1 would not even know, nor the other five Persons, or would the neighbors who the Agency threatens to use as informants on Person 1 if he or she does not respond or fully do so. The Agency threatens to use this information to confirm what other Agencies know about "Resident."

Below are examples of other questions that have no relevance to a legitimate Census:
Question 7b: How many of these rooms are bedrooms?
Question 8: Does this house, apartment, or mobile home have -
a. hot and cold running water?
b a flush toilet?
c a bathtub or shower?
d a sink with a faucet?
e a stove or range?
f a refrigerator?
g telephone service from which you can both make calls and receive calls? Include cell phones?
This is the 21st century. Homes not having such items are extremely rare, if they exist at all. Mobile homes would not be built without them. And, if "Residents" live in one-room shacks without such amenities then they choose to do so. I’m not going to get into details on other questions, but briefly, Citizens are questioned about computer and Internet usage, for how much would their dwelling sell, how much is rent and property taxes, the size of their property? How many separate rooms are in this house, apartment, or mobile home? Has the Person attended college or other, where did this Person live a year ago, how many times has Person been married, if Person is female between 15 and 50, is she pregnant? What time does Person leave for work and how long does it take? Many questions could leave "Residents" open for home-invasion if the information was sold or stolen.

You need to get copies of this questionnaire and all of the mailings leading up to it and read them for yourself to see just how intrusive and bullying people in government are becoming. [I do not use the term Government as it is not an entity unto itself. People make it what it is.] Because if this is not checked, nosey bureaucrats will make it even more intrusive to validate extending their entrenched jobs. The more rights people willingly relinquish, the more will be taken. This questionnaire was updated in June 15, 2012. It asks even more questions than prior questionnaires. It is an appalling invasion to privacy whether or not other State or Local agencies already have this information. It looks like the Census Bureau is expanding the Agency to make government overreach even more so to create a centralized database on all Citizens.

When Citizens get letters threatening maximum fines of up to $5,000, imprisonment, and going to neighbors for gossip to force "Residents" to fill out invasive personal information from government officials, Citizens rightly get their hackles up. To threaten people, in the first place to give over something like this, those who are doing so must know what they are doing is wrong. Congress knows this project is wrong or else wouldn’t sponsor Bills to curb or not fund such a project that collects private information that can be used as an arm of a corrupt government. Citizens certainly know that it is wrong. The threats to obtain this personal information might even violate the 14th Amendment for starters. When those in government begin to think they can do anything they wish to Citizens, those who seek to control others are getting out of control. The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce is using the ACS as the guise of being helpful to local communities. Whether threats have any teeth is irrelevant. They are wrong. But, one day a very corrupt government might just push the limit to see what they can get away with and begin arresting those who refuse to comply. And local communities and States are responsible for much of what this survey says it is to obtain for Citizens, not the Federal Government.

Occasionally, people who are drawn to positions of authority have an axe to grind. They see their newfound dominance as a means of getting back their respect and in ways hurtful to innocent people who had nothing to do with their original pain. When these people are in government, they can abuse this power over tens, if not, hundreds of millions of innocent people. Like many in the TSA are doing. [I met a man in the stationary store who told me not to answer the ACS form. He now is furious with government. He has to go through TSA pat downs often as he travels frequently. When he takes his four daughters, ages 16 and 23, he is sickened by 19-year-old boys groping them and ogling their genitals in the x-ray machines, telling others to "come look at this."]

When these authorities are in government-sanctioned jobs, they are safe from accountability because the jobs are often unionized, making it impossible to fire them. I’ve seen union workers in the private sector play the "breaking rules" game. They take infractions right up to the limit and run out the clock until the cycle begins again. In the private sector, only the company is hurt. In the public sector, Citizens and the Country get hurt. If in government they are there forever unlike the private sector where bad companies can go under. But, to avoid going under, private companies are responsive to consumers. A corrupt fascist government is unresponsive.

When government jobs become the norm, where is America headed? Orwell’s 1984 is a warning. Read it or watch the film and see how close Orwell got to what is happening today. Before 1949 Orwell envisioned the flat screen television monitor with two-way communication. We have them now. Like today, he envisioned the private sector losing jobs to the public sector: the Government worker versus the Ex-Proletariat when there was no more private industry.

The bureaucracy seems to be extending the Federal jobs of Census Takers from every ten years to make them permanent positions. The ACS contacts 250,000 new "anonymous" households every month. In order to make their jobs permanent, they give undue weight to answers as though this information is important for funding projects that State and Local governments fund. In a time when the Federal budget is strapped, it couldn’t fund them anyway. This seems irresponsible and unreasonable.

And, I say anonymously because people have reported that their households get barraged with telephone calls when not immediately responding. Sometimes as much as four calls a day for 30 days. How do these government employees know the names and phone numbers if these forms are sent randomly to "Residents"? And, why do they want to know this information if they are not going to keep centralized details on Citizens?

When getting the forms, the first questions are what is their name and telephone number. People in government want to know personal information about "Residents" that will leave them open to identity thefts and home invasions should nefarious people realize they can make much more money from this information than their salaries. No one can assure that citizens’ information can ever be secure. To try to do so is absurd. Just asks the Pentagon, Banking Institutions, etc., when hackers broke into their databases and Internet sites. Stealing and selling information is not something new to Washington. To note just one, remember the Clinton years and the security problems?

The Department of Commerce Census Bureau American Community Survey data-mines Citizens. Corrupt Administrations can use this information as an "Enemies List" of voters critical to their policies. This country has endured neurotic, paranoid, and corrupt Presidents and Administrations before. Also, corporations or other people with something to sell can buy this information should the government become so financially strapped that they need to find funding to perpetuate their existence. The DMV sells phone numbers and addresses. Why would not people in the Census Bureau do the same? If it is illegal now, Congress only has to change the law that it seems more willing to do in favor of more powerful Government.

Prior to 2010, Citizens simply got one form in the mail, filled it out, and returned it. That was the end of it. In 2010, the Census Bureau began aggressively harassing Citizens. During the regular Census, they also sent continual threats immediately on top of previous mailings before the deadline dates were even near. They sent agents to homes even after Citizens already returned filled-out forms. (I know this personally and I have friends who do.) The Bureau gave no credible amount of time between harassment mailings. This belies the statement that they want people to respond on line in order to save money on postal and print costs. They are wasting money on continuous mailings, notifying "Residents" that there is going to be something to look forward to in the mail like it is a bloody Publisher’s Clearing House prize. It is anything but something pleasant. It is as if those in Government think Citizens should kiss their boots simply because they exist. The ACS project shows contempt and disrespect for Americans.

This form is 28 convoluted pages and 78 questions for just Person 1 of a "Twister" game. It will make even those with a modicum of intelligence cross-eyed. It shows what is the worst in a government that doesn’t educate citizens properly, but puts them in positions of authority who tell the rest of us how to live.

Congress needs to resubmit Bills to either end funding to this ACS program, terminate it altogether, or at the very minimum, if they cannot prevent themselves from expanding government, make it clearly voluntary without the harassment.

This project began in 2002 as an overreaction along with the TSA and Patriot Act. I don’t care which Administration started this invasion of privacy, beginning in 2009 the bullying has ramped up to the nth degree, and it is no longer used as intended by the Constitution. Read Internet accounts of furious Citizens.

What kind of world are we leaving our children? Do we really want this one?



Feel free to use portions to contact your Congresspersons to end this Orwellian Invasion of the Information Snatchers.

Since I’ve written this, I’ve received many more mailings threatening me because they haven’t received their form back. All of them were within days of each other. Finally, someone came to my door. The first time, he woke me up and by the time I got to the door he was gone. He returned the very next day: Sunday. Turns out he was a religious person. I will not invade his privacy by saying how I knew this. I’d had a dream about educating anyone who came to my door to take my personal information that I do not wish to give. So, I went to the door with that intent. I smiled and told him that I knew why he was there. He smiled back. Lucky for me it turned out that he was an extremely nice person who simply couldn’t find private sector work and had a family to support. I told him almost everything that is in the above letter to my Congresspersons. He was in disbelief that citizens are threatened with imprisonment. Yes. They are, I told him. I had the mailings, but burned them. He knew about the fine, but assured me no one, but no one has ever been actually fined. So what. The next despot or desperate President we have since Peloci and Dean took Impeachment off the table to signal that our Country is ripe for the taking, might just be brash enough to do just that.

The gentleman who came to my door ignored the No Trespassing sign that websites suggest we put up because he felt he was doing nothing wrong so knew he would not be arrested. It isn’t only for home invaders, but he didn’t understand that. The first woman who drove by that I recognized from 2010 when I’d already sent in my Census form who came to take my personal information saw the sign. I happened to be looking out the window. The look on her face said she was really pissed, but stopped to write in her book and drove on.

The gentleman, who is now my new BFF, told me that "They" won’t stop until "They" get what they want. Wow! That sounds aggressively mean. He also told me that he tried to call me, but had the wrong number. See, it is not random! They know who they are contacting. We’d been talking for about an hour as I took the time to educate him. He was shaking his head about what he is doing before I let him go. Turns out he was wrong that citizens can get an exemption from their Representatives. Citizens can get an exemption for some other voluntary Census. But, my Congressperson’s office is looking into how abusive the Census Bureau is becoming and this expansion of data-mining.

At least the Census Taker who came to my door was a decent person. I hear some are not. But, they are probably your neighbors though unknown to you because fewer and fewer private sector jobs exist, depending upon where you live. So, my advice is to be nice, make a friend, and for their benefit, educate them.

AND, call and write your Congresspersons to end this abusive data-mining expansion of Government that has no real purpose except to have a centralized data base on all Citizens.

Please share this on Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., to help the Country.

Monday, October 22, 2012

How Did 2008 Help Obama Be President?

Barack Hussein Obama: (08/04/1961) = Life Path of Two (2) + Year 2008 One (1) = Three (3)

Adding the Life Path number to the yearly number give the lessons and obstacles for that year. The year allows all of us to experience each number in a 10-year cycle. Numbers challenge and show us their meanings. We learn from each number to achieve its negative or positive side and how to transition to the positive side if on the negative.

The race for the top prize of POTUS in 2008 added Number One (1) to candidates Life Paths. With McCain (08/29/1936) having a Two (2) Life Path plus the year 2008 equaling One (1), we’d think he was a shoo-in with all that (Luck) (Lucky You) (Your Luck) on his side of Three (3). Wait one moment! So does Barack Obama have a Two (2) Life Path, giving his 2008 year a Three (3), and making the stars fall favorably on him as well. Both men won their party’s nominations.

In 2008 how did Barack Obama beat out the favorite, Hillary Clinton in the primary when her Life Path was Three (3), numerically speaking? Her yearly number in 2007 was also Three (3), i.e., 2007 equals Nine (9). When adding 3 + 9 they equal 12 and 1 + 2 equals 3. That seemed an unbeatable combination. The polls and pundits concurred. Then came the year 2008 to make them eat their words. 2 + 8 equals 1. Adding the year 1 to her Life Path Three (3) gave her a Four (4). It seemed no sooner did January ring in the New Year than Hillary fell out of favor. Four (4) even has (Made Victorious) and (Victory Made) as tiers. However, so does it have (Doom Victory) and (Victory Doomed) as tiers representing the yin and yang elements. The other tiers may give clues about what slipped her up, but the entire election was complicated. Karma may have been in the mix as she has Eight (8) as her Attraction number, putting having tests into her Subconscious. It was clear by the gracefulness she exhibited when losing that she looked to higher reasons for her loss. Also, being that she has two Sixes (6) as Conscious Direction numbers, when she isn’t lying, others seem to perceive her as doing so. The negative Four (4) year tiers of (Victory Doomed) seemed to thwart a (Made Victorious) ending to her campaign.

The Numbers favored both Barack Obama and John McCain with (Luck). Ultimately, however, lessons and choices may have had something to do with who won. We do learn more from bad presidents than good ones as we often sit back and ride the wave.

Sometimes, however, America needs a respite from bad ones. America is long overdue for a good POTUS.

[If anyone has questions or comments, I hope you will make them.]

Monday, August 27, 2012

Numbers Open a Window Into Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II = One (1)
Barack Hussein Obama = One (1)
Barack Obama = Five (5)
Barry Obama = Six (6)
Barry Soetoro = Nine (9)
(08/04/1961) = Attraction is Four (4) and Life Path is Two (2)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them as they come up in analysis.]

Of the names he now uses, Obama’s main Conscious Name Direction number is One (1), and his subordinate Name numbers are Five (5), Six (6), and Nine (9). His Name as Number One (1) reflects either, naivete’ of a (Jackass) who will (Just Ask) for advice or (A Sage) who has learned from life. Do his policies reflect well-thought-out wisdom or do they pander to his base of voters and financial backers? All presidents have advisers to whom they can turn. Most, if not all, politicians indulge those who buy them off. Nevertheless, other Presidents spent countless hours ruminating over and engaging in policies, not vacationing, swinging golf clubs, or endlessly campaigning for a second term. President Obama parties and vacations (at taxpayer expense) more than he governs. President Obama’s predecessor did the same, setting a precedent for allowing this leeway because the Presidency is such a "stressful" job. When we have enough life experience, we are not as anxious, knowing how to connect unrelated matters to solve current problems that a well-developed Number One (1) learns to do. Is the job of the presidency for a newbie?

At gen44-obama-names-entire-generation-after-himself-whether-they . . . . The link is confusing and you’ll have to search to find the YouTube posting on the page where President Obama names a generation after his 44th presidency, thus himself. Going to my twitter account @nnnTheCode or @NoNonsenseCode will get you the posted link.

I knew by President Obama’s actions, statements, and demeanor that he had to have an arrogant (I Are) better than others, Nine (9) in his arsenal. Yet, it just wasn’t there. Where is the arrogance he shows in his numbers? How could I be so wrong to view him that way when he doesn’t have a Nine (9)? I’d have to do some hard reflection to understand from where this trait in him arises.

One day, one of my Twitter followers @ACollinsByrnes a.k.a. TappyWise tweeted that Obama’s name under his stepfather was Barry Soetoro. I checked it out. Evidence exists that he went by Barry Soetoro in his youth. This gives him a Nine (9) as a subordinate Name Direction number. Love to be right. Hate crow pie.

Obama’s Life Path Number Two (2) tier of (Take Back) reinforces the (Jackass) (Just Ask) tier of his Direction Number One (1). As with other Presidents, he took back campaign promises. However, did he really believe his rhetoric or was he deliberately lying to get votes? Is he clinging to the (Be Too Constant) tier of Two (2), making him wedded tightly to ideals? He allowed the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to continue when he promised otherwise. His rhetoric about millionaires and billionaires paying their "fair share," seems to pander to his base. Since 2010 President Obama, however, is now part of the top 1% he criticizes at his current worth of $11.8M from a $400,000 a year job. Does he really empathize with the middle and poor income classes, or is he chomping at the bit to become an elite billionaire?

Who would blame him for not wanting to be poor? Yet, he seems to bite the hands of those opening the door where he wants to enter. Being good at politics and by definition a liar is not necessarily being a good president. This might be where Obama calls upon his Six (6) (Fox Of) Conscious Direction number, calculating everything he does. Is he helping poorer classes or succumbing to the (Ask For) greed of Six (6)?

Obama has both Conscious Direction Name numbers of Five (5) and Six (6). During the 2008 debates Obama admitted being lazy. He was being honest, however, as with postponing and obfuscating about his stance on same sex marriage, he avoids candor unless it benefits him. Nevertheless, the remark reveals he doesn’t operate under the (Of Ox) hard-working tier of Six (6). By his actions, he seems not interested in the seriously hard work this office requires, but prefers the luxuries that benefit him.

If Obama is an advanced Number One (1) we’d expect him to (Just Say) the truth and be honestly direct. He doesn’t always do this. When he appeases his base, his speech is often awkward and stilted while searching for the right words. The whole having done cocaine business never sat well with many people no matter how forthright Obama seemed. It seemed more like a tactic to deflect it from being an election issue so that opponents couldn’t use it against him. He was successful at deflecting a questionable past. Yet, was he also appealing to young "hip" voters? No one said he is stupid. He knows how to manipulatively get his way. Look at what he did with the healthcare bill. President Obama purposefully said it "was not a tax." If naive’ legislators thought it was a tax, fewer would have voted for it.

Barack Obama’s Conscious Direction subordinate Name Five (5), shows he can learn from experiences. This gives him instincts to know what is (In You), so that he can relate with other people. This is a good trait. Relating and caring are different matters however. Is he understanding what is (In You) for others’ benefit or his own? This shows how one can develop into the crafty (Fox Of) nature of the subsequent Six (6). For all his rhetoric, no genuine feelings for citizens come from him, except contempt when he disparages religious gun owners.

Five (5) is the most enigmatic or puzzling number to define. (From Wanting New) experiences, Fives (5) can become easily dissatisfied. If they aren’t problem-solvers, they can easily dismiss problems rather than solving them thoroughly. Obama has already admitted during 2008 debates that he isn’t into details. He’d rather let others trifle with weighty matters. This gives the impression of aloofness or disengagement.

Obama’s Subconscious Attraction number is Four (4) that if negative can brew to (Do Venom), becoming vindictive or if positive is (Made Victorious) by rising above personal animosities. On History Channel’s, It’s Good to Be President, journalist Richard Wolfe said, President Obama is vindictive on the golf course when he doesn’t get his way: Also, that it was especially visible when he’s tired. This kind of temper over a simple golf game shows a spoiled nature. This is not a temperament of someone who is mature. Obama can let animosities brew into a (Wen) of Five (5) that is a boil or cyst of mental agitation. When he confronts them, however, his famous temper comes into action.

The website reports, "Remember last week, when President Obama threw a fit and stormed out of budget negotiations with the House Republican leadership? Do you recall what made him blow a fuse? It was when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suggested a short-term deal to raise the debt limit a bit, because Democrats and Republicans could use more time to settle their differences." Have we ever seen President Obama on Capitol Hill, engaging Congress in negotiations for a piece of legislation? He uses Executive Orders to get his way as he did with an illegal immigration issue.

Wesley Pruden reports in The Washington Times about Obama’s famous temper tantrums, calling them sometimes effective strategy. Frustration from partisan gridlock makes this temper understandable. Jay Newton-Small reports at about Obama’s temper. He justifies it that when he’s tired he snaps at people. However, maturity would temper his temper. Not getting what he wants seems to anger him. Followers don’t mind this if he is fighting for them, but overall, an ill-tempered leader is not a positive trait. Obama’s temper is so famous that several articles explore it. One was the liberal magazine, The Nation. Their in-house laureate Calvin Trillin put it into poetry. Being that Four (4) is his Subconscious Attraction number, a quick temper may be his character.

Number Four (4) paired with Five (5) can be a chilling combination. Five (5) can have issues in a (Wen) tier of unresolved emotional angst. When combined with (Do Venom) tier of Four (4), the Five (5) (When) bursting can be spontaneously vindictive. However, once Five (5) confronts animosities, he or she forgets them unless paired with Six (6) who might calculate revenge. Unfortunately, Obama does have a Four (4) and Five (5) pairing that can be volatile, and Six (6) in his subordinate Conscious Direction can make him calculatingly vengeful.

Candidates have surrogate Super PACs for trashing opponents so that their hands appear clean. Obama is not the only president to take advantage of the system. Does this, however, bring the "change" he promised? He was never specific, so many voters projected the change they wanted onto his campaign rhetoric. This was a very clever tactic.

During the 2008 primaries, Obama wasn’t someone to go against. He was the one who played the race card then turned it to Bill Clinton’s problem who never played it. He also played it against Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Now he is playing it again every chance he gets using his surrogate Eric Holder and others. Many websites chronicled Obama playing the race card when he insinuated:
"So nobody really thinks that Bush or McCain have a real answer for the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know. He’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky. That’s essentially the argument they’re making."
Were opponents playing the race card or was Obama painting it that way? He campaigned dirty in 2008 and is heightening it for his 2012 reelection campaign. Candidates must ask themselves how much of their souls are they willing to relinquish for the job to be the most powerful man in the world? What kind of ego must one have to want to be in charge of everyone else and to fashion the world to their view? One could say, it is a lack of self worth that propels one to savage another’s character with lies to gain this job. Saying that it’s just politics elevates it to something noble: when the definition of a politician is "chiefly a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement."

That is how clever political operatives work. Is it underhanded? Voters didn’t care. They voted their hearts, not their minds. The country has paid the price because we’re deeper in debt with no real solutions to fixing the problems that Obama himself continues to blame on predecessors. In 2000 voters also elected a candidate with whom they wanted to share a beer. We’re in the exact if not worse situation in 2012 that he promised to fix in 2008 when he said opponents could not. Nevertheless, he can blame the obstructive GOP Congress. Yet, the Democrats, including then Senator Obama, went along with what Bush wanted to do, giving him expensive wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. Obama now distances himself from the very policies for which he voted.

An inexperienced Five (5) longs to find (New) experiences. This attests to his unpreparedness for the gravity of the position. Just because one thinks an idea is good, doesn’t mean it will work as imagined. This is where idealism and practicability butt heads. Weekly "date nights," costing taxpayers $ ½ M each attests, he is a nine-to-five President, preferring to clock out as an hourly employee than work as a manager with long hours. Who were the date nights to appease? Barack and Michelle Obama aren’t newlyweds. To be so cavalier with taxpayers’ monies during difficult financial times in America shows a "Let them, eat cake," attitude. The President does seem to enjoy campaigning. He could be in Washington, but was on the campaign trail long before the General election when he has no Democrat rivals. This shows his priorities. Being president seems more important to him personally than concerning himself with the problems of America.

His Life Path of Number Two (2) puts him in conflict with his stubborn Four (4). Neediness in his Two (2) (Be Too Constant) tier makes him give in on principles rather than fight for them because his desire for personal aggrandizement is paramount. Needing to be liked can go against duties of the Office. He is good at speaking up for poor Americans on the campaign stump, but not so good at applying them when it matters. The PPACA may be more about securing globalization and benefitting Medical Insurance industries than getting low income earners medical care. The poor can get onto Medicaid so would have coverage without the Healthcare Bill. It also seems for some vocal Legislators and Pundits that it was about getting their personal premiums lowered by mandating that those who don’t pay for coverage do so. After all, modern politics, for some, is about personal aggrandizement.

No rumors exist that Barack Obama is not faithful, therefore, we can assume he is on the positive side of (To Be Constant) and (Constant, Be Two) regarding relationships.

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with provisions authorizing detention of any American by the military without a habeas corpus or due process. His signing statement seemed politically expedient that while he is in office, he won’t enact those provisions, which sounded like extortion. When he is out of office, any despot can carry out the provisions unless Congress repeals it or courts overturn it. One federal court did strike that provision as reported by Democracy Now!

A federal judge has struck down part of a controversial law that allows the government to indefinitely detain anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world without charge or trial, including U.S. citizens. The ruling came in a lawsuit challenging the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, filed by a group of journalists, scholars and political activists. Judge Katherine Forrest of the Southern District of New York struck down the indefinite detention provision, saying it likely violates the First and Fifth Amendments. Judge Forrest rejected the Obama administration’s argument that the NDAA merely reaffirmed an existing law recognizing the military’s right to perform certain routine duties.

If President Obama were certain about the provision’s constitutionality, why did he pen an Executive Order saying that he would not enact those provisions while he’s President? He must have known that they weren’t constitutional, but he signed the NDAA with those provisions anyway.

President Obama took credit for ending the Iraq war when it wasn’t his to take. His predecessor George Walker Bush made an agreement with Iraqi officials to end it on that date, and though the Obama Administration wanted to continue, Iraq said No. Iraqi Officials wouldn’t continue giving American soldiers amnesty for actions.

Since President Obama is hanging his presidency on the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) examining it for its veracity is fair. The PPACA takes $500 billion from Medicare over a ten-year period. Obama also authorized other cuts of $50 billion to get the debt extension enacted. Various sources estimate that the PPACA cuts more than $700 Billion from Medicare. PPACA does not eliminate preexisting conditions. It only shortens the time before treating them: 18 months to 9 months and 12 to 3 months. Private health insurance companies do not necessarily ban pre-existing conditions either. Depending on the provider has short or long waiting times for pre-existing conditions. Some have shorter periods than PPACA has to begin treatment once signing on the dotted line. People are so uninformed that they buy the lies about the preexisting condition clause of PPACA, thinking all health insurers disallow them.

Medicare is not the end-all-be-all of healthcare. It is exactly like private insurers who charge premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, and chooses what conditions it will pay for or not. Only those who fall below guidelines for income get everything paid for by the government on Medi-Cal and Medicaid. PPACA may very well force more people onto those programs, but state governments impose limits on conditions and medicines for which they will pay. The economy is no longer in the same condition as when those programs were first enacted.

What people don’t know about those programs, is that they allow government agencies to monitor recipients’ incomes. They watch every penny they have. Is that freedom? The government doesn’t give anyone anything, but in some states, recipients must bequeath property over to the government to repay the debt. If individuals want to get off those programs, they must repay the debts. Legislators seem to have designed these programs to keep people under government’s thumb. PPACA forcing patients onto Medicaid, is forcing them into subserviency to the government.

This bill was unnecessary when we have Medicaid and Medi-Cal, and other programs for the poor. Congress could have simply opened up Medicare for anyone who wants it, not forcing everyone to buy insurance. Yes, they would pay a premium, but it’s according to their income level. Media reported that Obama met with health insurance providers to get provisions for his bill. One could conclude that he is paying off contributors rather than looking out for citizens.

Also, PPACA will gut or eliminate Medicare Advantage programs where seniors buy outside Medicare, forcing half of them to return to Medicare. It also guts the program’s benefits. See the Heritage Foundation web site at for details or search "Obamacare cuts to Medicare Advantage" for other information. Other than PPACA, he mostly governs like a conservative. PPACA raises taxes on middle income earners since Chief Justice Roberts ruled that the mandate is a tax, making it legal.

The Obama Administration has also cut Planned Parenthood funding that helps women’s health. Early in his term, Obama continued the Bush tax cuts without a fight. He has also continued the Bush wars.

Is Obama out of touch with his green agenda? He manipulated the public to enact it, without really selling its good points. The price of gas is devastating middle and lower income households. His Energy Secretary Chu even said that Obama’s Administration wants the price of gasoline to reach $8 a gallon. I forget where I heard him say it, but I heard him say it. The "Cash for Clunkers" program helped higher income earners, and did nothing for poor people to get newer cars. Dealers were forced to crush trade-ins, cars that poor people could afford to buy that would be an upgrade in miles per gallon for them. Poor people can’t afford to buy expensive tiny green cars. Ranchers would never buy them. They need their tattered trucks to haul hay and dogs. People living in rural areas where they must drive 25 to 50 miles for groceries wouldn’t buy them. They’d have to make several trips to get groceries to last the month. How is that saving gasoline energy? Poor people don’t have outlets to charge 40-mile batteries. Are apartment owners going to build them for each tenant? Obama lets ideology cloud practical judgment. He is the one who is out of touch with poor Americans. Poor people can’t afford loans for $15,000 to $30,000 cars, nor the more expensive insurance they would need. They need to buy basics like gas and food. Instead, he lets these commodities rise in price, trying to force consumers to buy his "green" cars. Where is the compassion in this? Nevertheless, he travels around in the official luxury limo for date nights and campaigning rather than staying in Washington, working.

I must be honest. When Obama sang the half bar of Al Green’s song, I would have melted if he’d gone on longer. That was the first time I ever regarded him as sexy when media spun that as his quality. I never found him sexy, but rigid and artificial, trying to appear authoritative when he was probably uncomfortable. He seems more like a little boy trying to fill daddy’s shoes when mom was left alone. I don’t fault him for that. He is too young and inexperienced for the position given to him.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ann Romney Proves a Positive Case for These Numbers

Ann Lois Davies = Original Conscious Name Direction = Nine (9)
Ann Lois Romney = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction = Three (3)
Ann D Romney = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction = Six (6)
Ann Romney = Subordinate Conscious Name Direction  = Two (2)
04/16/1949 = Subconscious Attraction = (7) Super-Conscious Life Path = (7)

I just found out that today is Ann Romney’s birthday of 04/16/1949. So I looked up her numbers for the heck of it. I’m not going into deep analysis as Mrs. Romney is not a presidential candidate.

As you can see, Ann Romney has Seven (7) in both Attraction and Life Path numbers. It’s almost not even a surprise. Nevertheless, she clearly remains on the positive side of numbers. Ann Romney comes across as a positive person. Nothing exists to say that she is otherwise. Through her adversities of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer she remains strong and positive. She also remains positive through grueling and often hostile campaigns. Also, nothing exists to show her to be an "in transition Seven (7)," who has a troubled past that she is overcoming. This makes Mrs. Romney a Pure-Heart who never went to the negative side of numbers. A positive Seven (7) is someone who would not cheat or lie to gain.

Ann Lois Davies' Original Conscious Name Direction number is Nine (9). She shows to be a positive and confident Nine (9) in how she consciously comports herself.

Another subordinate Direction Number is Two (2). This gives Ann a familial bent, meaning that family is important to her. This is clear, i.e., working outside the home was not her priority. The obviousness of the Romneys’ love, affection, and loyalty for each other shows Ann to be a positive Two (2) as the highest tier of (To Be Constant).

The Romneys share Six (6) in common for their Name Direction numbers. If Mrs. Romney passed through to Seven (7) on the positive side, she has to be a positive Six (6) as her subordinate Conscious Name Direction number. She is honest and works hard. This seems a trait Mitt and Ann share. One being negative while the other is positive would be impossible to have their marriage survive this long and well no matter how opponents want to paint Mitt.

The Romneys also have numbers Three (3) and Nine (9) in common. His Life Path is Nine (9), possibly making their union from his Super-Conscious Life Path and her feelings for him from her Conscious Direction. His Three (3) is in his Attraction number, making his desire for her from a deep Subconscious level. Numbers show Ann is drawn to Mitt from a Conscious level, being that Nine (9) is in her Direction number. It is clear that they are (Lucky) to have each other.

Numbers that I’ve studied of Presidents and First Ladies all have compatible numbers. The reason seems obvious when considering the gravity of the position.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Numerology Confirms Why Sponsors Rush Away from Limbaugh

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III = Four (4)
Rush Hudson Limbaugh = Four (4)
Rush Limbaugh = Four (4)
01/12/1951 = Attraction = Three (3) and Life Path = Two (2)

[Get full tiers and word patterns for numbers on my post entitled, What the Numbers Represent. To save space, I won’t add them all here, but will mention them if they come up in analysis. Not everyone has all tiers. These numbers only confirm character that is observably verifiable.]

Searching the Internet for "Rush Limbaugh scandals" reveal what we already know. His Oxycodone and Viagra scandals are legendary, as well his diatribes against anyone who challenges him, especially spewing venomous language toward women and minorities. He uses the airwaves to vent his personal hatreds, rationalizing that he’s an entertainer who thinks he’s funny. Funny? Seriously? What low bar do his listeners set?

It takes a callously corrupt personality to kick someone while he’s down. Ask Michael J Fox whether Limbaugh was being a funny entertainer or not when he mercilessly mocked Fox for having Parkinson disease.

Who is laughing, except those who agree with Limbaugh’s hateful rhetoric? Limbaugh cannot take any criticism. According to a recent news clip, he screens callers who would rebuke him. This reveals a fragile ego unable to discuss issues calmly and intelligently. He isn’t alone on the radio airwaves of shock jocks who are unable to calmly exchange ideas, but instead vent their personal brands of hatred.

I confronted a neighbor who had a radio show poster for Rush Limbaugh in his window. When challenged on listening to Limbaugh, his embarrassed excuse was that "He’s funny." As time reveals all wrinkles, he turned out to be just as hatefully-minded. I’ve done business with people who’ve had Limbaugh blaring from radios. As time passed, I learned they too had just as meanspirited attitudes. I no longer do business with people who have their radios tuned to Rush. Since water seeks its own level, that’s a clue to their character. Limbaugh feeds into the worst traits of humanity. Without his loud and aggressive timbre would Rush have a job?

Past comedians who were as acerbic and crude instigated pubic outrage. According to Wikipedia, "[Andrew Dice] Clay is known for a style of comedy that has sparked controversy and much media coverage. He is loved by some and reviled by others, who feel that his act is crude, misogynistic, racist, homophobic and degrading. Clay has been widely opposed by women's rights groups and he has been banned from many radio and television shows for his explicit language and socially and politically charged humor. MTV banned him for life in 1989 for reciting what he called ‘adult nursery rhymes’ during the annual Video Music Awards ceremony (September 6, 1989). In 2011, he was [reinstated] by MTV. The Biography Channel refuses to produce a biography of him." Clay, however, did not have the political clout of Limbaugh.

Lenny Bruce’s vulgar haranguing paled in comparison to Limbaugh’s crude mouth although he used shocking words. Only those, sitting in boozy smoked-filled bars were subjected to his rants. It was by choice. Innocent people didn’t have to hear him through overplayed media clips to make political points.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh with or without the III or minus his middle name Hudson, can’t escape the Conscious Name Direction Number Four (4). This Significancy consciously completes the Life Path Significancy. (The Name is the only number that is immutable so represents Conscious awareness.) His Life Path is Number Two (2). He consciously uses vitriol of to (Do Venom) to get supporters (To Back) him. Limbaugh seems a negative (Be Too Constant) Two (2) in that he clings tightly to this method without self reflection that what he is doing is destructive to society. If he knows it is destructive, then he makes the Conscious choice to be so. He might even take pride as a child would do toward the destructive mess he’s helped make when feeding off the worst in human character.

Instead of being (Moved) to change his routine Rush doubles down to (Do Venom) even more by slamming more women with vicious language when criticized for his hateful comments. This proves Limbaugh cannot be (Made Victorious) over his personal animus, putting him on the negative side of numbers. He stubbornly clings to his addiction of spewing hate speech. Not being introspective, he does not heed the warning of what (Venom Do) causes. Rush is determined to not be (Victory Doomed) in endeavors that benefit him. Negative Four (4) can be a force for destruction.

Conversely, being (Made Victorious) over personal angst and animus is the positive goal of Fours (4). They can be very uplifting when overcoming personal obstacles to inspire others to also reclaim their Life Forces in positive ways.

Being that Four (4) is in his Conscious Direction number, Rush chooses to project negativity in what he calls entertainment. A few other pundits have said that in private, he is a pleasant person.

An unfortunate part of being an "entertainer," however, is that the entertainer can become his or her act. Entertainers both dead and living have transformed themselves into their acts by carrying them over to their personal lives. Some to their detriments, others become successful. Unfortunately those who are successful can lose touch with their genuine self when playing a character for a long time. Or, conversely, they really are that character, it just slipped into their acts. Hollywood is very good at type casting.

Limbaugh’s Subconscious Attraction Three (3) embeds into his psyche that (Luck) is on his side, making him inherently believe he has no responsibility to answer for actions by changing them. He seems not to (Cull) a (Clue) about his personal shortcomings when he continues down the same road that got him into hot water in the first place. This lands him on the negative tiers of Three (3). His Conscious Direction of Four (4) amplifies his being unable to be (Moved) to change, landing him on the negative tiers of that number as well.

Rush’s Life Path of Two (2) gives him the opportunity of learning (To Be Constant) in relationships of (Constant, Be Two). With so many marriages behind him, this seems not to be his strength. What he does not do is (Take Back) anything he says except begrudgingly. When he apologizes, he then becomes more virulent in his vitriol, making slanderous personal attacks toward detractors. He gives bogus apologies, determined not to be (Moved), thus standing by his negativity.

Those in Two (2) Life Paths learn (To Back) others. With his massive wealth, Limbaugh may feel he is supporting his spouses as a good provider. Surely he has alimonies to pay, therefore, massive wealth is important to him.

"The Daily KOS," reported, however, that Limbaugh is willing to give his show away free as sponsors flee. "KOS" asked what this makes him. Though I wouldn’t return one attack with another, in my view, it makes him addicted to vitriol. Unable to give it up, Limbaugh’s negative show is who he is and not an act. He may want to prove critics wrong by changing tactics, but should we hold our collective breaths?

In the end, people must ask themselves whether they want a hateful and hostile society, or a pure and polite one. Limbaugh may realize he has no career if he changes his tune to a kinder, gentler Rush. So, his discourse changing anytime soon is not likely. Rush Limbaugh must also decide how he wants people to remember him. People only know him by his on air persona.

My theory is that everyone on this planet has a fragile Life Force. Some attempt to recover it by hurting and demeaning others, thinking this elevates them by stepping on and over others. They have made it a competition. Others with tentative Life Forces recover them in positive ways, helping to uplift humanity rather than diminish it without being in competition with anyone but themselves.

Because derogatory language, is commonly used, must we make ourselves common by using it?

We should commend commentators like Keith Olbermann, who humbly recognized his hurtful words and vowed to change his ways to uplift public discourse, even relinquishing his "Worst Persons" category. Liberal entertainers and commentators like Bill Maher and Ed Schultz, who also verbally attack women with whom they disagree with disgusting and degrading characterizations, should follow. Again, we should keep breathing.

Every one of us who writes books, articles, blogs, or tweets are as guilty as pundits and commentators of wanting to influence society. How we want to influence it is the question: for the better or for the worst?

Even if it’s free, hate speech is costly to society.

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